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  1. It probably will fit, but you have to put it up in the "void" before installing the mounting pieces from below.  Anything placed in the void partially blocks the airflow (as it did with the Dometic), but I am trying to minimize the amount of blockage - hence the modification of the relay box into a smaller box.  It's likely not necessary, but I'm channeling my inner JD and trying to do it better. 😉


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  2. 4 hours ago, NCeagle said:

    We spent our first night in our Oliver with the AC on last week for the first time.  I was prepared for loud because I had tested it, but trying to sleep with it running was impossible for both of us.  My wife actually considered moving to the truck that night because it woke us up every 20 minutes.  I ended up turning it off - a bummer because it really was needed to keep the Ollie reasonably cool that night.

    A new A/C is now at the top of our list too!  Thanks for sharing your experience @katanapilot!  It will make this a bit less stressful knowing that you have found a pretty good unit (Houghton) that you have already installed.

    What are you going to do with your old unit?  Ebay?

    Sorry to "hear" about your less than comfortable night.  Our experience was similar, although a set of foam earplugs allowed me to survive the noise.  My spouse is not nearly as light a sleeper as I am and she was fine. There will be no need for earplugs or ANR headphones with the Houghton.

    As to the disposal of the Dometic jet engine - I'll try to sell it in my neighborhood first.  These are pretty good units to put into a utility trailer or similar since the noise level really doesn't matter. I did that with the Dometic from our previous MH and a neighbor bought it. If there is an Ollie owner in the Atlanta area and you want a spare, let me know.  I'll sell it cheap.

    I'm working on completing the install this weekend. I'm modifying the Dometic CT thermostat relay board to fit it into a much smaller relay box.  This is probably the most time consuming part of the modification and could be avoided by changing thermostats - but I'm trying to keep the existing Tstat in place to control the furnace.  As previously discussed, the Houghton has a touchpad on the ceiling diffuser and a remote for control of the heat pump.

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  3. Well that's unfortunate, but I understand.  The previous owners forum I belonged to was much the same -- if you posted a negative comment about your experience, you got pilloried by the fanboys and fangirls.  The issue was always "your fault" and you didn't "ask nicely enough" to get your issues resolved. 

    I hope that's not the case here and so far, I have seen a fair mix of positive feedback and constructive criticism.  I think this is a forum that allows and encourages both, but maybe not...

    I hope you will reconsider.

  4. On 3/2/2021 at 7:51 PM, SherMica said:

    John — They are sending someone out to fix this. It has NOT been a smooth experience in my one month of ownership. Honest review to follow. Somewhere. Probably not here. 

    If it makes any difference, I am told that from now on they are not sending out new Oliies with tires at 90, but 55. Which is what I was told was about right by a licensed state inspector. I strongly suspect that the production rush, perhaps combined with the relatively few E1s being fabricated (as opposed to E2s), and the insane tire pressure (driving on concrete blocks, basically), created a perfect storm of unnecessary and avoidable issues. Perhaps not. I have no real way of knowing. YMMV (and I hope it does). I have a lot more to say about all this, but it won’t be here. Not to be the turd in anyone’s punchbowl but perhaps my experience may help others. Good luck.

    I think that would be a shame.  Potential buyers come to this forum for information - both good and bad - about the Ollie experience.  I dare say most have had good experiences, but as your experience has been less than good - you should share that here. If you don't share here, where would you share that a future buyer would be likely to read?

     Before I bought our previous motorhome, I wish I had researched the company and the model better via the owners forum (I didn't even know it existed).  I might have made the same decision, but would have gone into the purchase with eyes wide open and the benefit of the good and less than good experiences that owners had related.

    Personally, I think you would be doing all of us and future owners a great service by sharing your experience with your Ollie and with OTT.

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  5. It's pretty bad that Ollie owners have to resort to sleeping with ANR headphones or turning the A/C off and sleeping in the heat and humidity just because the installed HVAC is too loud.

    Same issue when eating as well.

    Time for OTT to provide some relief for future owners.  The solution(s) is/are available!

  6. 1 hour ago, SeaDawg said:

    Congratulations! @katanapilot

    Our unit was in Jacksonville,  yesterday.  I'm figuring tomorrow or Tuesday for delivery.  One of our younger and stronger friends volunteered for this coming or next weekend install. (Getting 90 pounds off the roof can be tough.) Weather permitting. I'm looking forward to seeing the unit, in real life.

    I bought a leisure coach closed cell foam gasket. It's returnable. We'll see if we want to use it or not. It's a really nice, one piece seal,  (no joints or seams) if anyone needs to replace an old gasket. Roughly $20.

    I'm really excited for you on the noise reduction. That's amazing. I'm also interested in the heat pump, and especially the separate dehumidifier setting. 

