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  1. 2 hours ago, Steph and Dud B said:

    Unfortunately, if someone knows there are expensive batteries in your compartment, and they want them bad enough, no latch/lock will stop them. They'll just ram a crowbar into the compartment door and rip the fiberglass apart. Keys will keep the curious from looking but they won't stop a determined thief. At least the cut keys would stop someone with a paperclip from opening the compartment. 

    Agreed.  If I were a thief and wanted in to either our battery or basement hatches a simple wonder bar or large flat blade screwdriver would suffice, no matter the keying of the latch.  Luckily for us, Oliver battery placement is not industry standard and most people would not expect batteries to be housed there.  However, I am toying with the idea of placing a static cling label on my battery compartment which states, "Sewage Dump Access".

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  2. 8 hours ago, ScubaRx said:

    Looks like ETI (Escape Travel Trailers) is about to be sold ... again.

    Their President is “leaving”...

    and they’re looking for a replacement...

    There is a 9 page thread on their forum...


    Watched the video.  If you focus only on his hands and arms, there is a lot being said which is not spoken.  Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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  3. 13 hours ago, John Welte said:

    I have fenders and racks so it looks like that rack won't work.  We live in Oregon.  Fenders are necessary here.  That was the name of the rack that OTT recommended.  I think replacing the 1.25" receiver with a 2" may be my only option.


    My bike has fenders and a rear rack with collapsable side basket. The rack works. Let us know which route you go and how it works for you  


  4. 6 minutes ago, John Welte said:

    I bought the OTT bike hitch for our #1290, but am having a problem finding a rack for your reasons too.  It seems that all RV rated bike racks for trailers require a 2 inch receiver.  I have a Thule rack bought a few years ago, but it's not RV rated.  


    This is the rack I have and it works well for my needs.  When researching for a rack, the Let's go aero was the only rack I could find which has 1 1/4" AND was rated for use on the back of. travel trailer (not just the back of a RV, which is a different rating).  You will notice that the Lets go Aero rack is also the rack used in Oliver literature when shown hauling bikes.  Good luckj with whatever you decide



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  5. On 4/27/2023 at 5:28 PM, RoadKingsofGA said:

    I follow Escape pages and I like mods done by Johnny Hung.  He made a few with solar panels that slide out from back and both sides.  Not only do they provide more solar power, but they act as exterior shades over the windows.

    I camped near a Living Vehicle last year. The LV has two levels of solar. One which slides under the other so there is charging capability while underway. When you set up at a site, the lower array slides out on rails from underneath the fixed array to form a shade structure over the fold down deck. This would be interesting for someone to do with their Oliver



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  6. All of the above is great advice. Recommend you have them fill your fresh water tank part way while it is still in the delivery area so you can run the pump and faucets before moving to the campground outside. Ask them to also remove and clean the water strainer near the pump as it will have accumulated plastic particles (ask them to show you how to do this yourself.  Pretty simple). They did this for me and there were a lot of particles that they removed which is better than you having to perform this task later down the road in a couple of days

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  7. When I leave home for the road I always alert the Neighborhood Watch group who perform random walk-thrus of the yard and sometimes stop and have a bite to eat and rest for a while. Anyone who thinks moose are not good security only need surprise and corner a moose once. 


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  8. 6 hours ago, MAX Burner said:

    Very interesting project.  Like the idea of lightening up the load - have you an estimate on how many pounds you'll no longer be hauling around?  Just curious.  Thanks for such a cool post.


    Not sure how much lighter the new mattress is over the standard cushion and air mattress combination it replaces.  Probably close to a wash.  However, it is likely much lighter than its peer latex mattress.  Slept on it last night and it is nice and firm.  A good night sleep if you like that sort of thing.  It was simple to make the bed.  Lifting the mattress as a single unit, without flopping around and not heavy at all.  I like it and best of all it was less than $200 for the new mattress.

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  9. I did not want a latex mattress for my twin E2. I do not find them comfortable and they are heavy and floppy when removing/moving to clean and acceas hatches beneath. Until now, I have ised tje standard cushion with a 4” REI inflatable mattress as a topper. It has worked well except that the valve has begun to leak and I have tried to fix it without success. I began to look for places which would build custom inner spring mattresses. I found one and is was more than a set of new tires for the Ollie. Newp!

    I decided I would try to modify a standard twin (39x75”) to fit the E2, including the radius corner. I have a spare twin mattress at home but it has top and bottom perimeter 3/16” wire which I didn't want to deal with splicing back together. So, instead I found a new innerspring twin and brought it home. After using my Ollie cushion to trace the new shape onto the new mattress I cut into the mattress and using wire cutters, snipped away two rows of coils plus a single coil on the corner to accommodate the radius, stitched the batting and cover back together and here is the result.   So far I am liking the result. It is very firm and is rigid and light. Will sleep on it in a few nights to see if it passes the test


    First pic is of new mattress. Second pic is the rows of coils I removed




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  10. On 6/5/2023 at 9:29 AM, John E Davies said:

    Anybody else had this happen? They insist on ST tires due to liability. I was pretty steamed but I remained polite. With difficulty!.

    Comments? Is this happening to other owners? From other stores?


