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  1. On 11/11/2020 at 3:20 PM, Jairon said:

    I'd be curious to know if the Facebook Oliver mods would support recruiting people away from the facebook group and on to MeWe. If so, godspeed! 😀

    Nope. 😉

    I was not going to reply to this because we have never pushed or even mentioned the FB page on the forum that I know of but feel I should say something. We have never intended to try to draw people away from the forum or anywhere else. We feel the FB group compliments the forum. People are constantly referred to the forum for additional information. FB definitely has its faults but is not a reflection of the FB Oliver Owners Group. It is not like most other FB groups and all members are screened before allowing them in. Not that a non owner or perspective owner could not get in but a lot of work is done by the moderators to make sure it is kept for just Oliver owners and prospective owners and about Oliver trailers. We decline a lot more people than we approve and are always on guard and remove anyone suspicious. All 5 of the moderators are also Oliver owners. 

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  2. <p style="text-align: center;">

    Does anyone know if you can install either the WiFi Booster and/or the 4G Cell Phone Booster if it was not purchased during the original manufacture?




    We had Oliver service install the WiFi Ranger and Cell phone booster in our trailer after it was a year old. They did a great job and it looks better than the others I have seen that were installed during the build.

  3. 18ED80E6-3E0A-45B9-9F11-0BAD51E727FC


    That represents twenty minutes of my life I will never get back. I was replying to a thread, I hit Submit, and this popped up with NO warning.


    I went back to the previous page and my post was gone. Not only is this really unprofessional, it pisses off people.




    John Davies


    Spokane WA



    OH my gosh, really? Go camping and relax. ?

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  4. We had the Dometic electric awning our Escape. It can be deployed out to any point and then stopped. The problem we had with ours was it would not tilt in the rain so water would pool in the middle and would sag the fabric. It was suppose to have a dump feature but we never saw it work. There were a few that bent the arms from water weight of pooling water. Escape finally put out a notice to only deploy it 3 feet in the rain because at that point the arms would bow up the middle and allow the water to run off. The wind sensor did work but it had to shake for 6 seconds before it would retract. If it was a quick guest of wind it could be a problem. We probably used it more then we do the manual awning but never left it out unless we were siting under it. I am curios to see how they hold up on the Oliver's.


    My opinion of the new awning is I would get the electric because it does have the retract feature that the manual does not. The electric also has a LED light strip. The new manual awning is the same as the electric and is self supporting and does not have support arms like our older ones do.



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  5. I dropped to 55 for our drive to the rally and one other small trip this year. I was going to try 50 on the return trip from the rally (190 Miles) but the 55 felt so good I am just going to leave it there for our trip out west. I could not tell any difference in tire temperatures between 60 and 55. Very smooth ride. At 55 the tires seem to have a good foot print and just a little buldge on the bottom sidewall. Our trailer weight is 5500 lbs.



  6. It was great rally and thanks to the organizers, volunteers, vendors and Oliver Travel Trailers for a fantastic job. It was one of the top rallys we have attended! Thanks to everyone that contributed!






    I also saw your amber lights but never made it over to ask you about them. It would be nice to dim the curb side down a little.

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  7. We went from a Casita to a Escape and now our Oliver. The Oliver pulls much better then any of our previous campers. We also pulled our E2 with a Tundra for the first year. The Anderson is not problem once you understand how to use it. You will be fine and love it. ?

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  8. It has its own small antenna and on our first system I did get some false alarms so installed the supplied antenna that is run under the vehicle and up into the cab. Having to mount the sensors, rebalance the wheels and run the antenna it is more work but a very nice system when installed although not for everybody because of the work involved. They say batteries are 5 plus years but I have never had one go dead.

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  9. Our Dill TPMS has internal mounted sensors and this is our 3rd Dill system on 3 different brand trailers. Our tire Temps usually run 25-30 degrees above the ambient air temperture. Most of the time on warm days they run in the mid 120's. I have seen them go to 130 on extremely hot and sunny days. The high temp warning on the Dill system is preset at 176 degrees.


    Our Casita, Escape and Oliver have all run about the same tire temperatures with 3 differant Dill systems.









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  10. We also ran 60 PSI for the first year, about 11,000 miles with no issues. I am lowering it now on each trip and watching the Temps on the TPMS. Last trip I went to 57 with no problems. This trip to the rally I am going to 55 psi. We are leaving on a 6000 mile trip after the rally and will probably stay at 55 for that trip and experiment going to 50 on shorter trips when we get home. I don't think I will be going any lower then 50 psi.


    I do pump them up to 70-75 psi if the trailer is sitting more then a few weeks without moving between trips.

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