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  1. Thanks for the information and video. The other systems show some promise.

    I’m really hoping that John provides sound level data that supports my desire to install the Air Command heat pump. Better cooling, quieter, lower amp draw plus it’s a heat pump as well. 


  2. Turns out the failure was due to the lack of a $0.05 screw that was never installed by Dometic. I found that it was missing today when I removed the flush ball valve. 

    Fortunately, Cindy at Oliver service was able to source the screw and is sending it to me.

    Domestic doesn’t provide any parts breakdown or replacement parts except for the ball valve seal and the water valve. 



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  3. 33 minutes ago, ScubaRx said:

    You stated in your original post: “When cleaning our never used Dometic flush toilet....”


    Yep, never used (at least by us - don't know about any of the Oliver folks).  We picked up the trailer in Hohenwald and towed it directly home. The weather forecast was lousy so we didn't stay in David Crockett.

    We haven't used the trailer yet and I was cleaning the toilet since there was some slime in it.  That's when I discovered the ball flush valve wasn't connected to the foot pedal.


  4. 15 minutes ago, Buck said:

    Are you talking about the ball valve where the supply line comes through the floor?

    No, it's the flush ball valve in the bottom of the toilet bowl.  The water valve works fine.  This is apparently a common failure mode for this toilet based on comments on the Dometic website.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I found a mobile service person that will come and replace the toilet on Dometic's dime.

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  5. 19 hours ago, bhncb said:

    Given the age of your LEII, and your location, I'd tow it back to Hohenwald and have them replace the toilet. In the long run, you'll save both time and aggravation.

    Let's see - 10 hours of driving plus a couple of hours at Oliver. 668 miles round trip at (IRS rate) $0.58 per mile - $387.44 plus a night in a hotel (can't stay in the trailer without a toilet) = approximately $500.00

    Dometic 311 toilet - less than $200 plus an hour or so of my work (in addition I'll learn how to replace the toilet).

    Doesn't really make sense to me...

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  6. When cleaning our never used Dometic flush toilet a couple of days ago, I noticed the ball valve did not open when I pushed the flush pedal.  Water flowed, so the flush valve is working ok.  I was able to move the ball valve by hand - it's obviously disconnected from the flush lever.

    My local Dometic service center is 4-6 weeks out and so far, no luck with a mobile service center.

    This failure seems to be pretty common according to the numerous negative reviews of this toilet on the Dometic web site.

    The parts are not available from Dometic and Jason indicated the toilet needs to be replaced.  However, I have found some aftermarket parts that claim to be more robust than the plastic pieces Dometic uses. So I assume a repair is possible.

    If anyone has had this failure and if so, have you attempted to repair the toilet yourself?  I dislike RV dealers even more than auto dealers and would rather have a root canal than leave my new trailer at a dealer for an indeterminate amount of time.

  7. Given the numerous posts and prior experience with a Dometic noisemaker air conditioner, I have contemplated replacing the A/C unit on our brand new Oliver with an Atwood Air Command heat pump. I had done this previously on our MBS based motorhome and we were extremely pleased with the results.  That being said, I was aware of one Ollie owner who has an Air Command A/C factory installed in his Ollie and he indicated to me he wasn't thrilled with the noise level from it either.

    So we agreed to take measurements using the same iPhone app and although not scientific, I am hopeful the results are different enough to warrant the change to the Air Command. My results are listed below and I expect John will weigh in at some point when he is able to take similar measurements on his Ollie.

    Since I'm not sure I can attach an Excel file, the list will be in this order -

    Location, Baseline measurement, Low Fan, High Fan with compressor running (all measurements "A" weighted DB)

    Front dinette seat (phone on table) - 35, 68, 71

    Rear dinette seat (phone on table) - 34, 71, 72

    Left bed (phone on bed at aft end) - 31, 70, 74

    Right bed (phone on bed at aft end) - 32, 70, 73

    Standing under A/C (phone held at 5') - 32, 76, 78

    Looking forward to the comparison with the Atwood.

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  8. 15 hours ago, Susan Huff said:

    We don't have our EII yet, but I'm sure it will do just fine.  No, not just fine . . . . . it will be perfect!

    I like the open feel of the interior you get with the front bathroom.  Width is fine; so much easier towing when you can see what's behind.  As some have mentioned, a larger fridge would be nice.  

    The downside is the impact the introduction of a new model would have on the production line.  Keep it simple, I say, just as it is.


    The downside of not listening to your customers and potential new customers and then using that market research to make continuous improvements - is that your products get stale and folks will look elsewhere.  Just as there are Elite I owners who probably transition to the Elite II, I'm sure there are Elite II owners that would like to transition to a larger Oliver - but that is not a choice right now. Based on comments on this forum, it appears there is a market for an Elite III.

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  9. Bought some at EAA Airventure a couple years ago when they first came out. The rubber inserts protect from abrasion, so I can use them on an engine mount - where a standard nylon tie would be problematic. 