    Again, congratulations. 

    Ps, recpro has a 10 unit limit on orders. Guessing they don't want corporate bulk buys, yet. 

    Thanks much.

    The install is straightforward. I still have a few incomplete items like the Dometic tstat hookup and two small holes in the ceiling from the original cover - but I will install screws with white caps to fill. 

    I will provide a more detailed write up when I get it all done. 

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  7. On 2/15/2021 at 8:51 PM, SeaDawg said:

    Thanks for the insights.

    We don't have an ac thermostat in our 2008, just switches on the face of the dometic indoor unit, so the remote will be a nice upgrade.

    I studied the drawings again today, trying to look ahead, but didn't see anything that would work with the condensate drain. 

    Do you plan to fabricate your own gasket? Shipping estimates early next week for our Houghton to arrive. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like,xin real life.

    I bought a Valterra gasket kit - which if had bothered to RTFM (read the manual completely) - I would have known that the Houghton came with a hard plastic insert that is installed with RTV on the outside of the trailer. It seals the 14 x 14 opening and centers the outdoor unit in the hole.  Pretty clever and very easy. So I didn't need the gasket kit, only a tube of RTV which I already had.

    The instruction manual is not the clearest I have seen and the hardest part of the install is getting the old unit down from the roof and the new unit onto the roof. 

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  8. OMG. The Houghton is quiet.  Really quiet.

    Just got it installed and hooked up.  I'll post more info later but a very quick measurement with the unit running in heat or cool with high fan was about 64-65 dBA. The Dometic was about 78 dBA on my unit, so this very rough, unscientific measurement indicates the Houghton is less than half as noisy as the Dometic.

    The heat pump feature is a nice addition.

    OTT are you listening?  Probably can't hear me over the sound of your noisy Dometic A/C 🤣

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  9. Not yet. Removed the Dometic “turbojet” Penguin II yesterday, though.

    Need to get a foam gasket kit for the new install first. I do have the Houghton unit here ready to go. Very nicely made. 

    One minor challenge will be the furnace control. The Dometic CT thermostat is a communicating style that “talks” to a relay box that was installed in the 14 x 14 opening. The simplest solution will be to leave it in place and use the CT tsat to control only the furnace. The Houghton has a touchpad on the ceiling diffuser plus a remote control.

    I will provide sound level data once the new unit is up and running.

    Unfortunately the Houghton does not have a condensate drain catch like the Dometic, so it will drain onto the roof. If Oliver ever decided to use the Houghton- it wouldn’t be that difficult for them to design and install a gel coated fiberglass drain catch. 

  10. We went to Hohenwald for the factory tour over a year ago fully expecting to order the king bed layout. We looked at both models on site and ended up ordering the twin.

    At my age, it is not unusual to get up once in the middle of the night to use the loo. The twin bed model allows that without disturbing your partner. Not sure how you do that with the king. We like the nightstand in between the beds, too. Great place to store your phone or tablets. 

    If at all possible, look at both before committing to the layout. 

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  11. 12 hours ago, BackofBeyond said:

    How long are you staying in your current spot?  Sat weather  looks interesting -  would you like a visit - my SO needs to get out for a brief trip. (ok, so would I , and  the dog - Harley) 

    text me - 615  six 0ne three two four23.


    You don't know me and you don't know Russell - but you would greatly benefit from taking him up on his generous offer.  He doesn't live too far from David Crockett and he has several years of experience with his Ollie.

    I bought his Andersen weight distributing hitch when we were on our way to pick up our Ollie.  It was a fair and honest transaction and I appreciated his advice.

    And he loves dogs, too.

    I know I dislike inconveniencing folks asking for help, but he is volunteering and you should take advantage of the knowledge and experience he is offering.  Just my opinion, of course.

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  12. 3 hours ago, SeaDawg said:

    Katanapilot, how does the Recpro Houghton unit compare in size to the Dometic you have installed now? The 13500 recpro has a larger outdoor footprint than the older Duotherm we have on the roof of our 2008. 

    The 9500 btu has a bit smaller footprint, and a much lower profile, which would work great on our roof. 9500 btu is surely more than our Elite I would likely ever require. And priced even better. I like the dehumidifier function, too.

    I'm wondering if the drain can be attached to Oliver's internal drain, or if yours will have to drain down the outside?

    I've already seen some good reviews on other sites. Looking forward to yours.



    I don't think it's much larger and we should have adequate clearance from the fan.  Of course, the opening is the 14 x 14 RV standard.  I know the Air Command did not use an internal drain, but if there is a way to connect it on the Houghton- I certainly will.

    It's great news that there will be some higher quality, quieter options available.  I'm sure Oliver is looking at these, as well - at least I hope they are.

