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  1. @SeaDawgIt shifted when I raised the camper to detach it from the tow vehicle. The camper just moved back a small amount until the tire chuck engaged fully. When it happened the light no longer worked as well (so no power). I removed the cover manually raised the camper and manually lowered it back onto the tow vehicle hitch. Once the weight was off the tongue jack the power instantly came back on. The first time it happened I could not find a reason the power was out (ie: Blown fuse) but it started mysteriously working again after the weight was off of it. Perhaps there is a short somewhere it has only lost power those two times??

  2. Also if you have the Xantrex Freedom X 3000 you might experience your Honda 2000 getting overloaded. This happened to me. You can change  the Xantrex Settings to lower the draw and eliminate the overload.

    To do this:

    Turn on your inverter

    Hold the bottom button for 3 seconds until the readout changes to [00] 1

    Press the middle button (^) to toggle through the settings until you get to [28] 25A

    Press OK until  25A is blinking then press the middle button (^) to toggle through to change the setting to 15A. You will have to go all the up to I think 50A to get back to the lower numbers. This will lower the draw to keep the generator from getting overloaded. When you are back to a 30A power supply you should change this setting back to 25A so your batteries will charge fast.


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  3. Not sure if this has changed since my 2018 LEII but we do not have a light in our pantry. I have been through a couple of stick on lights and finally found one I like. Sunbeam+ Under Cabinet Light. It comes with adhesive metal tabs the light is magnetic and sticks to the tabs. It needs to be easily removed because it recharges with a USB type C plug. It is motion activated and turns off automatically after 20 second. It has three color options, light blue, amber and white./ $22.00. I will update this post after traveling to update how long it lasts on a charge and if it falls off the magnets during traveling.








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  4. SO I have traveled a few times since the Andersen Anti-sway mod. Everything is working great, I have experienced zero issues while towing. However while the mod creates plenty of slack in the chains it adds a substantial amount of weight to hold up while you are hooking the whale tail. I am adding a photo here of an additional "life hack" that I created. Using the leftover chain and pieces of the cut links I hung the weight from my utility box using the safety latches. What a dream, now the hookup is truly effortless!!


  5. Here are the photos of the final wiring. I used the Red (spliced on AC side to white) and Yellow (spliced on AC side to orange) thermostat wires. As you can see in the photo the blue/white was the 12 v and the solid blue was the wire to the heater as @Minnesota Oliconfirmed. I checked with a volt meter and connected them at the AC side to confirm the heater would turn on. On the Tstat side the wiring is self explanatory from the picture. The only casualty in the install was blowing the 7.5 A fuse which is located under the dinette. After closing everything up and THEN putting in the new fuse so I would not blow it again everything is working great. What an excellent upgrade the low profile inside portion along with the reduction in operating noise was well worth it. BTW: if you are in the metrowest Boston, MA area and need any RV repairs; I used TRIC Mobile RV to do the heavy lifting to remove and replace the actual AC unit. https://tricmobilervrepair.com/ They did a fantastic job so I would definitely recommend them.



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  6. @Jps190 My trailer is a 2018. I could not find the spliced wires under the heater that you show in your picture. I am going to post a picture of the wires that were cut from the AC and the current thermostat wiring. @Minnesota Oli or anyone else can you confirm which wires to splice together to eliminate the LCD control and wire the simple Emerson Thermostat. Thanks.

    The wires shown here pretty much the picture from Minnesota Oli with the exception the red connected to the white/red. Also he describes doubling up the wires from the thermostat but my thermostat only has three wires (yellow, red, green). It looks like only the green and yellow Tstat wires are in the wiring harness that is at my AC end. 




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  7. 22 hours ago, Geronimo John said:

    I think Oliver got this winterization thing right.  2+ gallons of $3/gallon antifreeze (Super Walmart RV Section Before Fall) and we are done.  No worries.

    Or, the cost of an air compressor that may or may not get the job done for sure.  = worries to me.                        I like no worries better.  

    I agree it is very simple and easy, especially with the boondocking port. I use a hybrid method blowing out the lines and then filling them back up with antifreeze. I like to just make sure the lines are all antifreeze with no water diluting it. But, I live in Massachusetts and it can stay below freezing for weeks. I would be leery of just trying to blow out the lines and not using anti-freeze, I am not sure this would get the water out of the pump.

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  8. On 10/31/2021 at 7:03 PM, Boudicca908 said:

    I don’t own a truck yet — looking around and there are a few used and fewer new available. One thing I don’t like about the Elite I is the single axle — I’d prefer the double. 
    I’ve seen the Elite II and have requested to see the smaller model, if they can find one for me. 
    Thanks for the great tips!

    I agree with the sentiment: If you are flying solo the LEI is much more manageable. I had a single axel 17' Casita for 11 yrs it is similar to the LEI in size. For that size trailer a double axel is not necessary.

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  9. 4 hours ago, John E Davies said:

    I don’t think Oliver would sell these trailers without a tongue tray but with a rear bike rack if they were concerned about sway. There are plenty of clueless owners who don’t weigh anything at all, and they heavily load the back. Most of their LE2 advertising USED TO show light tow vehicles such as a Sequoia, so that was perhaps misleading. Their current images rarely show a TV at all, maybe they got cautious about what those earlier pictures implied.

    OTH as I pointed out, my LE2 with 480 pounds TW tows beautifully, with minimal Andersen chain tension, just enough to stabilize the vertical motion... I don’t think we should blindly use stick and staple 10-15% recommendations for these much higher quality trailers...**** IMHO ****

    Of course a higher TW won’t hurt if you have a stout enough TV. And it would be beneficial if you are in an accident and find yourself in civil court. But I have never heard of a court case where they actually weighed the trailer as evidence…. As long as you don’t hang a motorcycle off the back, and stay within the recommended guidelines, no worries.

    John Davies

    Spokane WA

    I have a 2018 LEII that I pull with a Toyota Tundra 5.7L. I have the anti-sway hitch. As John eluded, I have never weighed anything. I have the front utility tray loaded with a big cooler full of beer and ice everywhere I go (It probably weighs 75 lbs by the end of the weekend just from melted ice). We also carry a bunch of mostly unnecessary camping gear in the bed (of unknown, but significant weight). I have never had a problem with sway or porpousing. 

    I would say my biggest concern is with my brakes.

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  10. I live in Massachusetts. I'm having a Solar Panel on the roof added as we speak. In the past I have always covered my trailer in the winter, wondering if anyone covers the trailer in a way that allows the solar panel sticks out for winter battery maintenance?

  11. Kettletown State Park is small, doesn't have many sites that are level and good for RV's. No eletric. Has a nice dump station. It has beautiful views but no river access for boats or swimming. 


    It was well run with clean bathrooms and showers and an easy place to get to for the start of our journey. 





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