Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ordering process?

Once you decide you’re ready to order we work up an invoice of what you want. Once the invoice is finished a 15% deposit is required which then place your unit in que. When your trailer frame and exterior bottom shell are placed in line an additional 35% is required. The remaining 50% is due after inspection and you are satisfied with the unit.

Why do Oliver Travel Trailers cost more than some other trailers?

We use additional composite materials for a stronger shell than others and the interior shells are also constructed this way so we have more than twice the materials over other trailers. We also have an aluminum frame, 3,500 twin axles with leaf springs and quad shocks for a more stable ride and tow. The latches are stainless steel marine grade that will last you a life time. In our base unit we have more standard features than most of the other manufacturers so be sure to read our standard features in our base unit when comparing to other units.

Will my current vehicle tow the Oliver Legacy Elite II?

Every manufacturer sets their vehicles towing capacity which can have several different ratings with a single model depending on engine size, transmission, spring capacity to mention some of the components that can change its tow capacity.  Example: A 2013 Ford F150 can have between 5,500 Lbs to 11,000 Lbs tow capacity depending on its configuration.

Does the gel coat get chalky or discolored over time?

Gel coat has and still is used in production of cars, boats and airplanes. Just like the paint on a new car, if you keep it washed and waxed properly it will retain its appearance. Always wash bird droppings and tree sap off soon as possible and keep under shelter when not in use. This will add a lot of years to keeping its original appearance.

Can I remove standard items that I do not use or want?

On several of the items you can. But keep in mind that removal of some items can possibly affect the resale value.

Is the awning automatic and motorized?

No. it is manual.

Do the electric jack automatically level the trailer?

No. You do this manually by using the front-end bubble on the tongue jack.

Do the interior doors have to be mirrored?

No. We also offer black.

Do the interior upper cabinet doors have to be mirrored?

The mirrored finish is now an upgrade. The standard options include clear frosted, white acrylic and black acrylic.

Do the trailers include inverters?

No. These are considered optional. We have a large 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter that will run your microwave and other electronics under 2000 watts but not the AC. Large items can draw your battery bank down so be conservative in their use.


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