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  1. One of our motivations moving from our Sprinter based motorhome to the Oliver was the expectation that the Oliver was much better constructed than the "production" motorhome. Over the past 5 years, I've worked out most of the bugs in the MH - some of which were due to sloppy (read little to none) quality control at the factory, but also due to component failures. While I am convinced that the Oliver pays a great deal of attention to assembly quality, one of my lingering concerns is the quality of components (fridge, a/c, fans, etc.). Oliver has little control over the quality of these co
  2. Excellent and thanks! Looking forward to having a well built travel trailer. We like our Sprinter based motorhome, but the travel trailer will suit us better for our Alaska trip.
  3. Maverick, Top Gun, what's next Viper, Goose, IceMan? Sorry, had to chuckle a bit about that. Best movie ever, BTW.
  4. Please share the results, as we have the same model Tundra that we intend to use as our TV. I can't imagine there would be any issues with the Tundra. Thank you.
  5. You and me both. When I saw that they had changed tires and are no longer installing Trojan batteries (opting now for Chinese/Malaysian made no-name brand) I almost cancelled our order. I hope that Oliver isn't going the way of other trailer manufacturers and changing components to cut costs. I've had Michelin LTX tires on my 92 4Runner, my 2011 Tundra, my son's 2012 Tacoma and wouldn't install anything else. At least the Cooper truck tires are better than the "China bombs" that are on a lot of travel trailers. In the grand scheme, the construction quality is so much better than average and
  6. Thanks. A bit disappointed that both the tires and batteries have changed for 2020 vs. 2019 (not for the better IMO). The Brightways are a no-name foreign made battery, so I'm probably going to just go with the supplied batteries until they die and replace them with Battle Born LiFePO4 or Trojan AGM's.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has experience using the now-provided Brightway batteries versus the Trojans that used to be installed on the Oliver. I was going to get the AGM option, but for the same or less money I can probably install Trojan batteries and sell the Brightways. Also has anyone kept the flooded batteries and installed a watering system? Flooded batteries perform and last better than AGM's generally, but I'm bad about keeping them watered.
  8. Always wanted a Land Cruiser. If Toyota would ever sell a LC with their wonderful VD twin turbo diesel, I would be all over it. Even a Tacoma/Hilux diesel would be great. I have a 25 year old 4Runner that refuses to quit.
  9. Just made the plunge to move from a small motor home to an Ollie. We took a plant tour a week ago and were impressed. Primary motivation was for our Alaska trip next year. I don't trust either the Mercedes chassis nor the (unnamed) coach on the Alaska highway. I completely trust my Toyota Tundra and from what we saw, the Ollie is more than capable. We did see "Pura Vida" and several other almost completed trailers on the line during our tour. Probably not the place for a question - but here goes. What are folks using for bed linens, etc. for the small twin/cot mattresses that are
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