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  13. Just ordered the RecPro (Houghton) 13.5k low profile heat pump ductless unit to replace the turbojet engine sounding Dometic Penguin.  Unfortunately, the Atwood Air Command units are in very limited supply and most models are ducted.  Fortunately, RecPro is now importing U.S. spec (120 volt) Houghton RV air conditioners into the U.S. Houghton is (was) Australian, as was Atwood before being bought by Dometic a few years ago. 

    Specs show 56 dB on high and 47 dB on low.  If this pans out, it's a huge improvement over the Dometic. Plus it is a heat pump, so we can avoid using the furnace under most conditions that we would ever be camping in.

    I will post results once installed.  I'm not a big blogger, so don't expect a JD level of detail on the installation.  I'm building another airplane and have had my fill of documentation requirements from the FAA.

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  14. We have not owned our LEII for very long, but I'll give you a single data point.  Hopefully others will weigh in as well.

    2011 Tundra Crew Max Platinum with tow package, Andersen WDH, Firestone Ride-Rite airbags. 105,000 miles.  We recently set out on our first "long" trip - drove about 4500 miles over two weeks. Atlanta to Memphis, then Hot Springs, AR, Dallas and on out to White Sands, NM. Guadalupe Mountains and then on to Big Bend NP. Highest elevation seen was about 7000', steepest grade was up to Guadalupe Mountains.  Worst mileage was 8.5 mpg, best 11.5 mpg. I drove as fast as 75 MPH when the winds weren't on the nose.

    The truck worked hard at times, but the coolant and transmission temps never budged. Would I like a diesel?  Sure, but only if it were the Toyota diesel available in the LC in non-U.S markets.  I have ordered a Magnusson supercharger as it is bolt on and Magnusson used to supply Toyota these kits under the TRD badge. I'll provide a report back once it's installed. Also going to do a suspension upgrade with ARB/OME shocks/struts and springs for better ride and handling. I would like the 38 gallon tank for the Alaska trip, but I've decided not to do that mod.

    The Andersen WDH does require a few extra minutes to hook up and remove, but I didn't find it problematic.

    As to what was in the bed of the truck - tool box, Clam (which we didn't use at all), Camp Chef stove, RTIC cooler, chairs and other misc. stuff.  For our Alaska trip, we will put two Honda generators in the front basket of the Ollie and I'm building an aluminum rear rack similar to the one I saw on another Ollie - to carry two spare tires, a Jerry can and the RTIC cooler.  This will remove some of the tongue weight added by the generators.

    Haven't been on a CAT scale yet, but will do this once all the truck mods are done.  Between the airbags and the WDH, the truck rides level, as does the Ollie.

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  15. On 11/29/2020 at 8:30 AM, GAP said:

    While on the subject, does anyone have the rear view option that comes with the trailer.  We went that way and, as we have not yet done our pick up, I'm wondering if it is wired into the back up lights or is always on?  Hoping it's the latter.


    Our 2020 LEII has the factory installed rear camera option.  Yes, there is a switch on the main panel inside the entry door that turns on the power to the camera mounted on the rear of the trailer.  Once it's powered and paired to the receiver/monitor in your tow vehicle, the video provided by the camera remains on at all times. There are no connections to the tow vehicle (like a reverse switch), other than the 12 volt power needed by the monitor.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Mainiac said:

    Think a smaller unit would be more efficient, more quiet (important), and more than enough to cool an Oliver. A unit running longer and slower will remove more moisture, as it cools. Being cool, and with lower moisture, it should also be longer between operating cycles.

    There is nothing quiet about the 11K BTU Dometic a/c. I did sound level comparisons with John Davies who was fortunate enough to have Oliver install a 13.5K BTU Atwood Air Command unit in his Oliver. The Atwood was half as noisy as the Dometic.

    I’m ordering an Atwood for retrofit as soon possible. The Dometic is horribly noisy. I did the same retrofit in our previous motor home. 

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  17. I recently bought a similar model, but it uses dies. I was planning to use it to redo the battery cables on our Forest River motorhome that were poorly made (FR used a hammer style crimper) - but we sold the FR and bought the Ollie.

    We are now using it for the high current cables on the new airplane we are building. It does a really nice job crimping the large terminals. 

    I did ask to see how Oliver made battery cables when we toured the plant. I was happy to see they use a proper crimper. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, topgun2 said:


    But, these changes have also (on average) brought benefits to the owners of these trailers either through better utility of safety or lower price increases than would have happened otherwise.


    Not sure how the switch from U.S. made Trojan batteries to the basically no-name Chinese produced batteries jive with your statement.

    I agree that some of the changes have been positive, but this is one that (in my view) is not. 

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