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  1. Am interested in your storage cases.  Where do you live in Western WA?  I am in Port Townsend.


  2. Interested in your storage cases.  Where do you live in Western WA?  I am in Port Townsend.


  3. Option one - use zip ties and attach it to the round pipe that the power jack head is on... Option 2 - as Frank showed in his Facebook Post, he simply attached with stainless bolts with larger backer stainless washers on the back side of the cowling for stress relief.
  4. I think this is the raw data used for making the Table John Posted at the start of this thread about 2 years ago. *the data seems to match from 40 PSI up... Just putting it here in case the original data set get's lost as those tires are no longer put on Olivers...nor appear to be mfg in Canada.
  5. We are also planning a trip to the SW in Jan/February. I thought I'd share a screen shot of the RV Trip Wizard plan we're developing. One thing I'm also concerned about is availability. My spots down the coast are locked in but after my last stop in Death Valley in Feb we are OPEN... I've not traveled into AZ or Mexico with a trailer before, and I think we may end up being kind of late for planning sites at State/NP. In any case the planning tool is very helpful. Craig
  6. Also for RAM's when you find one outfitted the way you want, don't forget to check the PAYLOAD sticker on the Door Frame before you sign off. If you can't see the vehicle on the lot, RAM has a way to lookup the payload based on the VIN. https://www.ramtrucks.com/towing-guide.html Once you put in the vin you'll see out the door of the "factory" payload. *See the image below* While the picture isn't ever correct (see the disclaimer below the picture of the truck) , it should be the correct payload and tow rating. One thing for sure....don't under buy on Payl
  7. A second to the 7 Pin Protector....in our case installed on the Basket on the tongue.
  8. When we bought ours NEW (in Aug 2019) , I asked our local Credit Union about buying a used Oliver from a private seller. They said that since there's a very low number of Oliver's produced overall..the don't appear in the NADA RV guides which the CU uses for assessing value remotely. Their suggestion was that they either need to "see the unit" at their branch, or have a local CU to the location of the unit act on their behalf in establishing the quality and value of the used unit. Since then I think they are now in NADA guides that CU's can use to assess value.
  9. "Anyone know if a Toyota Tacoma w tow package is sufficient for hauling a loaded Elite ll?" Here's some real EII data from our Hull 505 to help you with your Tow Vehicle process: Check this real world data below against your Tacoma Payload, Tow Rating, and Hitch Ratings: ********************************************************************************** Empty Weight of EII as delivered at Factory, no water but 2 full 30Gal Propane Tanks Trailer 5465 Lbs -Tongue Wt - 635 Lbs GVWR for Oliver - 7000LBS We have almost Every Option: 4 AGM Batteries, Solar, Dual Awnings
  10. Oliver normally supplies a 40 PSI inline regulator as part of the startup kit. *ask your salesperson for a list of supplied accessories* 40 PSI is the pressure they suggest for street (pressurized inlet). It's also good to know that the interior pump can also suck water from a boondocking inlet on the back of the trailer through a short hose into a outboard water container. The onboard tank pump is a 3 GPM pump, that provides between 45-55 PSI at it's output to the fixtures. The pump is calibrated to shutoff at 45 PSI once the taps are turned off. The manuals for the 2020 Elite I
  11. Last winter I kept our EII plugged into shore power all winter. I had winterized pipes but didn't disconnect batteries or use a tender. In the spring all seemed OK...however, I just this week checked with Jason about this coming winter and storage of the 4 AGM's. I told him I planned to leave the trailer plugged in all winter. Here was the core of his reply about how AGM's should be stored. "Leaving the camper plugged in is not the best way to keep the batteries charged through long storage periods. It is better than not having them charging at all and just sitting there a
  12. As we wait for such products to hit the market, I saw this DIY system by some full timer's and YouTubers. They started with a Casita that didn't have solar so the truck was their main solar bank. They have a shortbed truck with a canopy and set up for extended boondocking. Within the bed under the canopy they have: 1) Decked Storage system as a platform for tools and other supplies. 2) Front of bed - 2 extra cross bed fresh water + an extension tube leading to the tailgate area as a rear fill/empty port.) 3) Mid Bed - Within an insulated box - Solar Controllers and Batte
  13. We found it helps if the valve in the shower area is OPEN when emptying our grey tank...(pulled out it a manual valve). If it's closed it allows a little less air into the system if it's shut while emptying.
  14. An accumulator tank is a water chamber which has a pre-pressurized internal air bladder. They are installed on the pressured side of your pump and dampen water pressure 'spikes', reduce pump cycling, help increase the pump's life and also save battery power.
  15. Forgot to mention this thread on Alternate Plumbing Diagrams has some good updates from various Forum Members...
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