Unused Stuff

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Do you ever carry stuff "just in case" you might need it ? Here is one such time that it worked out for us!

Made out of that funny feeling gel like stuff that most of us associate with a cell phone’s protective cover, and also blue in color like some cell phone cases. It has remained in the laptop brief case, unused. It was cheap when I found it on eBay and I had snatched it up along with some other computer related stuff, to go into the laptop bag for one of those “just in case” situations. Well, that “just in case” time has arrived ! Here is a look at it.

This ugly floppy blue keyboard has kept me up and running while out on the road!

I was getting quite frustrated with a RV parks password entry for their internet, when I figured out that it was the laptop’s keyboard that wasn’t entering all of the character’s that I was keying in. After fuming for a bit, and answering some emails and forums with misspelled words, I remembered the unused keyboard in the computer bag.

The makeshift workaround was just way too simple. The keyboard shook hands with my operating system, loaded it’s own drivers, and suddenly, I was back up and running.

Now, I wonder if they make one in wireless bluetooth, instead of USB cord connected  He, he, yeh, some of us just can’t get enough toys!