Cooking Oil Cleanup

cooking oil cleanup

Everyone is raving about those beautiful fish fillets that you are turning out while camped out on the lake. Your special spices in the cornmeal, just really gets everyone's attention. However, your cooking oil really shows it too. When you first started dropping fillets in the cooking oil it was so clear and pretty. Now however, it is dark and a bit dingy looking, with lots of particle's, both suspended in the oil and laying on the bottom. Your first thought might be, "I'll just have to throw this away!" But, wait! There is more cooking on the lake to do. And that oil is a bit expensive. Here is something that one might try, it seems to work well in our camp and it may well fit in to the way you do things in yours.

We save our French fries and Onions for this situation. Deep frying them clears the oil back up by absorbing spices and settling particles. At this point we let the oil cool down a bit before pouring it through a jelly filter to remove the heavier particle's that had settled to the bottom .

In this brief video you can likely tell that we prefer home fries (with the skin on) and Vidalia onions. Depending on our next frying chore we may add a little fresh oil to give us the volume that we will need.