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  1. RichD We will not be picking our new Oliver up until April but at that time you can check it out at it's new home in Port Townsend. Jim
  2. I am looking to trade in my 4.0L 2013 Tacoma for a heavier truck prior to taking delivery of our Elite II this coming April. The new F150 Hybrid has my interest. Being able to couple the hybrid's electric motor to the 3.5L V6 should deliver all the power you need for the western mountains. If the hybrid actually delivers the promised boost in mileage while highway towing it would be a plus but I doubt you could recover the additional 4 - 5K cost of the hybrid. Eagerly awaiting input from actual users.
  3. What are the protocols regarding states / provinces visited maps? I could color in every state except Rhode Island if the requirement is just to have visited at some point in my life. Do you have to visit in your current RV or can previous RV's (or even car camping) be counted. Must the visit be vacation related? Somehow work related visits don't seem kosher. For safety's sake, I would think only states visited with your current mate should be shown but others may be less risk adverse. Not a large question in the scheme of things but I am curious what others do. Jim
  4. Where are you located? Out here on the West Coast of WA we don't often see that sort of issue - even on the Salish.
  5. Have recently ordered an Oliver II scheduled for April pickup. Will be towing back to Washington, hopefully using our 2013 Quad Cab Tacoma. Intend to upgrade to an F150 sometime in the near future but were hoping to make this trip in the Tacoma. I seem to be hearing that, while not ideal, the Tacoma should be able to handle the 3 - 4K return trip OK. Am I kidding myself? Jim
  6. Keep in mind that you cannot take your Oliver over the "Going to the Sun" road due to over all length restrictions. Spectacular place! Bring your bear spray.
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