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  1. The Maxxair fan stopped working with the manual buttons on the fan, but it did work with the remote.  Then it started to make beeps every 10 seconds or so.  I checked the fuse and it seemed partially blown, if that’s possible.  I put in a new fuse and the same thing happened: beeping, working with remote and not buttons, and the fuse seemed blown again.  Any ideas for something to try to troubleshoot this?  The fan is 16 months old so still under warranty.  Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

  2. We’ve been using the A/C a lot today. It’s the first we have really used it since we purchased our trailer in October. Once in awhile the A/C stops working for a second, the microwave goes off(the lights on the microwave go off as it is not really on)and there is a small pop and both come on again. Any ideas what might be happening?

  3. So many good suggestions!  Thank you.  I will describe what I’ve done only to still have the drip from the front dinette side scupper hole.  This am there was a small puddle, but last night I left the trailer well vented and kept the heat at 58.  It got to about 45 degrees last night.  This am I opened the dinette covers, all the windows, turned off the water pump and drained the water by turning it on.  It was sunny and 60 today.  Tonight it still drips:(  I’ll call Oliver tomorrow.  I’m perplexed and disappointed.


  4. Great help and thanks to everyone for offering ideas.  The drip in the rear scupper hole stopped as soon as I unhooked the water from the city inlet.  I need to tighten the fitting I replaced last week.  Maybe retake it.  I had a terrible time getting pipe tape on it in such a small space.  The water from the front scupper hole has continued to drip.  Would condensation be more likely to occur in the front bathroom corner?  There are no other drips except this one.

  5. I just filled the fresh water tank and turned the water off.  I will monitor the scupper holes to see if they dry up.  If they do, it may be the city water inlet that is still causing the problem.  Is there something in the front of the trailer/bathroom that could leak?  We have a composting toilet so maybe a loose fitting in the sink?



  6. We have a legacy eliteII ‘18.  Water is dripping from the rear and front “vent” on the dinette side only.   I don’t know their proper names.  We are in Las vegas so it has been dry, but we are heating at night.  The dripping is from only those two vents.  I had to replace a fitting on the fresh water inlet because it cracked.  It could be that it is leaking and needs to be tightened?  But that doesn’t seem to explain the dripping from the front vent and before I take apart the “cellar” I thought I’d ask.  This is my first time posting so if I’m in the wrong place or doing it incorrectly let me know.



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