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  1. Have you stayed in your travel trailer every summer all 18 summers?
  2. Mike, John and Gary- Thank you for you replies. Between Gary’s closed cell phone and John’s suggested search words I am finding good recommendations. I am considering ordering an Oliver and then a possible Alaska trip in 2021 Thank you, Read Howarth
  3. Have any Oliver owners taken their trailers to Alaska? I have read some posts on the Airstream Forums suggesting that the rocks give their trailers a beating on some of the roads north. Is there anything you can do to protect your fibreglass trailer? Also, if it has taken a beating with rocks can it be resurfaced in return to the lower 48?
  4. What does this refer to? If you swap out for cushions does that mean you don't sleep on them or just firmer or somehow different? Or are they mattresses with seat back cushions too?
  5. I understand someone has made an insert[?] to convert their twin beds into one bed when desired. Can someone point me to any post(s) or contact to discuss? My searches have not been successful Thank you
  6. I am very tempted by the RAM Tradesman with the Power Wagon package. If I install the air bags, and a few other possible mods, as suggested by Bob Wohlers, to increase payload (https://discoveroffroading.com/about-bob-wohlers) will I be voiding the warranties? I would like to have the capability of parking the travel trailer and exploring off road. I am considering starting with a pick up camper and then transitioning to a travel trailer after a few years. But I want to start with a tow vehicle that will tow the Oliver Elite II. Or should I look at a 4wd Ford F250 and modify suspe
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