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    Hmm. Not clear. I see this metal ring, indicated with the red arrow. Is that a flat washer, or part of the terminal on the inverter chassis? I am going to have to unscrew the nut to answer this question....


    I used a 10 mm socket wrench to loosen the nut, and then hand loosened the nut further, being careful not to take it all the way off and have nuts and washers spill to the bottom of the compartment. I could not convincingly determine whether my unit contained the problematic washer, either by touch or with my mirror. However, a cell phone photo shows that the metal ring is part of the terminal on the inverter chassis. No washer. Tighten up the nut, and all is good.





    Thank you so much for this!  We checked ours, Hull#268, and it looks like yours.  I was wondering the exact same thing, whether that was a washer or part of the terminal and was going to contact Matt about it.  I now know that ours is fine.  You have settled my mind.  This is why I love this forum.  Thanks again!



  2. Very exciting!!! Our Ollie made its home here in OK as of October. Welcome!!!! – Angela

    Are you near Tulsa?




    Sorry for the delay!  It's been a while since I logged in :(


    No we are around OKC.


    Were you stationed in Altus at some point?  We have family around there and it's always been a running joke that you have to be Air Force or lost to end up there as it is so out of the way :).


    How are you enjoying the trailer?



  3. We now have an appt at Oliver to have it evaluated. Jason actually called me saying he had been notified that we were having a problem so someone here passed it along to him. Thank you to whoever that was. This forum is fantastic!!!  We’ve got some other things to be checked out so figured we make a trip back to the Mothership ? will keep you posted.


    Thank you to everyone!!



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  4. Are you attached to city water or is 2 min just how long it takes for the pump to kick in for pressure drop? Does it only come out at full pressure and then just drizzle until it reaches bottom of the pressure switch?


    we were attached to city water. Water pump was not on. At the backside valve, there is no constant dripping. The only way I knew that it was coming from that underside “cutout/window” was that I had my head down there when a thin stream of water was released. It didn’t spray, the small amount of water was just released from the valve area almost as if  a tiny cup were filling and then tipped over.  It made a dollop of water about the size of a quarter and then just stopped. Not more dripping. We timed between “dollops” and it was about 2 min.


    Inside the bowl there is a slow constant stream from 2 holes at about the 1:00 and 7:00 positions. You can see a slight pulsation at the water edge as the bowl slowly fills.

  5. Just curious, have you resolved the leaking toilet issue? What did you do to fix it? Steve


    not yet. I jiggled on the connector and it didn’t feel loose. For the rest of the trip ( just an overnight) we turned off the inlet valve and only turned it on to flush. Once we got back I had to go back to work. We’re gonna check with Oliver as we found some other things that need to be addressed.




    The leak is strsnge though because it’s not a steady stream or even a drip. It’s more of a timed pulse of water that comes out approx every 2 min. Also the streams of water from the 2 holes in the bowel also have a slight pulse pattern to them. It’s just odd.




    You must blow out each and every outside water connection, not just the city water line. Even if you have not personally used the other ones there wll be undoubtedly be some residual water trapped in those other circuits. Don’t forget to drain the hot water heater, not just bypass it…. John Davies Spokane WA


    thanks John!  We actually drain our water heater and take out the filter whenever we are storing/not using the trailer. We had a defective collar around the removable filter that we got replaced under warranty and after taking with Truma the rep said that they recommend taking the removable filter out definitely if it was going to be cold and then again when not in use. So we have just made this a part of our breakdown list. -Angela



  7. When you all are blowing the waterlines, I know that the water heater should be bypassed, but I wouldn't need to adjust any of the other valves if I am not sucking in antifreeze, correct?  We have only used our city water line so far so my thought was to keep all valves as they are (except closing of the Truma) and then blowing air into the city water connection.  Thanks, Angela

  8. First question I have, was the camper subject to freezing weather? If winterized, was antifreeze used?

    We didn’t use antifreeze, but all lines were cleared (including the water heater) and it was stored inside an enclosed building. The ambient temp in the building didn’t get below freezing.

