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    3 turtles with arthritis to be more accurate. It was a caveman attempt looking back.
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    Another tip you might want to consider. While you have the rubber weather strips removed. Place them in a bucket with a solution of bleach and warm water let them sit for approx 20min then rinse. This will Remove the back spots mold on them and they’ll be white again.
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    In terms of my Oliver, my favorite smartphone app is Dometic’s Thermostat Control. This app requires replacing the thermostat with a Bluetooth compatible version. My wife gets up early in the morning to turn on the heat, and then goes back to bed. I figured that the with the Bluetooth thermostat she could control the thermostat from the comfort of her warm bed using the app on her iPhone. Here is a video overview of the thermostat. I contacted Dometic customer service (customersupportcenter@dometic.com) to ask which model to get. I told them that I had a Dometic Thermostat model 3313194, and they asked for the brand and model of the AC unit. I told them a Dometic Penguin, model number 936000724. They replied that I had model number 641935C751C0 (I think this is the capacitor part number), and thus the part for a Bluetooth CT thermostat replacement is 3316255.000 for white and 3316255.011 for black. Based on their response, it sounds like there are a number of models. Email correspondence below. Dometic emails.pdf I purchased my Bluetooth thermostat from Panther RV for $77 with tax and shipping. It was easy enough to swap out the thermostat, with only three colored wires. One piece of advice: Remove the fuse before starting the project. Don’t ask me how I know this. The iPhone app works great. Actually, it is easier to use than the wall mounted controls. If your travel partner is the one who gets out of bed to adjust the thermostat, buying and installing this would be a thoughtful Christmas gift. Prospective owners might want to see if Oliver could install a Bluetooth thermostat during your build.
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