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  1. So I don’t know how I found it but located a number for Epic finance and asked if they were working with Oliver.  Spoke with underwriter about used purchase and they do not do any private purchase loans, only dealer. I asked about how they handle the 50% payment at the start of production that is 10 weeks prior to close and she was unable to find any information on that. Sounded like it was a somewhat new relationship and they only had one lender at a 15 year or less term and she wouldn’t quote a rate because they were still setting up lenders. It was a little concerning since I think she had a rate in front of her and almost said it and decided not to. Idk... I guess I at least found out a private purchase would have to be from elsewhere. Was hoping for a 20 year term option on new for more flexibility (want to payoff sooner for obvious reasons) but maybe there will be one.  Admittedly haven’t talked to Oliver yet since I’m hoping to see Elite I before putting in $2,500 for order. Maybe they’ll have more details ironed out?

  2. 16 minutes ago, Susan Huff said:


    Keep in mind, if you do finance a used purchase, the final cost to own will most likely be more than financing new, due to the higher interest rate and the near-new pricing of used Olivers.

    We recently sold our Leisure Travel Van to a private party.  I don't know how they financed, but they secured a preapproved loan.  At the sale, it took minutes to transact and confirm a wire transfer from their financial institution to ours.  Of course, this was for an RV with a definable value which probably made it easier to secure a loan. Perhaps if you can somehow document the value and marketability of a used Oliver, financing might be possible.  Even so, I would still look at the total cost of principal and interest for new vs used.

    Not related, but if you plan to use your Oliver as an office, the interest can most likely be claimed as a tax deduction.  

    Didn’t think of that. I’m a W2 employee and I haven’t explored any possible expense due to not being 1099 but I’ve heard more than once that expense deductions are possible as a remote employee 

  3. Thanks all

    when I go to the link for financing they have on website currently it goes to a form specifically to finance new Oliver. I have not been able to locate any guidelineS or terms or even the generic lender website. Also the form has an address and phone number on it and when I googled those, they were the address and phone for Oliver. In short, the lender is a mystery. 

    i have searched several other lenders and might have found some possibilities but many of them are more local in nature. I did locate one in FL but no idea other than website and they also do marine so idk. I have also seen guideline for <10 years old but feel that if a lender is underwriting specifically for this trailer they might consider it.  

    ultimately my biggest potential hang up is probably timing. Even if I find a lender, how do I successfully coordinate a used trailer hitting the market with a loan without killing my credit with repeated inquiries?

    thus my main question really — which is— has anyone pulled this off and if so how?

    or maybe I should ask— are sellers even going to mess with someone getting a loan (I could do decent urgent $ but sellers probably easily get cash offers?)

    I’m definitely open to ordering a new one but feel I’d have a lot more travel options financially over the long term if I could do used. I work full time remote— even before COVID— and should be wrapping up my actuarial credentials if I pass exam next year.  As a result, my income should have a nice increase and I’d like to travel 6 months at a time or possibly full time once exam is done. I have stellar credit and my debt to loan ratio should be good since my mortgage is modest. Obviously I don’t have a ton of savings outside of my 401k and don’t want to touch it. So I wax and wane over new — the wait actually could be ideal because of exam  BUT I’m very hard wired to buy used and save a buck on what continues to be a stellar trailer and have the $ to spend elsewhere or just for general financial security. I don’t have a spouse or kids so I’m pretty much 100% responsible for me, myself, and I (and the beagles) This is a really tough decision for me. I don’t want to keep sitting at home thinking how stupid it is for me to not be on the road but I don’t want to screw up my long term financial security and end up having to ditch the trailer or not be able to use it because I got in over my head.

    whew! That was A LOT... your input and experience appreciated!

  4. Hey All

    Anyone out there successfully get financing for used purchase? Especially for an older year? I know there’s no NADA and understand why. I also know there are lenders that do less conventional financing and have recently gotten a signature loan myself but would like more like a 10 year period  if possible. Also, if you did finance a used purchase, how did you coordinate getting funds in hand fast enough to actually close the deal before a used sale was snatched by a cash buyer?

