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  1. Can/should we, as owners, change the fuses in the Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker Panel? If so, how? :) I have been to the Blue Sea web site & cannot locate; I have looked at equipment in trailer & cannot figure it out. And, I have looked in the Forum. All to no avail. Please know that I am not 'electrically' educated nor do I have an interest in the subject. I am the information gatherer in our duo. I collect the information, documentation & supplies, as needed, & provide to fairly well electrically educated other half. Thank you.
  2. I have never had a problem with the shoe bag flopping around or causing any type of problem hanging from the door. I have included a picture of the shoe bag & a bag in the bathroom. I have found that the suction hooks with the a 'suction latch' [my term] & a sticky backing work best.
  3. I did the same thing --- placed a shoe bag inside the closet door. In order to hold it in place I placed these hooks === https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C788VNN/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 === on the front of the closet door. Then I used some twill tape I had to put through the holes of the shoe bag and looped the twill tape over the top of the door & hold the tape in place with the hooks. The hooks are then used to hold jackets & whatever else. Again, using suction hooks I placed the smaller shoe bag in the bathroom as we do not use the bathroom for showers. I have not tried Command products yet but need to. That will be another rabbit hole down into Amazon & its Command products. :)
  4. Has anyone with the frosted glass cabinet doors had a problem with the hinges coming lose? We have a couple of times. Today as I lightly banged [lol] a door shut, with one hand, the whole door flew off! The screws, clear plastic washers, and sliver outside bolt fell off onto my semi-unmade bed. :) Steve found everything except a clear washer. He used a small piece of paper instead. So, my question is --- has anyone else had this happen to them & if so, do you have a solution? As these doors come loose previously &/or a hinge has become dislodged I have gotten into the habit of tightening the bolts occasionally.
  5. We are on a long trip. A stop was at Worthington State Forest, Columbia, NJ. The campground is along the Delaware River & is dry. The bathhouse is semi-satisfactory. The one near us had composting toilets; another one which served a lot more people was flush. Beautiful location. We were here on Memorial Day weekend & very few people. We were in spot 38, on a grassy knoll, with a slight river view.
  6. stlipa & rideandfly: Thank you very much for responding. I did not know if I would get a response due to the age of the thread. Steve re caulked around all the windows this am which we are assuming is where the water would come in?? I will make sure we have a roll of white electrical tape with us; we leave Monday for 6 weeks. Again, thank you. I am going to maintain my subscription to this thread. :) Gwenne
  7. 2 things: 1) Today, May 14, 2019, I sorta followed mossemi's instructions for cleaning out window weep holes & the tracks. I removed the white external seal without a problem. I then soaked it in a solution of a lot of water & a good slug of bleach. I let the seal sit for about 30 minutes. Then I sorta scrubbed the indentations. All results were quite satisfactory. While not 100% clean & white, it does look a whole heck of a lot better. While the seal was soaking, I washed exposed gap. Here is where I hesitated. I had already removed the shade & screen & removed the window stop rubber thingy - not easy to remove or return! I planned on removing the sliding window 'seal'; the black pieces. In looking at them, & following mossemi's directions, I decided to stop as I could not see how I can easily reinsert. However, I did note that the weep holes were clear. 2) Steve, husband, had blown out weep holes & I had inserted pipe cleaners in weep holes last week. We had water on the dinette floor prior to this. We had another big storm. Due to the blowing out & pipe cleaners I did not expect any leaking. Well --- on the driver's side bed, there was water this am. Fortunately I had all the cushions out as I have been cleaning. There was no water on the dinette floor. So, why did we get water? We have had water in the bed area once before. There has been a great deal of rain here in the last several months & this was the first time water in bed area. I did have water in dinette area several weeks ago. Any ideas on what we should/can do?? Thank you. Steve & Gwenne
  8. Ah --- thanks. I will review. We are leaving in late May, from NC, for a 6 week, 14 stop trip to Nova Scotia. I am a big planner; I had all 14 reservations made by early March. I know many people prefer to be foot-loose & fancy-free but, I am too much of a planner & just plain cannot help it. Thank you very much for the link.
  9. We too had never camped in a RV. The last camping we had done was well over 20 years & that was car camping with the Boy Scouts. I too was quite skeptical about dealing with the 'stinky-slinky'. After talking with a guy who had the composting toilet, we went with it. Aside from being so environmentally friendly, it is so much easier to deal with. We mainly use park bathhouses for pooping, if I may be blunt. Steve camouflages the pee tank in a canvas bag & empties in the bathhouse. Do a Forum search for "Natures Head' and "Compost Toilet' and you will info that should convince you that the compost toilet is the way to go. [pun unintended]
  10. Well, John, my Google search text was; "can i bring filled propane tanks into canada". Upon looking at the various 'returns' nothing seemed to explicitly provide an answer. I wanted to see the word 'yes' or 'no'. I looked at the Canada Propane site, including the FAQ's. I am a lazy person & got tired of reading all this info & so created my question. I figured 1 or 2 Oliver owners had been to Canada. lol Thanks to all the responses, I now know we <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Can</span> bring our filled tanks into Canada. All we need to be concerned about is bear & pepper sprays. lol We are new travel trailer owners & have done very little travel ~~~~~
  11. 2 things: 1) I could not easily find an answer to my question via the search, & 2) I did not know which category to post my question. Question: can we bring our 2017 Elite II (hull 224) propane tanks into Canada? I have looked at the Canadian web site re propane tanks but it quickly goes into technical jargon that makes my eyes glaze over. I figure someone here will have a ready answer. ps: I also looked at the FB Owners site & could not find anything. Thank you.
