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Oliver Rally 2018  
Instagram Hashtag Event
At the Oliver Rally we'll have an on-screen slideshow set-up where we can all share the photos we take during the rally. In order to participate you will first need the Instagram App.

Depending on the phone operating system you are currently using depends on where you get it. Below we have listed the 2 places that you can officially download the app. Click on the image appropriate for you to download the app:

Once you have it downloaded you may open it and create an account if you do not have one yet. Once you have created your account and are logged into the app you can start posting taking and posting pictures.

I put together a short walkthrough to kind of help if you were not sure how to operate Instagram. Please keep in mind I am doing this from an Android phone but the steps for iPhone should be close to if not exactly the same.

To do that you will see a + symbol on the bottom of the app screen.

Press the + and this will open a new screen and at the bottom you can choose to post from "GALLERY" or to take a new "PHOTO".


For this walkthrough we will choose "PHOTO".

After selecting photo the next screen will bring up the camera and the "Take Picture Button".

Take your picture.

Now that you have taken a picture, You will be taken to the "filters" screen.


Here you can choose many different filters to choose from.

 These filters basically just modify the colors of your photo and I won't elaborate too much on them.

Select the Next button located at the top right.

Here is where you will enter in your "hashtags" that are being used for the Oliver Rally.

First, write a descriptive message in the "caption".

Second, add your " #OliverRally2018 " to the message, exactly as written and all one word.

Hashtags must always be one word and start with #.

Third, Add "location" optional.

For this we are using "Lake Guntersville State Park".

Fourth, Press the "Share" button located at the top right.


Final, That's it. You are done!

Now that you have posted your first photo - our instagram hashtag tech will pick up the new photo and display it on our instagram feed.

You can also view other people's picture by clicking on the Hashtag in your picture. 
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