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  1. Jordan, I would feel ok in many situations, but not in others. The data below says you are OK from a payload perspective. But that's only part of the story. My personal experience with a 7000 GVW rated truck is that steep downhill grades get a bit white knuckle as the Truck and Trailer are very close to the same mass. The "FEEL" of towing depends on the setup, where and how you tow. If you're out on the road more than 50% of the time, and in mountains a lot, you may want a bit heavier Tow Vehicle...and pair it with a Diesel Engine to provide additional down hill exhaust braki
  2. I know many trucks now have displays that show pitch/yaw etc. but they are usually in degrees. It' handy to have a table like the one below to know how the GRADE sign might look on your display in degrees. So for John's example above the 15% grade would show up as about 8.5 Degrees in angle on the dash display. And 8.5 doesn't sound bad, but it feels horrible if you're being pushed down hill by a trailer that's heavier than your Tow Vehicle.
  3. Welcome to the crew. we are in Everett, Hull 505 Galway Girl. You might find our blog documenting our trip to pickup the trailer of some use in travel plans. Here’s the link: https://4-ever-hitched.com Craig & Rose
  4. I assume the bolt you're discussing is the one circled below:
  5. Agree with John's suggestion about filing a claim with Ford Corporate. Also agree that Tundra's are great trucks...however in addition to "tow capacity", pleas consider "payload" as well as you shop. *Sent JordanV a PM on the topic* My l F150 has a tow capacity of 12,700 lbs (official) but a payload of 1557 lbs on the door pillar. I looked seriously at buying a Tundra but their payloads were even a bit less than my F150.. I'll be doing more extensive towing in the next few years and want more payload margin and the ability to store gear in the back of a truck with a can
  6. I thought it may be useful to some viewing the Campground Forum to check out our web page for Hull 505 - Galway Girl. (Our domain name is 4-Ever-Hitched.com) Hull 505 - Galway Girl - 4-Ever-Hitched Website In our website we feature links to pages that include: 1) Trip to Factory - Describes the trip from WA to Hohenwald 2) Picking up our Trailer - Shows Delivery Day and Camping on the way home, includes maps and names of Campgrounds 3) Around the Northwest - Campground maps, pictures of sites, and links to various parks sites we've visited in the Pacific NW.
  7. Overland, Good eye...I was also looking at this as it requires no wiring to a display/controller. At present I'm trying to figure out where I would mount this in the battery box. I would need enough cable length to pull the batteries out of the compartment. I'm setup now with 4 AGM's. If I do go forward with this I'll post.
  8. Does anyone on this thread know how to get off the "white elbow" connectors? I would like to take off the 90 degree elbow at the drain valve? They don't look the same as some shark bite connectors, so I've never tried taking the elbows off. Found this and it looks like the same brand..
  9. Hull 505 - Checked the filter each trip out, and had a few shards every time. Today noticed a bigger drop in pressure, and increase in noise and time to fully charge system and for pump to shut off. I took off the braided line from pump filter and found a larger plug of plastic shavings in the line. It was actually a fairly hard plug to remove, I used a long BBQ skewer and pipe cleaners strung together to push out, then blew out with compressor. Unfortunately the filter outlet NPT thread was stripped. (Maybe at the factory as I had never taken that hose off before.) I or
  10. Galway Girls Affiliate Link to Amazon
  11. Susan, We tow with an F150, but find that when our trailer is fully loaded (water, food, gear) that we're right at the limits of the F150 Payload. So I'm planning to move up to a Super Duty in the future. I like John's idea to give it a go for a while. In my case, if I trade in my F150, it will likely be for the F350 short bed. We tried the long bed and it's just a bit much to also use as a daily driver and parking on our side parking pad. Also...if you want to see some of the various high quality electrical adapters, cables and such, check out our list on the Oliver Trailer
  12. Braoses Hanging Trash Can for Kitchen Cabinet Door, Small Collapsible Foldable Waste Bins, Hanging Trash Holder for Bathroom Bedroom Office Car, Portable Home & Outdoor Garbage Can - 2.4 Gallon Is on amazon with that title, comes in 2 sizes.
  13. Susan, The material used by Oliver is Oracal 651 glossy in matching colors and is available on Amazon and at many Craft Stores. We had the swooshes and logo's from Oliver but then added a few extra items ourself using a CriCut crafting machine and the exact color matched vinyl that the factory uses. We bought the vinyl in 12"x12" scrapbook size pages...which fit perfectly into our CriCut craft cutter. Below: Added our Domain Name to the trailer...so folks can check out our travel blog. Added our trailer name near the Entry Door:
  14. John, Which subscription level have you tried? I just downloaded the app and wonder what you find most useful. CS
  15. We have had our trailer for 10 months. We have the hypervent under our upgraded mattresses. It's smooth on the side facing the mattresses and isn't causing any snagging or marking of the body of the trailer. Getting under the mattress requires some lifting and shifting...and the hypervent is the least of the issues. Luckily, getting under the mattress isn't an every day occurrence. When I do need to access I tip the mattress up against the wall...or move it all the way out of the way into the aisle temporarily. C. Short Hull 505 Galway Girl
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