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One of the really cool things that we as Oliver owners never quite get used to is when a total stranger is so attracted to our trailer that they walk right up, at the gas pump or where ever, and unabashedly say "what a cute trailer, mind if I look while you pump?"

I can't even begin to guess at the number of times that we have sat around a campfire with other Oliver owners exchanging stories about the ways that complete strangers will approach to get a closer look at our trailers. It seems like the most frequent one involves a situation where the Oliver has sat in a busy parking lot and as the owner returns from buying groceries or enjoying a meal, they are greeted by someone standing by their trailer looking it over. Then their next move is to bring the conversation around to, "can I look inside?" Yes it can happen at inconvenient times but we enjoy their interest since it seems to confirm our good choice in trailers.