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  1. Hello sir. The box has 3/4 inch foam between outer and inner walls doors ceilings and floor. It is like a big cooler. Doors are vented as well as roof. Shading is necessary at times. Desert southwest generally has some wind so positioning vehicle is key. Ran in Sonoita Arizona last weekend. Was very nice weather. Just wished I had the ManCan! Will try to post photos of Jones box. Jones trailer out of Woodson Texas makes the best dog transport equipment I have found! 

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  2. Hello again. Questions regarding solar. I will have a generator and 2-12 volt wet cells. Most trips will be no more than 3 days without hookups. Will I be able to maintain? If not can I hook up suitcase solar with alligator clips to maintain batteries charge. I wish Oliver would allow solar hookup without rooftop panels. Please advise.

  3. Hello. Another question is about awnings. I have ordered awnings for both sides of trailer. Did not order remote or Pro model. Approximately how far out from trailer do they go when fully extended? Please advise.

  4. The dog in photo is a German shorthair. His name is Grits. We have 4 that compete. I had a custom insulated dog box built for my pickup flatbed. They each have a box. The pickup is a Duramax. I planned for a tow behind camper so we could stay on the fields instead of going to motels each night. Been planning for this for a long time as I approach retirement. I cannot wait to get my trailer!

  5. Hello sir. Thanks for responding. I live in midland Texas. Our trials are March and April in spring and September through December in fall. Trials are held in remote locations. Usually no hookups. Shade seldom available. Have seen events temps reach 95. Have stayed with 2 wetcell batteries as you are correct battery life here is short. I also will be traveling to upstate New York for vista with relatives. Not too concerned about high temps in New York. Very sure the 4 seasons trailer is best for me. I am a little technically challenged. Would love to show photos of my dogs just not sure how to get it done. Appreciate response.


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  6. Thanks sir. Shade is hard to come by here. Oliver sent me a chart comparing 11k to 13.5k they were close in performance. This will be my first travel trailer. Other manufacturers only put 15k in units in this area. I pray the Oliver’s construction will allow me to cool it properly. I know if I can get 20 degrees off of 95 I will be ok. Just studying up on all issues.

  7. Hello. Deposit is done and build sheet as well. Pickup in July. I placed an order for an elite 2 early fall. I will bE using my camper for bird dog trials. 2-3 night stays. Also for summer trips with my lovely wife. Is the 11k a/c unit adequate for 90-100Degree days? I will have a generator capable of running the ac unit. My main concern is the heat. I apologize if my questions seem trivial. I have never used a forum before and am a bit challenged with my technical abilities. Please advise.

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