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Shopping bags galore !   A quick way to store, use and dispose of those pesky plastic shopping bags by putting them in the trash right away. Out of sight, out of mind. Yet, they will be readily at hand come bag replacement time ! Many Oliver owners are reluctant to put tissue in their black tank […]


There are washers, and then there are washers, and you don’t have to RV for very long before you figure out just which ones work for you. And, you will always keep a few spares around for emergency’s. We are talking about rubber water hose washers, the inexpensive, easily lost and just “gotta’ have” washers. […]

FREEZEPROOF by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

FREEZE PROOF WATER HOSE By Larry Mountainborn Harmon   Our first year that we work camped for Amazon, was in Coffeyville Kansas. We had just finished the sugar beet harvest up in North Dakota and the winter weather there had been brutal. It was warmer, further south in Kansas, but we knew that winter was close on our heels. […]

DETECTORS by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

DETECTORS By Larry Mountainborn Harmon Smoke, CO2 and propane It has been our tradition that just after the holidays, usually the first week in January, that we put new battery’s in our detectors and test them. However a decision that Betty and I made about a year ago came home to rest with us during […]

WINTER CAMPING by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

Winter camping By Larry Mountainborn Harmon Part one Propane is a very important part of our Winter camping experience, so we make sure that we are carrying enough along with us for the trip’s duration. Now, you might say, “just how do you measure that ?” Actually it isn’t all that complicated. It is all […]

BANDIT by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

BANDIT by Larry Mountainborn Harmon You have been camped for a week up near the Continental Divide National Scenic hiking trail and it has been great. Taking early morning hikes, getting back into camp just before the late afternoon Monsoon rain, a quick shower, a nap and fantastic campfire camaraderie in the evenings. Only one […]


Awning out and anchored down, screen room kit attached with a tarp and rug on the ground. We were at the sugar beet harvest in this photo. In this configuration our screen room was more of a “mud room” ! When we came back from a 12 hour shift on the beet pile in any […]

GOT TARPS ? Part 3

Oftentimes a campsite can be subject to high or gusting winds making the whole camping thing less fun. Now, Mother Nature always seems to rule, but, moderating that wind a little can make the difference between holing up inside the trailer or sitting around the campfire enjoying the outdoors. Having trees around the campsite can […]


Putting a tarp on the ground under your trailer’s awning is a whole lot like adding a floor to a spare room. And if you add a screen room kit to the awning for walls you do indeed have a spare room. Talk about a great thing to have on an extended Trout fishing trip […]

GOT TARPS ? Part 1

TAR-PAU-LINS, TARPAULINS, TARPS Material, such as waterproofed canvas. Used to cover and protect things from moisture. Thanks, Wikipedia, For your definition ! RV’ers usually simply call them a tarp and that covers a really wide spectrum of materials. Over the years we have used tarps for many things and some of them are a bit […]


This photo was taken just as the sun was beginning to rise upon Engineer Pass. We had set up our Oliver travel trailer, at an old ghost town above Silverton Colorado. Leaving our base camp OLLIE at 0430 hours in the dark we started our climb up through the next ghost town and continued upward […]


Most built up campgrounds in the Rocky Mountains are along the water courses, as are the roads, making access to them as the snow melts off better and better as the season progresses. Normally, elevation is the controlling factor for how late in the year the snow will melt off enough to let us get into campsites. Most years, […]


Camping off the grid is a very satisfying thing for Betty and I. It fits into our out of doors campsite style quite well. Camping off the grid with total comfort does need a bit of thought though, especially when it is at high elevation. Both early and late in the camping season up high, the temperatures […]


We have noted that some campers do not want to cook inside their Oliver, and, some do not want to cook outside. We do both. Our Southern mountain culture, kind of dictates how we set up our cook shack, when it is warmer weather. During hot or dry periods we will set Betty’s kitchen up on […]


It is that special time of day on most camping trips, not long after happy hour, when the evening breeze carries the magical aroma of campfire smoke. That time of the day when folks gather with their lawn chairs to review the days fun and plan the adventures of the coming day. I am convinced that […]


Every one is raving about those beautiful fish fillets that you are turning out while camped out on the lake. Your special spices in the cornmeal, just really gets everyone’s attention. However, your cooking oil really shows it too. When you first started dropping fillets in the cooking oil it was so clear and pretty. Now however, it […]


Our campground assignment for the summer was up high, at 10800 ft., and we were arriving early, so the likelihood of the road being still blocked by snow drifts was high. Because we would be passing near by, to get to our staging area, we thought that we would swing by and take a look […]


When we retired from the work a day world we already knew where we wanted to work camp, as a way to off set expenses and camping fees, while we traveled. A land management company out of Utah was the contractor for Trujillo Meadows campground, located North of Chama New Mexico, just barely over in Colorado. We […]

FLAT SPOTS on tires

When storing our Oliver’s for the Winter months, one concern is for the well being of our tires. You may have noticed that after sitting for an extended time that your trailer’s tires “bump” when you first start moving. That bump seems to fade away as the tires warm up, yet we seem to think […]

Propane Quick Connect, are you ready to plug in ?

When building your Oliver, as you work on your build sheet, you may decide to add a propane QUICK CONNECT to facilitate use of various propane appliances such as a BarBeQue  grill or Little Red campfire in a can.     In the photo above the female fitting on the left is where your appliance will be […]

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