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  1. On 11/25/2021 at 10:24 AM, John E Davies said:

    A three way fridge running on DC uses about 15 amps pretty much continually. Your old compressor fridge used way less and cycled on and off depending on temperature. You won’t be able to recharge your depleted Ollie batteries while driving with it set to DC, though you might just keep up with the discharge rate. If the sun is bright, your panels will do the job, but what about grey days? I recommend that you learn to accept the idea of traveling with the fridge set to gas, and if you are super concerned about fire danger get a Gas Stop device for each bottle.

    I had 4 AGMs and solar originally, I think the real battery killer is heavy use of the microwave off the inverter. If you don’t often microwave two TV dinners in a row, then you should not have much trouble. But you can’t expect them to last long powering the fridge all day.

    FYI: Your lithiums would NOT charge off the truck anyway, without some modifications. Oliver does not even connect that wire to the seven pin harness. You must install a DC to DC charger to get that to work correctly. Does that affect your decision?

    John Davies

    Spokane WA


    You mentioned "I had 4 AGMs and solar originally"...  What have you now?  Just curious, since you are an Oliver expert and have great ideas and mods of value to the Oliver community.  


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  2. We live in Jacksonville, FL, area and it seems winters are things old-timers recall with fondness.  Our winters are not much different than our other seasons - hot, muggy, buggy.  Our 2019 Oliver is parked at our home in our pole barn which doubles as our outdoor cooking and gathering place, so the Oliver is being watched every day.  A wonderful way to keep a check on the temp, humidity, barometric pressure, and dew point is to place sensors in strategic places in your Oliver.  The SensorPush monitoring system is a great method for tracking climate data in your Oliver (SensorPush).  I have 4 sensor placements (dinette, refrigerator, Truma water heater compartment, and one in the Barn itself).  Also purchased the Gateway to monitor data from anywhere using my iPhone and our Oliver Cradlepoint WiFi system.  Useful to monitor climate data while camping but away from the Camper. Highly recommended, and a cool technology.  Maybe a bit pricey for some ($89 per sensor and $100 for the Gateway). We are comforted monitoring temp remotely while away from campsite so our valued camping partner (Magnum, our lab dog) does not overheat (or freeze) should Oliver climate control system fail.  

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  3. IMG_2182.thumb.JPG.74724b2854914d91d191d021a0a454de.JPGNovember 2021 Full moon at Oliver Service camp ground.  Very nice and convenient overnight stay in advance of 0800 service appointment in the morning.   Watched new owners (from VA) receive their new EII and park beside us in the Oliver campground.   Very convenient for new owners to checkout new rig with onsite Oliver assistance if needed.  As with everything Oliver, these convenient campsites are high quality and done just right. 

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  4. Stayed at Henry Horton State Park, TN, cabin (Chapel Hill, TN) while waiting for Oliver annual maintenance package being performed at the Mothership. Not one too mechanically inclined, letting the Oliver Service Department do all the annual maintenance provides me a sense of security Hull#444 will make it through the camping season without issues.  Also, can task the Oliver folks with any other repair work while at Hohenwald.  Attached list of maintenance items in this package.

    Oliver Annual Maintenance Package.JPG

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  5. My triangle plate is an older style (not the "sleek-looking curved end" triangle plate introduced a few years ago).  Most notably, my plate does not have the metal "ring" on the end that slips onto the bottom of the shaft, I must hold the plate in place while trying to push the pin through the shaft and plate holes straddling each side of the shaft.  Should I consider purchasing the "curved" triangle plate to make life easier


  6. Lost a shackle pin, resulting in unknowingly dragging one chain while traveling.  At a rest stop inspection, I noticed the whale tail had turned to a 45 degree angle and only one chain was connected (the other chain had some "road burn" scrapes.  Having previous experiences attempting to back my TV to the meet the "angle" of the whale tail to properly align and connect to my hitch, I decided to secure the Andersen chains and continue my travels without the Andersen system connected to my TV (and the GMC HD2500 Duramax performed just fine without the Andersen system).  However, my preference is to use the Andersen as an additional "safety measure" (after all, it is paid for), so I devised a unique method to straighten the angle of the whale tail. I attached the whale tail to my TV and connected a strap to one end of the whale tail and the other end of the strap to a tree.  A slight, careful pull with my TV straightened the angle and Andersen ball/whale tail (picture attached).  I need to know if this method makes sense, or, will this damage my Andersen system?  

    Andersen whale tail.jpg

  7. We always leave them attached while traveling but sometimes (when we remember) remove weight (such as paper towels, kitchen items, clothes, towels) while traveling.  Never had one fall.  Turning the dial clockwise presses the suction cup tighter to the wall.  These work remarkably well.  Check them out on Amazon or on the HASKO website for different types, uses, and designs.  They have types for organizing bath/shower items that look interesting (we have not tried yet)    

  8. I am a big fan of HASKO suction cup fasteners (hooks).  We use them for paper towel holders, kitchen item storage, hanging clothes, and other uses.  Adhere strongly to Oliver fiberglass and can easily be moved around as needed.  No glue mess.  No holes. A simple suction cup attaches to wall.




