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  1. I’m torn right this minute as to whether I want the Anderson’s or the Blaylocks but either way, I will be adding 2 for leveling when the curb side is sitting low and I will report back if only 1 is needed.

    Thanks for the heads up Reed! I've got a set of the Anderson's and will probably just use a small carpenter's level.

  2. I've heard several people who use propane during towing to keep the refrigerator going and yet others say it is dangerous. My question is if I use the inverter with the solar power can this combo work while towing to keep the refrig running without depleting the batteries?


    What method do you use while towing your rig?



  3. I feel like the step child! I didn’t get the water quick connect nor the water pressure regulator. However, I did forget to mention the 30 amp to 15 amp connector plug thing. I guess that hug from Anita did more than make me forget about the check I had just written. In any case, this is why I said to give the sales office a call about this question. Bill

    Thank you for the info Bill. I will do just that!

  4. Being a complete newby I have another question. What is your advise on getting the 30lb propane tanks? IN my never rv'ed mind I was thinking it would be easier to get refills for the 20lb tank and not has much strain on my back. I've even thought of carrying an extra tank for reserve.


    Thank you!

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  5. Greetings folks, I have a quick question. I'll be taking delivery of my Oliver in April and currently will be towing it with a 2006 f250 6.0 and was wondering with the 16" LT tires what are the safe speeds recommended for towing?


    Thank you!

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