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  1. I hear a lot of mention about memberships like Good Sam Club, Passport America, etc. Do any of you have words of wisdom about such. My guess is that we'll tend more toward State and National Parks rather than a lot of RV resorts.




  2. Since it's been 25 or 30 years since we last camped (popup with 3 boys and a dog), I don't have much to offer, except requests for info.


    We are hoping to get our trailer within the next couple of weeks. I know conventional wisdom is to bring it home and get organized and educated. However, at this point, we are thinking of meandering for a little while - still may change and come home.


    We don't have a definite plan yet, but we are thinking of leaving Hohenwald and moving slowly down the Natchez Trace parkway, maybe all the way to Natchez. Then maybe down into Cajun country somewhere in the general area of Layfayette. We love to take in local culture, food, music and dance. We've done a lot of Texas small town honky tonk and dance hall exploring and have met up with Cajun dancers and would like to tippy toe into some of this. Who knows from there, maybe over into the hill country of Texas or maybe to some places we like out a little west of Fort Worth. And/or up into the Ozarks of Arkansas. The posts about St George Island was really tempting, but it seems we may be a little late to find a good camp spot there - pretty much booked I think. Of course we may up and come home at any point. We'll have a pup along; so will have to take that into account.


    Anyway, any thoughts, advice, suggestions or info would be much appreciated - as always.



  3. My suggestion would be to call BuffaloBob (Robert Partee) at 1-888-526-3978 or send him a personal message on this forum. He can give you the details about pricing including options you might want. He will also send you a brochure with pricing information. Others may have the numbers you want.



  4. I think we ordered almost every bell and whistle available except the gel batteries - we ordered two of the other type. Of course, we did not have any idea what to do about that, like most of the rest of the choices. Now we wonder ...


    The idea that I got was that the Optima batteries would definetly be the choice if you were going to be boondocking a lot. At this point, we doubt that will happen. In looking at campground books, it seems a lot of the national park campgrounds do not have hookups; so not sure we did the right thing. I'm sure it's still not too late; so if anyone has advice, I'll appreciate as usual.


    Thanks so much for the information on the Wizard. For that price, seems like the thing to do.



  5. As we await our trailor, we keep coming up with questions, often from suggestions that people we've met have made about what we'll need. We know much of this will be worked out as we gain experience. Here are some things mentioned to us. Any feedback?


    Wheel chocks


    Hitch lock


    Jack pads (under the legs?)


    Small portable grill (any favorites?)


    Thanks again,



  6. Never thought I would be worrying about satellite TV while camping, but since it's there ... Plus, I am quite an insomniac, and my wife thinks the TV helps.


    Anyway, at home we have DISH. I checked with them and they will provide a free receiver, and then the additional cost is $5 per month for the second receiver. This seems fair enough to me and beats moving the home receiver back and forth.


    I've been reading the King-dome manual online. It seems the system comes pre-programmed for DIRECT, but not DISH. To me it seems the setup to use DISH is one-time, but pretty complicated, maybe even requiring a dealer to do it. I think there's a keypad required that doesn't come with the system.


    Has anyone been through this procedure yet? Maybe Oliver has the keypad needed???




  7. Being new to this forum business, I just registered, read and maybe made a post or two. However, I noticed that posts from the more experienced users had more information about the person - for example, their location, maybe the type trailer and tow vehicle, etc. To me, this makes the whole thing more personable and interesting.


    I finally figured out that by going to the User Control Panel, I could edit my Profile. There I found the spot for Location. Looking at posts by Mountainborn and others, I saw they had a signature at the bottom with RV information, etc. Also at the User Control Panel, there is a place for editing a Signature.


    My suggestion is that as many as would, include location, type of RV (if any), RV on order, tow vehicle and whatever else?? Seems that way we might have specific questions on a one-to-one basis.


    I'm sure the experience users can add to this.


    If folks agree, maybe the welcoming messages could make a suggestion along these lines.


    By the way, in the first days of this forum, when I would look at the member list, it would show location. Now it doesn't. I thought that was nice, as we could just scan down the list and see where folks were from. Any chance of getting that back.


    Finally, thanks so much to those of you who are putting out so much useful information. I'm totally new; so just trying to be a sponge.



  8. Thank you for this information.


    Ok, here's what I've been thinking Oliver should do. Hope you're listening Robert and Northwoods.


    How about a DVD? The first major section could be a sales promotion. Plant tour: fiberglass molding, frame, assembly interior, etc. This could highlight the special construction and features. This could be ordered online for prospective buyers who can't make it to Hohenwald to see these in person. Since there are not that many Olivers out there yet, it's hard to get a look.


    The second major section would be the owner's manual - short clips showing "How to's", lights, winterizing, storage nooks, bumber, leveling, etc.


    Since there are DVD players in the Olivers, this would be really slick, don't you think.



  9. We ordered an Elite last Friday, Feb 1. We visited the plant on Thursday afternoon and again on Friday. All that has been said proved true about a visit there. Robert Pardee spent an inordinate amount of time with us. Each worker was courteous and patient, and fun to visit with. We visited with Jim Oliver who was most interested in any questions or suggestions. Also met other Olivers here and there. We were given a 6-8 week time frame.


    Tom Whaley

    Lexington VA

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