    IMG_1243.thumb.jpg.09053a2d751b65adac250d7e23a60041.jpgIMG_1244.thumb.jpg.1b4f32479bfc40c92c1e12445f991489.jpgIMG_1245.thumb.jpg.f3276bd75f5334721cc24bb60b75b841.jpgIMG_1246.thumb.jpg.6511c0eaec8f3bb2a24b420c086e50ba.jpgd as needs change. Can get them from Amazon.

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  9. Even a loud AC is way better than the summertime tent camping of my youth.  Living and camping in the southeast, an AC is required for most months of the year.  As I grow older and hearing loss gets worse, the AC seems to get quieter - strange how that works out.  We did plug a BOSE speaker into the speaker jack on the back of the television and turned off the Oliver 4-speaker system - this provides for directional and improved sound while watching television with the AC running.  Headphones is another option, but not as comfortable while in bed watching favorite shows.      

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  10. First, we optioned for the electronic door lock and very convenient - a good choice.  Highly recommend.  However, we had one snafu on the first night we camped after purchasing April 2019.  We could not get the electronic pad to unlock and all Oliver keys were inside the Oliver (I know, pretty stupid of us, we had just left Howenwald and were setting up at nearby campsite late Friday afternoon to test our new Oliver).  Wife had to crawl into basement and up through the twin bed to open door (I am too "bulky" to make that trip).  Since then, we have Oliver spare keys placed outside of Oliver so can unlock if ever happens again (and it hasn't).  I am sure we simply did something wrong that first night (operator error) - do not believe it was faulty lock.  Lesson learned, keep spare key in safe place outside of Oliver.  And, the worn/faded/cracked keypad face is easily fixed by Oliver, simply a stick-on face. 

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  11. The digital Oliver service manuals and Oliver "how-to" videos (Oliver library) are great, but, can only be viewed with internet connectivity to the outside world.  Put onto a DVD, especially the "how-to" videos, and provide with Oliver purchase.  For existing owners, I would buy a DVD. I believe the DVD player and television work on battery power?

  12. No matter who you are, this is funny!  We have a 2019 GMC Sierra Duramax and love it!  Tows Oliver like a dream.  I realize there are other really good TV options.  I am not a GMC salesperson, so to each his own.  Nothing against Ford, but a funny poke is always appreciated.     

  13. We routinely camp on Lake Seminole, FL, for the excellent fishing and wonderful nature (including plenty of alligators).  With the closing of our favorite North Florida Corp of Engineer campground (River Junction), we were forced to try out Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, FL.  This is a small, but quite lovely, campground (was much lovelier before Hurricane Michael leveled most of the trees).  Much to our surprise, another Oliver pulled in after us. What are the odds.  We spoke briefly, but I do not recall the name nor Hull Number (it was in the 500s).   The next day, after I returned from a very productive fishing trip, the Oliver was gone.  Other than the hot, humid Florida summertime, I highly recommend this campground, and, if you are senior (65+) it is only $8 per night.

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  14. For those of us not so mechanically inclined, and without a home shop (do I even own a torque wrench?), and assuming this recall service is paid by Dexter, seems taking to a service center  for inspection and possible torqueing is not too shameful/embarrassing?  Might even get the service folks to perform the 3000K lubrication while at it - my last go was a bit messy and not the most favorite task (seems those pesky grease fittings could have been a bit more accessible).   Love camping in the Oliver, don't mind washing her, but crawling under her not so much.    

  15. I am not following this conversation (in other words, I am confused), so I will attempt to describe what I have setup.   I have a 2019 Oliver EII and recently added a Wineguard G3 DirecTV just as you described (purchased equipment and pay $7 per month for extra receiver).  LOVE IT!  The way I connected my DirecTV: in the attic Oliver provided a coax cable (from the satellite connector on street side of the outside) and an HDMI cable (from the television).  I connect the Oliver coax to the Wineguard power box, then fished a new coax from the power box down through the same hole as the television cable wires that lead to the television.   I also fish the HDMI cable from the attic through the same hole and connected both the coax and the HDMI to the receiver.  This now completes the coax cable connection from satellite dome to Wineguard power box to receiver and receiver HDMI back to television. The power needed to power the G3 satellite dome runs from Wineguard power box back through Oliver coax to street side connector to G3.  I leave the receiver on my nightstand table and plug it into one of the AC outlets near the nightstand table.  I plug the Wineguard power box into the AC outlet in the attic.  Attached are photos showing my arrangement.  Very easy, no need for switches or fishing cables (other than pushing cables though same hole used by television cables from the attic). 


    direcTV receiver.jpg

    Wineguard powerbox.jpg

  16. We got the 22-inch double-burner Blackstone Griddle - it is a heavy and a bit overkill (with 2-burners you can cook breakfast for the entire campground).  The 17-inch single burner, still a bit heavy, is definitely a better choice.  Either way, Blackstone griddle is a versatile cooking machine.  We also got the hookup hose for our Oliver propane connections - no need to rely on those propane camp bottles, although we still use them from time to time.  And, we got the Blackstone table stand ($89) for easy leveling and eliminate the need for a portable cook table.  Although expensive, and heavy, the Blackstone stand makes the Blackstone experience better.  One last suggestion, using small disposable aluminum pans (or aluminum foil) to line your grease/oil catch trap makes cleanup easier.  You may want to visit the Blackstone website to checkout options for your new griddle.

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