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  1. 51 minutes ago, MDuncan said:

    I have talked to the service department and management. We will take care of the tank modification for free if you can bring it to our service center in Tennessee. You will need to call 1-888-526-3978 to schedule the tank modification. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Matt, can Oliver tell us the Hull # of the last Ollie built before the design mod was implemented?



  2. I'm considering purchasing THIS and am curious if anyone has thoughts about this product.  Pros?  Cons?  We have a manual Carefree awning on our '17 Elite II--will the upper insert easily roll up into the awning?   Is there an alternate product I should think about to provide some shade beneath the awning?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

  3. We also experienced a "micro-burst" hailstorm three years ago--75mph winds were driving marble sized hail horizontally across our property.  It stripped all the vegetation (trees, shrubs, garden plants) totally clean and did more than $110K in damages to the house.  Not one scratch or dent on the Ollie fiberglass!!!  I was shocked.  The only thing the storm did was pepper the narrow plastic lining around the front door--easily replaced!

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  4. 2 hours ago, topgun2 said:

    Well ...

    Indeed, as JED points out above, there is the potential issue of "jounce control" or bounce control if you prefer.  And, there is an arguable added "safety" factor on two possible fronts.  First is the fact that the Ollie is attached to the tow vehicle in at least one additional place via the "whale tail".  Certainly this can be argued in that one already has the hitch and the safety chains and it is extremely unlikely for the bulldog or ball on the hitch to fail.  But, for those that profess to like multiple backups ......

    Second, there is the issue of emergencies.  What happens to this entire hitch "system" in the event of a catastrophic event such as avoiding a animal in the road or another driver or a suspension failure or a ??????  Would the Andersen actually provide additional safety?  Or, with anti-sway functions supposedly covered via a tow vehicle's internal software, would the Andersen only add to the problems making the catastrophic event even worse (of course in using the Andersen one would have turned off the tow vehicle's anti-sway function).  And, even with a 3/4 ton tow vehicle would the weight distribution aid in the control and distribution of various forces encountered during the event?


    Bill, you raise a lot of good points.  It seems, however, that most people with 3/4 ton tow vehicles have opted to remove the Andersen hitch.  I wonder if there is really a "definitive" answer on the usefulness of an Andersen hitch on 3/4 ton TV's???

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  5. 15 hours ago, John E Davies said:

    The only possible benefit from a Andersen for a 7500 pound (loaded) HD truck is jounce control - loosen the nuts so there is zero chain tension for your next trip. If you don’t notice any increased choppiness on a rough highway, tell her afterwards what you did and then  leave it at home on the next trip. Leave the hitch, not the wife😊

    A HD truck with blown rear shocks would definitely ride better with the Andersen, are yours OK? Have her Message me and I will glad to talk to her for you.....

    John Davies

    Spokane WA

    Thanks for this good advice, John.  Yep, shocks are good.  And I'm glad you clarified exactly what I am supposed to leave at home! 🤣

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  6. I voted as well.  We tow with a 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 and we use the Andersen hitch.  The only reason I do so is because using it makes my wife "feel" better.  Maybe someone can chime in with some talking points that I can use to convince her we can do without it???  😬

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