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    404 errors when I try to see the Classifieds. They don't roll up into recent topics, either. This is what I can see: Android device.
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    Hmm. I can see them - I can't think of what might cause it to be selectively visible. I've sent an email about it so hopefully on Monday it can get resolved. Thanks for letting us know.
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    In Europe, towing is done with much less tongue weight, 10% would be considered too nose heavy. The gotchas are understanding that your weight distribution when parked and while underway will be different. The Ollie has long tanks that can shift the center of gravity if they slosh. Having more weight on the trailer front tires is important as that will generally mean it is the one to "steer" the trailer. The other thing John (and the Europeans) have going for them is their tow vehicles (SUV/station wagons) have a much shorter arm from rear axle to ball than a pickup truck. Shorter arm means less torque and sway. They also have coil rear suspension which generally has less side to side play and less chance for sway to develop. The only way to really understand your trailer's weight distribution is to weigh your TV without trailer, and then with the trailer. This will let you know how much your trailer unloads your steer axle and also ensures you are capturing weight with the tongue at ride height/with chains/WDH/etc... CAT scales has an app now that makes this pretty easy as you can do both weighs without having to go inside to the weighmaster.
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    My 2019 Elite 1 with empty tanks (black tank will not be used), composting toilet and 250lbs of permanent equipment forward of the axle weighs 4100lbs. No front carrier or rear bike rack, 20lb propane tanks (full). Tongue weight on the scales (commercial) was 420lbs. I have a tow drawbar with a built in scale that indicated tongue weight at 430lbs+/-. I had the weights confirmed by a private trucking companies scale (sand and gravel operation). I would imagine I would not be loading more than an additional 150lb of cargo in the trailer and initially travel with empty fresh water tank. Cargo would be over the trailer axle. I still need to check the tongue weight with the fresh water tank full (250lbs+/-). Looks like travel tongue weight will be 10% + with or without the on-board water. I know this doesn't help with the Elite II. Newshoes
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    I found the following video very informative:
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