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  1. Is there any way you can tell me if I have an "Easy Start" in hull 267?  Thanks, Nan Wallace

    1. topgun2


      Nan -

      I tried (unsuccessfully) changing the topic of your post in that by using Jason's name and clicking on the topic a reader is simply taken to Jason's profile page.  I'm sure that Jason will take care of that soon.

      In any case he is not the person to possibly answer your question.  You might want to send a note (email) or call Jason Essary in Service (see the "Service" tab at the top of this page) and if they installed the Easy Start they will probably have a record of it.  Or, you can call the previous owner.  The only other way is to get up on the roof, remove the air conditioner cover and have a look.


    2. Nan


      Thanks, Bill.  

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