  9. Just craned my head behind the toilet and see that there is a square opening on the underside of the solid piece that projects from the back base. Approx every 2 min there is a squirt of water. The pic is oriented with my phone on the floor looking up at the just out piece.


  10. This is our second trip. We are experiencing leaking water from the base of the toilet around the back of the toilet. Also inside the toilet bowl, 2 of the water holes continue to leak water after flushing. We had no trouble in our pick up trip in October. Anyone have any thoughts?




    Actually this is a matter of personal choice. In ten years of towing two different Oliver’s over 70,000 miles, our propane has never been off while under tow. Each owner needs to make their own decision as to which is best for them.


    You are absolutely correct that it is a personal decision. I was restating what the Truma rep said to me.



  12. I have personally spoken with the Truma factory about winter camping and was told that as long as the water heater is on with propane running, it is protected from freezing down to -4F.


    I was also told that for winterizing (having the propane off in freezing temps) if the tank is drained and you remove the water cartridge that it is protected from damage. This method can also be used if you are planning on towing through freezing temps since your propane should be off while towing.



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  13. One downside so far of the Atwood A/C is that the fan runs constantly. There is a fix that requires the installation of a relay. The Oliver team does not do this modification. They install the unit per the strict instructions. We were informed that we will need to find a certified service facility to do it for us.


    Operation-wise, it worked great and was so quiet. Could barely hear it running standing next to the trailer.



  14. Thanks Angela. Yes there is a story. Our mom passed away in December 2014 (at 80). She had always dreamed of traveling in an RV after retirement but that never worked out for her. She had a thing for ladybugs (and moose). This is our way of bringing her along on our travels. One thing I have learned (as a breast cancer survivor) is you have to live your dreams while you can. My sister is retiring in May and our longer travels will start then. But in the meantime we will learn the Ladybug’s systems and camp on the weekends all around the Atlanta area. Hope to see you on the road. Robin


    What a wonderful tribute!  And how awesome to be able to travel with your sister..


    My mom’s diagnosis of  metastatic cancer this year  made my husband and I do a double take and realize everything we’ve been putting off.  We stopped talking about getting an Ollie and jumped in!


    Cheers on being a survivor!! So wonderful!  Will look for you on the road! Happy trails!!!!!





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    If we need to dump and we’re not at 70 or 80% I turn on the water for the black flush until it gets up to 80%. Then I pull, leaving the water running into the black tank. When it gets down to zero or 5% I close the valve and fill again. Sometimes with the water running it won’t get below 5%. Then I do it a third time. When it gets down to zero I shut the black flush water off and let the tank drain. Then I do the gray tank. I leave the valve under the dinette seat open most of the time. I have a back flow preventer on my hose and I think there might be one built in. Mike


    thanks, Mike! This is very helpful.   -Angela


    You don’t need the macerator for the gray tank. After filling the black tank and letting it run out the first time, I leave the water flush system running and walk away for a few minutes to let it run. When clear water comes out, I fill it up to 80%+ to 95% at the most on accident… Lol, then pull the handle and let it run clean again. Then refill it again and it should run clean from start to finish, letting you know that it’s perfectly clean. These 2 movies go together but had to be listed separately on this page,so there’s another page now… Haha Oliver ???? Reed

    <iframe id="fitvid0" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/m1BcI56Y7lc?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


    Thank you for this, Reed!! So very helpful!! -Angela

  17. Usually the last trip home of the season, after dumping, we put a couple pounds of ice cubes into the tank with some water. The “splash blending” going down the road really cleans the tank. By the time we are home it is mostly water. That can be dumped into a 5 gallon bucket and the poured into a cleanout or the home toilet. I like to use Eco-Save during the season, as an additive. I think it smells good and has no chemicals. It is bacterial and you only add when waste is present and it digests that. Just not easy to find everywhere…


    Thanks Canoe12! Do you just put the ice down through the toilet?

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