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  1. When Betty and I bought the first retail available Oliver back in 07', we made it a geocaching travel bug. Here is a look at the back window of our "Ollie".



    As time went by and we wrote about our travels, often referring to our Ollie, it began to become generally used in the Oliver community as a common descriptive term around campfires. Soon it became a map on the Oliver web site for where we were located when touring the Nation for Oliver showing their latest offerings.



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  2. 0400 hours 7-1-17 a line of thunder showers passed quickly through our part of the Ouachita mountains, cooling things off and sending me scratching for covers while laying in bed listening to natures majesty. First order of business this morning, pump boat bilge to clear rainfall then a hearty breakfast on the lake as we plan the days adventures !

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  3. On our way to the campsite we passed a couple of nice ladies with a farm fresh produce stand. We just could not pass it up !2d95y6wokw2b54s0nc4cexl4d1uhijea.thumb.jpg.fd322b427937bc02224c9379b0011ef4.jpg


    That roadside produce stand is located just west of Mount Ida on US Hwy 270 just before you turn north on Arkansas 27 when headed towards the boondocking location.



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  4. Here it is folks, the first photo from "CAMP FOOD STAMP" 2017 . We are boondocking on lake Ouachita !




    We are located about 1/3 of the way down lake Ouachita, with a gentle breeze coming off of the water. Slept with the windows open last night and the fantastic fan on low and it was ever so nice to hear all of the great night sounds coming across the lake !

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  5. Betty and I are boondocking at the primitive campground, big fir campground, out on Housley point in Lake Ouachita, Arkansas. Located about 48 miles west of Hot Springs Arkansas, lake Ouachita is about 34 miles long with over 700 miles of shoreline and over one hundred islands. We will be here boondocking and jug fishing using all natural bait, ect.. Our plan is to spend the month enjoying the sounds of Loons across the lake as we sit by the campfire, and as many fish fry's as we can stand.


    So if it sounds like something you might be interested in, come on by we would enjoy the visit ! Here is a map that shows where we are. Point A is Mount Ida, Arkansas located west of Hot Springs Arkansas on US Hwy. 270. Point B is where we are.




    Also our phone number should you need more or just want to chat about it. 479.243.5450


    harm & bett

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  6. i62hmce7iiqfvndlsmogw4yr79rhy9k7.jpg.5500d2f50743f16fffaf0c58588472d1.jpg


    Propane weighs 4.2 pounds per gallon at 60* f. In the photo above the number on the left is the full weight. The number on the right is the empty weight. simple math tells us that the tank can hold 31 pounds of propane, or roughly 7.4 gallons of propane.


    A quick weigh on the bathroom scales will tell you exactly how much propane is in the tank.



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  7. Lake Ouachita is about 34 miles long with over 700 miles of shoreline ! There are over one hundred islands in the lake. Betty and I spend several weeks each year fishing there. We will be at the big fir campground the first week of July. Stop in if any one is nearby and we will enjoy campfire, loons and large catfish ! Free boondocking at this location.




    US Hwy 270 runs west from Hot Springs Arkansas, the campground is about 48 miles West of Hot Springs.


    Need more info ? Call us at 479.243.5450

  8. Welcome ! Oliver's hold their value exceptionally well, and Randy's advice is right on because they do not stay on the market for very long.


    Great introduction and I look forward to following your Oliver search. Hope you keep us up on how it's going as often as is possible.


    harm & bett

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