    John Davies

    Spokane WA


    The E2 tire size is a alternate size for Toyota FJ62 (e.g. 1989). If it were me I would order the tires from Discount online for a 1989 FJ62 and take them  to the local store to have them mounted and balanced.  From my experience, the tire technicians are young kids who won't inspect your rim backspacing or even care.  The technicians did not even know how to pull my standard transmission Dodge into the bay, they are certainly not full of vast car knowledge,

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  11. On 6/6/2023 at 9:34 PM, mossemi said:

    So you can turn the porch lights on or off on both the curb and street side, but you can’t turn on one side or the other individually.  Now we have to figure out how turn the lights on either side or both sides together.  I’ll see if I can find a wiring diagram for a 2022 LE2 and work on a plan.  Off the top of my head I would say that a SPDT switch would be a simple solution if you would be satisfied with the ability to operate one side at a time.


    Same situation on my 2021 LE2.  I like the effect the upper and lower exterior lights give but never ever use them due to the issue of having a single switch for both sides.  Instead I just use my LED awning light for a porch light.  Would love to have a electrical diagram before cutting into wiring to install new switches to control left/right, upper/lower exterior lights uniquely.  Let us know if you have success in obtaining a more current electrical diagram so those of us who want to correct this design can do so with confidence.

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  12. 26 minutes ago, CRM said:

    Spent last weekend at a supposedly sold out Anastasia State Park in St Augustine where at least 30% of the spots were empty.

    Maybe charging double for people who cancel less than a week out or just don't show at all would help?

    Same thing was rampant across AZ State Parks this past Winter (talking to Camp Hosts).  Too bad they don't create a "Wall of Shame" for repeat offenders.  Title on wall should read, "Are you a Camp-hole?"

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  13. 12 minutes ago, MAX Burner said:

    Rear Air Bags:


    1. Anyone with experience using rear air bags on their Tundra or other TV - how helpful?  

    2. How would installing air bags affect the ride while towing/not towing?

    3. Any change in cargo capacity after installing bags?

    Inquiring minds are wondering....  


    1. Yes.  Installed Firestone airbags.  Eliminated jouncing when towing and squatting when carrying a large load in bed.  Run 25 lbs.

    2. I keep 25 lbs in the bags at all times.  Firms up ride a little but not too bad.  You need to keep some pressure in the bags at all times so they do not get pinched and damaged (I think it is 5-10 lbs minimum) so you could tailor your ride as desired.

    3. The amounts on the door plate did not change. Wink!

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  14. 2018 Tundra SR longbed doublecab 4wd.  ARE topper and firestone airbags.  1450 lbs payload  Average 12 mpg towing E2.  I also have a 2003 Dodge crewcab 3500 4wd SRW that I tow with at least once a year (16-17 mpg towing).  I prefer towing with the Tundra even though I have less payload.   Were I to carry more gear in the truck bed I would use the Dodge more or replace the Tundra with a 3/4 ton.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Big Cat said:

    I appreciate all the help. I find it a little amusing that some people can get their feathers ruffled so easily.

    I see why a hitch on the rear is not a great idea. I had already bought a container for the front for storage. I guess that was just a waste because it seems that is the only real option for a generator.




    Many of us carry our generator in the back of our tow vehicle. 

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  16. 28 minutes ago, Steph and Dud B said:

    I wonder when that will translate into fewer RVs on the road/in campsites?

    Based on my observations from 2.5 months of travel this Winter across NM, AZ and CA, this is already happening.  Greater vacancies in campgrounds, BLM land and fewer rigs on the road than the two prior Seasons.


    It will be interesting to hear the experiences from those who camp and travel during the Summer months and in other States as to whether this trend is greater than just NM, AZ and CA over this past Winter.

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  17. I saw several of these overloaded diesel crew cab DRW 4x4 3500 trucks in the SW this past Winter.  Many had huge, tall truck bed campers with substantial rear overhang (some with slides on rear and both sides), some even with long stinger hitches, hauling dual axle toy haulers which likely had over 750 lb tongue weight.  Saw one with all of the above at Walmart in Deming.  The poor truck was squatting and they were not running any type of weight distribution hitch.  Must have been like a carnival ride going down the highway.  I much prefer the balanced, easy to tow experience of the Ollie for enjoyment of the trip down the highway.

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  18. Still have the original front logo but am planning to remove and replace with the attached.  If you are thinking it looks as though it was designed by a Kindergartner, it was.  One of the kids who used to ride my school bus drew it and I thought it was apt for "Lottie".

    Olliver Front Logo.jpeg

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  19. 47 minutes ago, MAX Burner said:

     What's an efficient and clean way to keep the Andersen chain assembly off the ground when parked? 

    I use a bungee cord hooked into the Andersen whale tail pin and wrapped around the Bulldog coupler when parked. 

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  20. 2 minutes ago, Patriot said:

    Yes, it appears to be a Kia, different side mirrors and no fuel door on the left rear pass fender well.  😮 

    pretty sure it is a Kia.  The unique body line at bottom of B pillar, unique eyebrow roofl;ine at top of Windshield and mirror turn signal slits match up.  From what I have seen, a Telluride has a 5,000 lb tow capacity.

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  21. 33 minutes ago, John E Davies said:

    It is really hard to ID a vehicle from a partial roof/ side image. I think it is a Volvo XC90. The swept forward rear hatch makes it look shorter from this angle. You can see just a hint of the Volvo tall tail light in the first pic.



    If so, the Ollie is too much trailer.

    John Davies

    Spokane WA

    I believe the TV is a KIA Telluride. 

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