    Hope I’m not repeating something that was recently answered and missed it. The only thread I found had a lot of discussion about no NADA and only hypotheticals for financing.


  5. I’m with you on location issues when I get out West for sure. I will say when I first purchased the van I had an alternator issue and I’m past warranty but they replaced for $0 as it was electrical issue that shouldn’t have come up. However, I currently live 30 minutes from two dealers so easy peasy with a fancy loaner car to boot. My shortest trips in preparation of the bigger will probably be in the Metris. I know this won’t work out  well when going to the multiple remote locations I’ll want to go long term. I’ll very likely make a change before a big West trip. I should also be in a better position financially in a year or so as I am hopefully sitting for my last actuary exam in May and should be credentialed soon after.  I hate to buy brand new due to immediate huge hit on depreciation. (Ironically I’ll buy Ollie new but we all know why)  If you were to get a used version of mainstream maker to haul Elite, and not break the bank— what would it be? I’m happy to fork over the $ to start with something that isn’t a fuss and it doesn’t need to be “pretty”. Vehicles are such a money suck I only care about utility and reliability. I admittedly really don’t like trying to sort through vehicle issues since I know only enough to realize I don’t know anything lol.

  6. Well... damn

    excellent points across the board 

    I do believe under the van does not have low parts but I will take a closer look for sure. I want to do a lot out West— hit National Parks etc. possibly an eventual drive to Alaska which now seems quite out of the question for Metris I’m sure. wow... a breakdown in the wrong location could be very complicated. 

    I think I’ll start with Metris for some local o camping I plan to do before a long trip and upgrade once I have a  clue what I’ll want. 

    I’m assuming there’s already a thread for recommended used TVs out there.  Many thanks for the insight!


  7. Thanks John. you’re so right— clearance an important  consideration. Darn... actually kind of love this van and hoped it would work. I’m on a Metris forum and folks do lift the van but I know you can end up doing a bunch of stupid tweaking just to end up in a different vehicle soon anyway. What clearance would be realistic for boondocking? I have no desire to go crazy trying to off-road but like not being limited from a few gravel rougher roads for short distance . I figured Elite 2 was no go and Elite with options could be pushing it.  I’m curious what the Elite unloaded weight ends up with a solar lithium package and what it runs if you do most of the  upgrades overall. Also, due to lack of experience, I’m not sure what I’ll be loaded. I know water probably  around 240? I’m not a cook so kitchen stuff will be minimal. I think my heavier stuff will be outdoor - screen tent, have a dbl camp chair, etc. but still it’s just me and the dogs.  
    generator plus fuel— what do folks run there? 

    I could be very naive about the total weight but I feel like my “stuff” will consist of work laptop, monitor, iPad, outdoor and dog gear,  energy source, water. Where am I there??? 500? ?? Again, no clue! Tools?


  8. Hi All

    Anyine tow with Mercedes Metris 8 passenger van?

    2.0 L, 4-cylinder turbocharged gas engine with direct injection 208 hp/258 lb-ft of torque


    7 speed automatic transmission 

    Max tow 5000 lbs

    Max payload 1860 lbs

    Max GCWR 11,684 lbs

    I’ve removed the two rows of seats that are quite heavy as well. Plan to haul the outdoor items in van (and the two beagles of course). If safe a generator and fuel but kind of hate the idea of hauling fuel inside the vehicle. 

    I hope to order soon and have zero RV equipment (or experience lol) currently so thinking out options. 

    Think I’ll Boondock because I like a bit more space between the neighbors and low cost I plan to travel 6 months /year possibly full time. Batteries + Solar panel = weight? 

    I like my creature comforts so I    can navy shower but not doing giant wipes lol— I’ll want water so more weight there.

    thanks in advance for your advise/input —- lots of experience on this forum!

  9. A competitor—(not really cuz their floor still plywood) is releasing a new model 2021 and offering a lower sound AC — claiming 5 dB lower. Suppose Oliver will compete with similar option or standard unit? Also had available soft start option or might have been part of the unit. Can’t recall.

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