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  1. Yes, it is a two step process. 1 – (as you have already done) register with Oliver. 2 – Either go online or call the State Park and register there for your campsite.



    Thank you Bill. I will call Monday.


  2. I registed on Olivers site a few weeks ago and was wondering when I will receive my site number?

    Did you make reservations at the Guntersville State Park campground and register on the Oliver website? The campground makes the site assignment or you choose a site from whatever is available when you make your reservations.


    I made my registration on Olivers site. I then got a email confirmation explaining I would get updates as we get closer to the rally. Do I need to call the campsite and tell them I've already registered?

  3. Just to clarify, I do not have the Zamp system and I have a DC compressor fridge, so my questions are just out of curiosity.


    If your display shows power usage, how much did you find that a day of fridge use consumed? What were the environmental conditions during your test, outside inside temps, I take it you just switched an already chilled fridge to DC only?


    It is definitely interesting, as the amount of power required for DC to generate to the heat needed to run the ammonia process should be fairly sizable.


    So, if nothing is running, what do you find the max output of the Zamp system to be?








    The power usage was only .01 amp for the entire test. The zamp system seems to adjust amps in according to need. Once I turned the fridge off dc the charge controller dropped from 16 amps to about 2amp. Conditions were under pure sunny skies with out door temp in the mid 70's. Battery temp was 22c.  The fridge was chilled prior to testing and set on cool setting 3. According to the charge controller the system brought in 69.3 amps during test. Hope this helps and thanks for the link you posted.

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  4. The Zamp system is a work horse and my test has been going on for 4 hours and my batteries are 100% fully charged. This image shows total amp hours used and the zamp controller showing amps coming in. Notice the blue light on the controller is off because the batteries are 100%.



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  5. Thanks for all the info folks. I really don't know if my dog was under the dinette or not. Everything seems fine and I was a little concerned when I got home from my bike ride and found out what had happened. maybe I should keep my gopro camera running when we are out and take a look what my doggie is doing when we are gone.

  6. Love the clam and it is great for rainy days and I set it up in a couple of minutes. Make sure you just don't stake down the bottom cause in Arkansas a thunderstorm took my Clam and it went airborne, next morning I found it about 50' away.

  7. The fellow campers told me they heard 4 beeps about every minute or so. They walked around the trailer and thought it was the solar panels. I looked online and what kind of alarm it was. Crazy because I've tested both and all is well. Have not had another alarm go off. Crazy folks!

  8. My wife and I were out riding our bikes and when we returned our next door campers said they herd 4 loud beeps coming from our Oliver like every minute or so. We only had the A/C running so our dog would keep cool. I went inside and checked the alarms and everything seemed fine and it has not sounded since.


    What could have caused the Co alarm to go off? It was not chirping as if the batteries need replacement.

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