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  1. That should keep your battery charged... 😎

    Is the headache rack integral with the bed rails/frame? It looks like it might be. 

    Also, I'm wondering if you carry a battery bank in the truck, or just use this for a plug in supplement for other equipment (travel trailer). It would seem wasteful to not collect and store energy all the time. 

  2. Anyone consider the Titan XD? I have a 2016 crew cab with the 5.0L Cummins. I’m really impressed with how it tows. Power specs are 310 HP and 555 ftlbs torque. Payload is a bit light at 1,488 lbs, but it is a heavy truck at over 7,300 lbs curb weight. In other words, the tail doesn’t wag the dog easily. 
    The diesel is no longer available, but it is still a contender in my view. 

    Previously owned trucks were 2006 Tacoma crew and a 2007 Tundra crew max Ltd. I really liked my Toyota trucks, but wanted a used diesel that didn’t cost $50-60K. I found this Titan for under $40K. I bought it with 13,000 miles and now have about 78,000 on the clock. 

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