COFFEE a camping staple, by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

COFFEE A camping staple By Larry Mountainborn Harmon   The crackle of the campfire above 10k feet of elevation in the pre dawn chill of the Rocky Mountains, accented by the massive echoing call of a bull Elk and a steaming cup of your favorite coffee. Sound Heavenly ? Yes indeed ! Over the years […]

UNHINGED by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

UNHINGED Our laptop takes a hit while out on the road By Larry Mountainborn Harmon   When we think about some of the mechanical problems we have experienced out there on the open road, we tend to think in terms of flats and fuel filters. This time however, it was a bit different ! The […]

AXLE COUNT by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

Axle count By Larry Mountainborn Harmon Just how many do you want to deal with ?   Over the years, as we came out of the work a day world and into retirement, our RVing style changed to suit our needs. And, usually, it simply came down to just how much “stuff” we wanted to carry […]


It can start by browsing through a book, or maybe the internet, at any rate, our planning seems to usually start there. We identify places of interest and figure travel distance. Now, you might notice that there is no mention of campgrounds or specific overnighting locations. The plan doesn’t even have an ending point ! […]

HOHENWALD by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

HOHENWALD Home of Oliver Travel Trailers By Larry Mountainborn Harmon Over the years quite a lot has been written on the forums and the FaceBook pages, as well as Twitter, about things to see and do while in Hohenwald. Folks tend to arrive a little early, maybe a full day or so, when it is […]


Montgomery Alabama overnighting at K & K campground 1808 I-65 service road E, that is across the river and is near Millbrook, Al. Located right by the K & K camping center. Here is the web page link: http://www.kandkrv4u.com/ the coordinates are N 32* 27.329′ W 086* 23.000′ Call us at 479-243-5450


Years ago, while back in the “work a day” world, on a day off, I was working my way through a chore list, on the farm.  One of those chores was to worm the small herd of Brangus cattle, that included a young Brangus Bull. Now, the wormer that I had on hand was not […]


It is small, it is light, it is multi purpose and it is inexpensive. Made in the USA by Stanley tool, I have carried it many a mile. We were camped on lake Greeson Arkansas Jug Fishing, a few years back, when in a project I couldn’t get my regular hacksaw into, had me stumped. […]


Today we break camp in beautiful Maine, turn West on US 2 Highway and meander our way across New Hampshire, Vermont and towards Buffalo New York, overnighting along the way at a as yet to be determined location. If you are located along this beautiful route and would like to see the fantastic Oliver Legacy […]


They are everywhere ! Those pesky Squirrels are everywhere.  No sooner did the sun come up when thump thump, a Squirrel comes out of a tree onto Poco’s home while we are touring with Oliver’s Legacy II. Betty, Poco and I were in our usual early morning Coffee Drinking spot, under the awning, in the […]


This cool photo was taken By JOSHUA JIRON of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division. Long time friend Josh has it as wall paper on his facebook page. It just seems to capture the essence of the beautiful place when Oliver owner Pete Marks and I hiked to the summit one beautiful Colorado day. We […]


Do you ever carry stuff “just in case” you might need it ? Here is one such time that it worked out for us ! Made out of that funny feeling gel like stuff that most of us associate with a cell phone’s protective cover, and also blue in color like some cell phone cases. […]


One of the really cool things that we as Oliver owners never quite get used to is when a total stranger is so attracted to our trailer that they walk right up, at the gas pump or where ever, and unabashedly say ” what a cute trailer, mind if I look while you pump ?” […]

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