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  1. My wife and I finally are getting ready to hit the road again in a few weeks and every RV park we've tried  for reservations is booked. How do you guys find locations and why are we having such a frustrating time with this? We want a full hook up site and any tips or tricks are welcome!

  2. I'm interested in hearing if anyone has used an external tank for hauling off black/grey water waste? I like going to state parks but they seem to only have dumping stations and of course the grey water comes up in the shower pan at night...lol Any input on this would be great!

  3. My wife and I would like to thank the Oliver family and their awesome staff for putting on such a wonderful, informative rally. We learned so much and have just begun to scratch the surface about our Oliver trailer!

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  4. Bill, thank you for taking the time to teach me a few things about the inverter. I just did not want to make a huge mistake and blow something up. 1500 watt max is a point well taken. I have so much to learn about power management and the other systems as well.



  5. Thanks folks for the kind words. Looking forward to pushing out tomorrow and taking the back roads and overnighting somewhere along our route. On our drive home it sure was cool pulling into a rest area and my wife making a sandwich and listening to some music.

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  6. Never owning a RV I'm needing to better understand the do's and don'ts of using solar. Can I run everything except the a/c and microwave? I understand the refrigerator has a heavy drawl on the batteries so best mode is probably auto?


    When should I turn on the power inverter and what are it's limitations?


    Thank you

  7. Congratulations guys! We enjoyed meeting you both at Fall Hollow. Wish we could catch-up with you at the rally but previous plans prevent our attending. Safe travels and enjoy!

    It was a pleasure meeting you guys as well and look forward to meeting up again in the future when we have a little more time!

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  8. Congrats. Judging by the sunshine, you guys must have timed your pick up just right to miss all the rain that’s come though this past week.

    We did miss all the rain Overland. The wind on our drive home was a little high but we just slowed down on the interstates.

  9. My wife and I took delivery of our new Oliver. Pick up went very smoothly and Jason did a great job going over all the features and answering questions we had. We are looking forward to many great adventures and can't wait to meet other Oliver owners and learn as much as possible during the upcoming rally.





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  10. No, there was nothing unusual, normal speed bumps and dips, nothing unusual that we don’t drive over everyday. Yea, twisting over a speed bump is a posibility but this trailer hasn’t seen any off road time yet. Frame flex is normal no matter what we drive, but without being inside the trailer to see what happens over speed bumps or pot holes, all we can do is speculate. I’m going to be taking this trailer over some dirt roads in the future, but here in California, the dirt roads are usually smoother than the poc marked pavement ????


    If you have a small video camera like a gopro I would film the inside of the trailer while going down the road.

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