  12. Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola, Fl --- Feb 2019 Very near the National Naval Aviation Museum
  13. Hi, I was unable to get Command hooks to work for me so I have gone suction cup crazy. Have gotten all from Amazon -- I did a search for suction cups. Not pictured below is a small suction cup clock, which is above the bathroom door. This seems to fall the most often. The others have stayed in place for the most part. It has not gotten so bad that I have grated my teeth & thought, "I have got to get rid of these." [attachment file=bath towel racks.jpg][attachment file=bath towel racks.jpg] "mirror door 'hiders" :)"[attachment file=charger station2.jpg][attachment file=charger station2.jpg] [attachment file=charger station1.jpg] [attachment file=closet door hooks.jpg] [attachment file=shoe bag.jpg] [attachment file=plastic bag holder.jpg] [attachment file=trash holder.jpg] Charger Station1[attachment file=charger station1.jpg][attachment file=bath towel racks.jpg] Charger Station2[attachment file=closet door hooks.jpg] holds shoe bag & for coats[attachment file=shoe bag.jpg] Shoe Bag[attachment file=plastic bag holder.jpg] For trash bags - hangs from a suction cup hook[attachment file=trash holder.jpg] Trash bag holder
  14. Thank you for the thorough description && associated pictures. Appreciate the information.
  15. My guess is that I am not the only Oliver owner that has to deal with a CPAP machine. I started using one in early December; we have our first post-CPAP trip scheduled for late January. We keep the bed set up all the time, with our heads at the rear of the trailer. How have you set-up your machine? My guess is that the hose will not reach me with my head at the rear. I really do not want to put my head at the pantry end as that seems like it would be extremely difficult to get up at night to use the rest room. Also, how in the world do you clean that dang-gum long hose? I am NOT looking forward to this new addition to my camping life. :) Thank you. Gwenne
  16. [attachment file=20180930_174103.jpg] When we arrived at Jekyll Island State Park, a swarm of flying termites settled under our door mat. The Camp Host stated he would have someone spray & they may have but in the meantime we had left for dinner. Upon returning that evening we had several of the termites in the camper. It appears I had inadvertnely left a screen open a wee bit. We eventually got rid of the termites. BUT, then we had ants!! The day before we left another camper stated that they had been told to spray for ants around the outside of their camper. We immediatley went out & got some spray. However, that left the ants still inside the camper. We seem to have gotten rid of 99% of them. :))) So, has anyone had a bug problem & if so, how did you did eradicate the buggers?? I had communicated with Jason, service guy, about the termites & he said some folks put boric acid powder down in the lower shell. Has anyone done this & if so, what is the "lower shell" & how do you access it? Regardless of the above, Jekyll Island SP is beautiful --- the tall live oaks with spanish moss shade the entire campground; except for Section A, where we were placed. :)))[attachment file=20180930_174103.jpg]
  17. We arrived at Edisto Beach State Park eariler this afternoon. The list of do's & don'ts stated that the drinking water is salty. Does anyone know if it is OK to run this type of water through our water system? Thanks.
  18. Wow, thanks ---- I am quite skittish about removing anything on the Oliver. :) How did you remove & then replace? How about folks that have pre-2017 Oliver's, what have you done to keep the outdoor window seals mildew free? Aside from living in a mildew-free area. lol
  19. Thank you for all the input --- I'm glad I am not the only one with this problem ---- I have been concerned that my lack of good housekeeping had caused this problem. :)
  20. Thank you, topgun/Bill, for your response. I will try mineral spirits & see what happens. And, yes, you are correct -- it is mildew on this plasticy/vinyl strip. As I mentioned to John Davies, we live in NC where it is quite humid & we currently keep our camper outside & in the open. Someday we will have an inside space for it but I doubt if it will have have heating & air. grc
  21. I figured I might hear from you. :) I have enjoyed your posts & refer my husband to them frequently. Are you planning on making a "how-to" on grease packing of the bearings? Steve is planning on doing this in about a month. Also, I have downloaded your .xlsx. I am an info-holic so I am all over stuff like this. Re the 3M product ---- do you have any idea if it would work on mildew? I should have stated this in my original post & topgun rightfully pointed this out. We live NC where it is quite humid. I looked at the 3M product page & it did not say anything about mildew. I did read that I can use white vinegar & water. This is my standard household cleaner & I did use it to remove the bulk of the mildew. I would really like to make the 'band' shiny white again, if that's possible. :) Thank you for your time. grc ps: I saw your Amazon review for the 3M product. :)
  22. Pics did not upload as I expected on my first go around. These pics are related to my post re cleaning exterior windows.
  23. What should I use to clean the 'band' around the exterior windows? See pic for my definition of 'band'. Kinda hard to see the 'band' due to reflections in window.Hopefully, you'll understand. If not, let me know. Also, what do you use to keep the white chaulk between the bathroom floor & wall white? No pic. :) Thank you. Gwenne R Causey #224
  24. Steve & I are up for hiking Sat &/or Sun. Steve can go for the distance whereas I poop-out on any trail that has a lot of uphills. I do do it but complain the entire way. :)
  25. I want to plan a trip for this fall --- Sept to Nov timeframe. We live in NC, are retired & are somewhat new to camping. We got our Oliver this past summer. We 'did' Acadia in Aug. Any suggestions on which direction to head? Thx.
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