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  1. Braoses Hanging Trash Can for Kitchen Cabinet Door, Small Collapsible Foldable Waste Bins, Hanging Trash Holder for Bathroom Bedroom Office Car, Portable Home & Outdoor Garbage Can - 2.4 Gallon Is on amazon with that title, comes in 2 sizes.
  2. Susan, The material used by Oliver is Oracal 651 glossy in matching colors and is available on Amazon and at many Craft Stores. We had the swooshes and logo's from Oliver but then added a few extra items ourself using a CriCut crafting machine and the exact color matched vinyl that the factory uses. We bought the vinyl in 12"x12" scrapbook size pages...which fit perfectly into our CriCut craft cutter. Below: Added our Domain Name to the trailer...so folks can check out our travel blog. Added our trailer name near the Entry Door: Added Hull Number and Galway Girl Logo to the back of the trailer...
  3. John, Which subscription level have you tried? I just downloaded the app and wonder what you find most useful. CS
  4. We have had our trailer for 10 months. We have the hypervent under our upgraded mattresses. It's smooth on the side facing the mattresses and isn't causing any snagging or marking of the body of the trailer. Getting under the mattress requires some lifting and shifting...and the hypervent is the least of the issues. Luckily, getting under the mattress isn't an every day occurrence. When I do need to access I tip the mattress up against the wall...or move it all the way out of the way into the aisle temporarily. C. Short Hull 505 Galway Girl
  5. I've only had our Hull 505 now for 10 months. I had one situation last fall where the keypad cracked over one of the numbers. I called for a warranty and the RVlock company sent me a replacement front pad that showed up in 3 days. I installed it in about <5 minutes. Pull old pad off, stick new pad on. They also said that cracked pads don't necessarily stop the system from working as the unit is sealed behind the mylar pad. The system has worked well ever since, no cracks, no major signs of wear yet. The lock come with keys, and a battery powered keyfob for opening from your keychain remotely. 95% of the time...we open with the keypad. CS
  6. When we drove down, we came from the Seattle area, so we had bought almost everything to fully outfit the trailer including all kitchen items, bedding, our clothes etc. In Hohenwald, a few blocks from the Oliver delivery center are both a Walmart and a Tractor Supply. We had carried in our truck a couple ice chests and bought all our fridge items at the Walmart in the AM before we went to our pickup... Also...if you're interested in what others have bought for their Oliver's you can check out the Oliver Trailer Outfitters link on Amazon. Craig & Rose Hull 505 - Galway Girl https://4-ever-hitched.com/
  7. 7 Pin Waterproof Holder Mod - Did this for our unit as we had that exact problem...water in the 7 pin after heavy rains. Now we are good...
  8. Update in WA State Parks and Campgrounds. March 22, 2020 The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (Parks), Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced the closure of all state campgrounds across Washington to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Campgrounds will remain closed through April 30. The closure includes roofed accommodations like cabins, yurts and vacation houses. No new campers will be allowed into Parks, WDFW or DNR lands beginning Monday, March 23. Current campers will be phased out following instructions from land officials. Day-use areas and trails remain open. Due to the volume of people visiting Washington’s ocean beaches, we are asking the public to avoid those areas. People should continue to practice social distancing when recreating outdoors. STATE PARKS Campers who have state parks reservations through April 30 will be notified and offered a full refund. Visitors can find the latest information about State Park operations on this page. DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE Although camping is not allowed, WDFW wildlife areas and water-access areas remain open for public use at this time. However, due to theft and increased usage of their restrooms, visitors should plan to bring their own hand sanitizer and toilet paper. For the latest information about WDFW operations, visit the WDFW website. DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES DNR’s camping will be closed to dedicated camping areas and dispersed camping or camping outside of designated camp sites. For the most up-to-date information for DNR lands, visit DNR’s website.
  9. Washington State Parks - Link on COVID 19 https://parks.state.wa.us/1177/Novel-Coronavirus---COVID-19 Washington State parks and camping remain open. In response to Gov. Inslee’s mandate, we are making the following changes to operations through April 30: Visitor and interpretive centers are closed. Most special activities and special permits are cancelled. Planned programming is cancelled. Group camp and group reservations such as picnic shelters are restricted. New camp hosts will not be placed in parks. Read more information for camp hosts. We are taking additional measures to limit visitor and staff interactions at offices and at registration. This includes: Using drive-up/walk-up windows when possible. Limiting the number of visitors in an office. Providing electronic options for purchasing passes and making reservations. Using automated pay stations, where available. We ask that all visitors exhibit personal responsibility and take steps to protect their health and the health of others. As the situation changes, we will continue to follow the governor and public health officials’ guidance when it comes to managing our park system.
  10. Forgot to mention we bought our cover and sheet sets from AB Lifestyles who have both top and fitted bottom sheets for Oliver Mattresses in a variety of colors. https://www.ablifestyles.net/road-ready-rv-sheet-set/
  11. Are you looking for the location in x/y on the mattress of that little dot for the radius? If overall width is 29.88 and R is 16.25, then the little dot is located at an X distance of (29.88-16.25) or 13.63 from the left side of the cushion...and since it's also at the radius the Y distance from the top of the cushion is 16.25.
  12. Adding on to Topgun2 comment: As you know there are a few parts to the full lashup. The receiver that is on your tow vehicle...it has a rating... The hitch assembly that plugs into that receiver...various classes Weight Distribution Assembly ( bars or in the case of Anderson the torsion chains) Anti Sway Device - (sometimes slider bars, in the case of anderson the Hitch Ball is in a sleeve which provides anti sway.) You may want to look in your manual and at the actual receiver and see if there is a tag like the one below from our F150. In our case, it was on the body of the hitch receiver. It states the hitch capacity towing with or without with a weight distribution setup. For the example below it says specifically if you are towing * without a weight distribution hitch it has a 500 LB MAX tongue wt. * with a weight distribution hitch it has a 1220 LB MAX tongue wt. My Elite II has a 630 LB tongue wt so I must use the WDH to avoid overloading that actual receiver assembly. Hope that helps...set context ctshort09 (Galway Girl)
  13. Thanks to you for this string...and Patriot's link to the Mouser site...I ordered 2 extra sets. Hope you find the solution to the issue soon. Craig
  14. I ordered mine directly from the RV Snappad company website. They are the Mini 6" size for the oliver. They don't have the Olivers listed. I plan to send them the video and confirm they worked on our 2019 Elite II. You should measure the diamater of the feet on your own oliver before buying....I'm pretty sure the feet on the stabilizers are consistent, but just check the diameter before you buy. CS
  15. I bought a set of RV Snappads and installed them with no trouble on the Oliver Stabilizers. Here's an install video I made to show you how easy it was. RVSnappad.mp4
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