    I haven’t  used them on anything other than on the airplanes, but they would probably be useful in other applications. As you mentioned, they aren’t inexpensive. 

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  10. After a 5 1/2 hour PDI (Oliver had trouble programming the awning remotes), we headed back to Atlanta. Other than some very minor issues found during the PDI, the camper was in great shape. It has sat outside for a couple of months now, so I believe that any leaks would have been discovered.

    Arrived in Atlanta a little after 9 P.M. Managed to miss heavy traffic everywhere, except unusually heavy truck traffic in both lanes climbing Monteagle and a little more near Chattanooga. This trailer pulls quite nicely with our Tundra.

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  11. Thanks for the information and your concern. Atlanta is home and we are quite used to the parking lot that is I-75/85. I'm pretty used to long days and towing, as well.

    I totally agree that an overnight shakedown is important. However, I have less than zero interest in setting up and taking down a new to me trailer in pouring down rain and lightning. So unless the weather guessers are wrong, we will camp another day and deal with any issues some other time.

  12. I'm too lazy to search so apologies if this has been answered already.

    We pick up our new LEII on Wednesday.  The plan was to camp overnight in David Crockett - however 100% chance of thunderstorms forecast for the area for Wednesday and Thursday.  Zero desire to camp under those conditions when it's not required.

    I know it's not the most prudent to skip the overnight, but we are only 5 hours from Hohenwald if we need to return the camper for repairs. I can fix most things, although we bought the Oliver in the (probably naive) hope that it will be relatively problem free. If it's not vastly superior to our Forest River motorhome, we won't keep it very long.

    So here is the question for my planning - those of you that picked up their Ollie recently - how long did you spend at Hohenwald on your PDI? I'm trying to determine if we can make it back home to Atlanta on the same day as the delivery. Given that we won't be camping, I expect we will spend additional time on the PDI.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. The Atwood Air Command is very quiet and more efficient than the standard Dometic units.  Unfortunately, it appears that Dometic is slowly phasing them out, but there are still a few units available.  We have one in our MBS motorhome and we love it.  https://www.allrv.com/air-command-16k-btu-rv-ac

    Based on all of the complaints, I am planning a swap as soon as we get our Oliver next month. 

    The Atwood is not low profile, but that is not really an issue for me.

  14. We have had a TST 507 system for 5 years for our motorhome and Toad (Honda Fit).  We will use it for the Oliver as well.  Oliver doesn't use the "china bombs" that many trailer manufacturers use, but I still think it's a great investment. TPMS wasn't required either on cars or trucks for many years, but it is a safety feature that has probably saved a few lives. I've had both the older B&W monitor, but upgraded to the newer color screen.  Both work well.

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  15. I love the LTV.  Wish we had known about them before we bought our Forest River MBS motorhome.  If we had, we probably would not have decided get rid of our FR MH and buy an Oliver (not yet delivered). The FR quality control was poor to non-existent, warranty service a cruel joke and build quality was poor - although probably average for mass produced RV's.  Hope the Oliver turns out to be a better choice for us. I do trust my Toyota tow vehicle a lot more than either the FR or MBS chassis.

    As to the spare tire on the LTV,  I thought there was a rack under the Sprinter chassis that will hold a spare?  It's not easy to access at least on our 2015 model. I know FR has removed the spare tire/wheel on the newer chassis - primarily to save weight since they are building MH's that only have a few hundred pounds of cargo carrying capacity. We tow a Honda Fit behind our MH and the MBS chassis handles it fine. I do all maintenance myself, although admittedly the complex and very expensive emissions system has given some folks fits.  Rear wheel sensors, too.

  16. 4 hours ago, carnivore said:

    I pull an E2 with a 2016 tundra and have done so comfortably for about 10,000 mi. I have pulled multiple trips to the CO mountains without issue. I carry a generator, fuel cans, a loaded cooler, and tools in the truck bed. I fill up my water tank and don’t use an Anderson hitch. I occasionally do 70-75mph on the interstate and so far have never experienced trailer sway on this rig. 

    The current incentives are causing me to toy with the idea of getting a new truck. Even though Fords and Chevys have a few more whistles and bells, At this point I will probably replace my tundra with a newer one  just because of how well the truck pulls the trailer.



    That is great to hear.  We also have a Tundra and will pick up our E2 some time in June.  I'm buying an Anderson from another Oliver owner who no longer needs it and will probably convert it to the larger ball.

    As to a new Tundra, I'm waiting to see what late 2021 brings with the next generation. Twin turbo V6 I hear, although I really like the Lexus designed 5.7 V8 we have now.

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  17. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.  We are supposed to take delivery on May 5. We are spending as much on our Oliver trailer as we did on our Mercedes chassis motorhome.  If quality control is slipping on the line due to COVID-19, then Oliver needs to shut down until this is under control.  I will not be at all tolerant of shoddy QC given our previous experience with our motorhome.

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