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Oliver Rally 2018  
Feature Presentations Agenda
At the Oliver Rally we'll have presentations on Saturday, Sunday and Monday covering several topics. Below you will find a short list, descriptions and short bio's about the presenters.
Saturday 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
North to Alaska
This presentation is lead by
Gary & Jona Muckle and Lee & Terry Slusher.

They will be discussing taking an Oliver Travel Trailer on an expedition to Alaska. Topics include, what to expect, such as weather, places to go, where to camp and miscellaneous travel tips when going to Alaska with an Ollie.
-    BIO'S
Gary & Jona Muckle

We have owned the Elite ll for three years. During that time, we have put close to 60k miles on the trailer.  We have traveled over most the United States and parts of Canada.  Our favorite places to camp have been Yellowstone, Glacier,  and Alaska.  We typically average 6-7 months a year camping on BLM land, state and national parks.
We have owned 2 stick built and one other fiberglass camper.  We bought the Oliver for the quality, appearance and 4 season capabilities.

Teri & Lee Slusher
We own a 2015 Elite II, hull #082 and what an adventure it has been! We have traveled close to 60,000 miles all over the western part of the States. Lee and I both enjoy being west of the Mississippi taking in nature's open land. Our favorite places that we have traveled to thus far are Yellowstone, Alaska and boondocking on any BLM land. We spend approximately 6-7 months a year camping, mostly enjoying National and State parks. We have owned 2 other stick-builts along with a smaller fiberglass, however, the quality and 4 season capabilities have us in our Ollie for years to come.
Sunday 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
The Art of  Boondocking
This presentation is lead by
Steve & Talli Landrum.

They will be discussing taking an Oliver Travel Trailer boondocking and what to expect, such as weather, places to go, where to camp and other topics related to boondocking in an Ollie.
-    BIO
Steve & Talli Landrum
Steve and Talli bought their first Oliver in 2008, hull #026. In 2014 they sold their first Oliver and bought another, larger Legacy Elite II. Both Steve and Talli are retired, Steve was a hospital pharmacist and Talli was a hospital dietician. Now they happily travel the country, visiting 40 out of the lower 48 states. Steve & Talli have traveled over 70k miles in their Oliver during 2008-2018. They mostly enjoy boondocking, especially in national parks.
Monday 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Field  Visits
This presentation is lead by
Oliver's General Manager Phil Melfa.

Phil will be discussing fields visits and helping owners to present their Oliver Travel Trailer to potential buyers.
-    BIO
Phil Melfa - Oliver's GM
Phil has worked for Oliver companies for the last 7 years. Following a career as an aircraft carrier based naval aviator he built a successful career running sales and marketing departments in several companies prior to taking over the sales at Oliver Fiberglass. Early this year he was given the additional responsibility of managing the staff for Oliver Travel Trailers Sales.
Saturday & Sunday - All Day
Free  Inspections
Now that our campers have been on the road for a few years, we would like the chance to take a look at how they are faring. We will be offering complimentary external Travel Trailer Inspections at the Rally for Oliver Owners.

There will be a signup sheet at Registration. 

Here is a list of what we plan to inspect for you...
1. Battery Tray
2. Frame
3. Fender Skirts
4. Inverter Wires on Battery (4/0)
5. Fridge Loom
6. Fridge Wire (10ga)
7. Break Away Switch
8. 7-Pin
9. Bike Rack
10. Exterior Caulk
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