Quick Connect Kit

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The generator basket and the quick connect kit can add so much capability and absolutely enhance your outdoors experience.

The generator basket is sized to fit nearly any choice that you make about manufacturer and wattage.  Here is a look at the light weight aluminum basket installed on the Legacy II tongue.

Our personal favorite is the extremely quiet Yamaha 3000efi generator with the wireless remote start/stop key fob. The efi3000 holds nearly three gallons of fuel, so carrying a extra gas can for many trips isn't necessary. The basket design accepts various locking and weather cover methods. Many generator choices will let the pickup truck's tail gate be down for carrying a four wheeler or other outdoors toy.

The generator quick connect kit consists of the power cord and the automatic buss transfer switch which eliminates the possibility of power conflict with shore power. The connecting port is the same marine type covered port as the main trailer connecting cord for shore power. Here is a look at the set up from another angle.

Here is a closer look at the cord connector port with the cap closed.

Now, that sounds cool, but when you really know just exactly how cool it really is, is when you do not have to get fully dressed to go out side and start or stop the generator because the remote start stop key fob is stuck on the kitchen wall!