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    Good Afternoon Oliver Elite II Owners. My name is Sean Cantzler. I am the Senior Manager of Warranty and Customer Care at Dexter Axle. I can be reached at scantzler@dexteraxle.com if you have any questions related to this topic. We will be shutdown for the next two weeks over the Holidays. If you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to me during that time.
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    OK. My itch is gone. I bought a Rebel, cargo weight on tire sticker is 1394 lbs, up from the ll65 lbs of the previous Rebel I was looking at. Had to forego a few options, mainly the multifunction tailgate. As it turns out, options are heavy. The math says I will be at or under that 1394 lbs when I’m packed for camping with Ollie attached. Mike
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    I appreciate Bill's suggestion I take a look at this thread on bathroom curtain rods and I wanted to follow up with our implementation. We really wanted to have the option of opening the bathroom window while still maintaining privacy. I did not want to drill into the hull and was able to find a 'command strip' option which seems to be working well. After installing the curtain rod (which is plastic but looks like metal) Rebecca made a curtain and we now have privacy! It is important to note that this is a command strip solution so it will only hold 3 lbs and the rod ends do not come off thus you can not side on a curtain but rather have to clip or tie it on. It seems to be holding well and given the rod length did not encounter to much of the hull curve. I have attached a few pictures. Walter
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