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  1. We used to roll up the cover in the Casita but we prefer the full-time bed. We do bring in chairs for cards and guests.

    Thanks, do you have the King or the twins? Is sounds like most of the people that have replied so far have the King which is interesting and different from what I had assumed.


    It is helpful to hear what current owners experiences have been. I very much appreciate everyone's comments so far.

  2. Bikechuck – Just in case Reed & Karen don’t see this until after Christmas – I believe that they leave their bed in the down position all the time unless they happen to be having people “in” for dinner or cards. Bill

    Thanks, my wife and I plan to tour the factory this Jan or Feb. There are trade offs between the King and the twins.  The twins are nice if traveling with a friend. The king is nicer if traveling with your spouse.


    Decisions, Decisions



  3. There is lots of room in our Ollie’s and that closet really packs it in. We have the King bed and the isle under the bed is one of our main storage areas for things that we don’t use often but need at Rally’s. It’s nice having so much room ????


    Re the King bed, do you leave it in be mode while you are traveling or do you move from bed to table and back on a daily basis? Thanks in advance for your input!



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