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  1. My camper is not at my house but I just got back from checking it again. I got the thermostat to to tell me the ambient temperature, it was 100 degrees! I unplugged the microwave and the water heater was off and nothing else was on. We are plugged into a regular 15 amp outlet at a friends house. We have the easy start and everything sounds fine on startup. The surge protector shows no error codes. I started the a/c it ran for less than one minute then shut off for about 30 seconds before restarting again. It ran for 7 minutes then cycled off again. The fan was on high. The thermostat supposedly has error codes that it will display if it detects a problem but I did not see any. I did not see your reply’s before I went to the camper so I didn’t try the auto setting. I will try that in the morning. I have left a message with Jason so hopefully will hear from him tomorrow. I think I am going to pour a glass of wine and read the A/C repair link that John so kindly found. Thanks for all your concern, help and advice. Oliver owners truly are the best! I will let you know what happens.


  2. Our air conditioner is not cooling. It comes on and blows air but never cools. It cycles on and off like it has done the job but the camper is still 95 degrees inside! Could it be a bad thermostat? The thermostat is not showing the ambient room temperature. I have the fan set to high, cool, and temp set to 70. There isn’t a drop of Condensate on the ground under the drain or any where else except for the sweat running down my face ?. It was working fine just last Friday. Any ideas what could be wrong? We were planning to leave on Saturday for a summer long trip.



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  3. We have had no problem with Hull #305. Don’t overload the drawers.


    We had no problem either...until we did. We were on pavement coming home from the factory after a service visit. Not sure why it failed then since the road was smooth although it was curvy. Anyway, as you can see the drawer was not overloaded. Oliver repaired the drawer. We have since installed the footman loops like John Davies has. I don’t want to worry about what I put in my drawers all the time.





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  4. I had a factory installed shower curtain in front of my toilet in my 2018 Oliver Elite 11. I hung a curtain on the tract but it falls down. There’s nothing installed to prevent the entire curtain from sliding down the track. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.


    We do not have the shower curtain track in our Oliver but did have one in our Bigfoot. They make stops for the curtain track. This is like the one in our Bigfoot. You could probably use a bit of chalk in the track to stop the curtain where you wanted without using an end stop.





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  5. Welcome to the forum! We have towed our Oliver on many forest service dirt and gravel roads. The place where we have a few dings is underneath behind the trailer wheels. I wish we had mud flaps there. We have the latex mattress upgrade currently offered by Oliver and find them very comfortable, I think some people have custom mattresses made by Southern Mattress and that option might be cheaper. If you are planning off grid camping for more than a couple days at a time, I highly recommend the solar and battery upgrade . We do not have a composting toilet or second awning. In our experience, Oliver is a high quality product and company. I do not think you could find a company that stands behind there product like they do. Any problem we have had, they have resolved above and beyond our expectations. We have owned a Casita and a Bigfoot in the past and Oliver is by far the best.

  6. Our trailer is still in storage but when we picked up Anita send us this info:



    Ball Mount with 2" Ball and the Height should be approximately 23.5" from the ground to the top of the Ball. (Unless you have purchased the Anderson weight distribution and sway control hitch: Its included.)

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  7. The modifications they did for our camper were completed during the build if we requested them and they were approved before the trailer was too far down the production line. A few things the service department did because I requested them too late. I found that totally understandable. I am sorry to hear the answer is mostly “no” now. I too love your logo!

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  8. Excellent work once again! I agree that Oliver should make this a standard option. I asked Anita about adding a countertop extension when we were in our build and she told me that they could not do it. I guess it is all in who you ask. Regardless, I will be adding this to my “want” list. Thanks for posting!

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  9. I love the sink and faucet you installed. Very clean lines and modern as you say. I would have Oliver install the same in ours except I do not want to lose the drawer space. We converted our flip down drawer to a real drawer last year. Do you think the faucet you used would help with the original sink/faucet combo splash issue? I have never liked the Oliver’s kitchen faucet. It is too tall and seems over sized for the sink to me.

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  10. My question is, what type of air compressors do I need to carry?

    I decided to use an air compressor to winterize my Ollie. This

    was very helpful. They said some air compressors can introduce oil into your RV’s water lines, and so you should use an oil-free compressor with an integrated filter. Based on their recommendations I bought the Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit, the Viair 90150 0-200 PSI Air Pressure Regulator, the Camco 36143 Blow Out Plug with Brass Quick Connect, the TEKTON 4711 1/4-Inch NPT Quick Connect Male Plug (M-Style), and the TEKTON 4714 1/4-Inch Quick Connect Female Coupler. The Viair 400P-RV is fairly compact and comes with a nice carrying case. I carry the air compressor in the tow vehicle, and I have used it to add air to my trailer tires. I was also able to help another camper who needed air in his trailer tires.


    For me size is the major deciding factor. Though I like the idea of a multi functional pancake type compressor, I am going with the  Viair system that David  uses and recommends . It looks pretty compact. I wish you could just plug it in instead of using battery clamps though. The CO2 from power tank looked interesting but size and cost is prohibitive for me. Thanks for all of your responses. I really appreciate it.



  11. When we leave Tennessee in June we generally are in the Rockies until October. We tend to camp at high elevation and not near a gas station or a town for that matter. So I guess I need to shop for a small compressor to take with us.  Any suggestions? Carving out a place to carry it is another issue...

  12. I have never used an air compressors to blow out water lines when freezing weather is predicted when camping.  All of our previous campers water intakes were gravity drain. I would just unhook the water hose.  Because of design, the Oliver water intakes are more venerable to freezing. My question is, what type of air compressors do I need to carry?  Can I use the little portable D/C one I carry for inflating tires or do I need to buy one like for air tools? How do you connect to it?



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