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  1. My grey tank is full  @ 80% reading since purchasing my 2017 Oliver.  I think a good test when getting a new Oliver is level the trailer and fill up the grey tank, watch when it starts trying to backup from the shower drain. Notice the reading you now know your grey tank levels.  I also every once in a while will keep it over 50% and drive to next camping site hoping the drive will help clean the tank.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Mike and Carol said:

    I just replaced my BF Goodrich tires with the Cooper Discoverer AT from Discount Tire.  The Goodrich’s did well, about 60K miles and still a lot of tread left.  I had some slight sidewall cracking that started last summer.  I’m happy with the Coopers, checked the recall and it doesn’t look like I’m affected.  The BFG’s looked utilitarian, the Coopers are a bit more aggressive looking.  Probably a silly reason to go with a tire, but....

    Be careful of those slight cracks. I've seen them look harmless while inflated and large enough to put pennies in them when deflated.

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  3. I've never owned an RV before my Oliver and in the beginning I was frustrated with things going wrong. It did take awhile for the kinks to get worked out, but one thing I will say the service department folks have assisted me on the phone several times and simply being able to talk with someone is priceless. Part of my research into why I bought an Oliver was the good customer service. If you are new to Rving just understand things happen with rv systems and more likely than not you will have some issues. Now that everything is operating as it should I'm a happy camper and you will be as well. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, GraniteStaters said:

    I purchased Tuson TPMS and had them installed in my Oliver Tires before we headed out last February.  It works very nice.  The display shows Tire pressure and temperature.  The TPMS are installed in the tire and replaces the existing stem.  The TPMS is only activated after the trailer starts moving and there is a delay before shutting down.  Batteries are integrated into the TPMS, so the entire unit will need to be replaced after about 5 years.


    Keep an eye on the temps as it can help avert a huge problem.

  5. 58 minutes ago, SeaDawg said:

    Eleven years. We have transferred metal stems to new tires, actually. 

    WOW... looks like I need those steel stems. Guess I'll search the internet for them. Thanks SeaDawg, I wonder if living in the desert has any impact. I do know rubber gets messed up quick in my environment.  

  6. On 8/11/2020 at 6:31 PM, Ken_Judy said:

    The radar data delay from Noaa is about 7 minutes.  Then your app has to take that data and fit it into their program for distribution.  Still beter than asking your aunt if her rheumatism is flairing up..

    NWS relies on spotters and chasers for eyes on the ground data for the most accurate information. Green dots on this image represents spotters used yesterday. I don't use NWS data . I use AllisonHouse for alerts.


  7. The radar data is pretty close to real time for one and that is pretty important. I also like geeking out with some of the other features.  This is the best app I've had thus far.

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  8. ahatter,  I appreciate your honest feedback! I've had my share of issues shortly after delivery with several leaks. I understand the frustration and disappointment, I felt exactly the same as you.  Several months and several trips to the plant, things finally  smoothed out. Now 40K miles on my Oliver I'm pleased. But you're right in saying that they should get their act together. Oh, and I'm not a member of the fan club but I've learned a great deal from owners smarter than me. I've realized all campers go through issues out the door. Could be why many buy used. 

    Best wishes and I hope Oliver makes it right for you!   

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