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  1. But if I had to make a call now, I’d have to say that if you can source a Fiamma awning, then that would be the better choice. I noticed that the Fiamma US website is back up now so it may be possible to get one.

    I called Anita today and asked her about the Fiammas.  She said as far as she knew they were not going to re-enter the US market.  That seems like a really bad business decision if true.  But she said that Oliver has moved 100% to the Carefree awnings.

  2. That's the max pressure.  ST (standard trailer) tires should be inflated to the max pressure listed on the sidewall, (usually 50 psi) but LT tires don't need to be run at their max. Doing so will result in uneven tread wear and a rougher ride for the trailer.




    I don't have an Oliver so I can't give you first-hand experience with how different tire pressures will handle long-term.  I expect that you will get a lot of opinions on this topic.  But according to the Michelin load tables (http://www.michelintruck.com/reference-materials/manuals-bulletins-and-warranties/load-and-inflation-tables/#/) 55 PSI should be fine as that will give you 2060 lbs of load capacity per tire, for a total of 8240 lbs trailer weight capacity.  You could go up or down 5 lbs and still be fine.

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  3. I wish an Oliver representative would be active on this forum addressing concerns and problems of current and potential owners. It would certainly put to rest the mounting fears some of us have, or will have, going forward. In light of this Christmas wish, it is hoped that all forum members would be respectful to any Oliver rep willing to enter this, at times, rather hostile coliseum. Getting answers to questions and offering useful information and guidance would no doubt be very much appreciated.

    I second the motion.

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  4. Regarding the original problem of the trailer batteries being run down, I'm curious about what Oliver's drop-off process is.  I'm new to RVing so maybe I'm just ignorant about this, but I'm not sure that I would expect Oliver to perform power management of my trailer for me, especially over the weekend.  Is it SOP that when trailers come in for service but have to wait a day or two they get hooked up to power?  If it was and they didn't I would definitely be upset, especially if any damage to my batteries resulted.  But if that's not the norm, I would say the onus is on the owner to ensure that the trailer is buttoned up prior to dropping it off.


    Whatever their process is, better communication of said process to customers would definitely help avoid problems like this in the future.

  5. We opted for the Oliver leather vinyl for the same reason. The pseudo leather seems to be very similar to the real deal and feels soft to the touch. I am not expecting it to sweat but instead perform same as the seats do in the truck.


    So would you say that the "psuedo leather" feels more like the "leather" material typically used on the sides and backs of modern leather car seats?  Versus the old skool straight vinyl seats?  Does your skin stick to it in hot weather?

  6. That's disappointing about the fabric.  I was hoping that the available options wouldn't be too bad but even in the photos they look coarse.  I'm not a fan of vinyl seats in general because they get sticky in the summer and cold in the winter.


    In a previous life I re-covered the cushions in my sailboat myself.  Wasn't too bad as I used the existing (nasty worn out) covers as a template.  Although that was pre-wife-and-kids so I had a lot more free time. Hopefully the upholstery is good enough for a few years.

  7. Fuel cells are a cool concept but the Efoys don't create a lot of current.  They're more like a battery charging mechanism than a direct power source if that makes sense.  So it doesn't really replace a generator if you want to run an air conditioner, for example.  But it could replace / supplement solar panels.


    OTOH if you consider lithium batteries to be too bleeding-edge, fuel cells definitely are.

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  8. Shocks from the road will be transferred more harshly to the trailer body, so look for damage from things shaking.  I'd check on anything loose like plates or cookware to see if they're wearing on each other more.  Not that dishes are critical to your trailer, but that they'd be the canary in the coal mine.   You may also feel it in the TV under certain road/driving conditions.  You could also consider switching out the shock absorbers since the heavier springs have a higher spring rate.  Any time you change one suspension component the rest of the system should be evaluated as well.


    Maybe there will be no ill effects.  All I'm suggesting is to be aware of possibilities and keep an eye out.

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  9. I also added a cheapy bluetooth GPS module to our Victron system as a backup. It’s cellular based so it would have to be in range to track, but it’s less likely for anyone to find and it’s free (minus the admission fee). 


    Are you sending that out to the internet via your CradlePoint router?  Or how does the Victron system communicate out?

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  10. Hey Raspy, how has the steel counter top been holding up for you?  Did you make it yourself or have someone do it for you?  Kudos if you did it yourself; it's a very clean job.  Was it installed directly on top of the fiberglass or did you put anything down first?  Do you put hot pots on it, not caring about the stuff underneath?  Any other thoughts you can share or things you would do differently?


    I read your story about Sandy.  How amazing that you had this opportunity in life.  I love coyotes (maybe because I don't own any livestock) and although I have no direct experience with them I was always struck by their intelligence.  Just having locked eyes with a few over the years.  You could feel them analyzing you beyond a base fight or flight, hunter/prey decision.

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  11. Been following this closely, since if I purchase an Oliver it will need to be lifted.  Disappointing that the spring over axle lift didn't work out like you'd hoped.  At this point I'm counting on having a shop fab me up something but not sure what I want.  So if spring over axle is a no go, what's the next best option?  Timbren?

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