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  1. AndrewK and SeaDawg--thank you for the pictures. I think black will work the best with my truck color. JRK--I would appreciate hearing what you think about the Lithium Pro vs. Solar Pro packages. I think I will do one of these instead of piecing together options. Your comment about the AGM batteries definitely makes sense. Thank you!
  2. Back at home from our second visit to Hohenwald. Lucky for us it is only a two and a half hour drive and Phillip with Oliver is very patient 😀. I have a Tacoma so decided on the Elite during the first visit. (owned a Casita in the past so size is similar) About 2 months later, I have traded the Tacoma in for a Tundra so back to Oliver to change our order to the Elite II. (love the twin bed floor plan, more storage, etc.) So--one minor question first--any all black exterior graphics out there? My truck color is calvary blue, which is not a great match with any of their blue colors, so lea
  3. Thank you everyone! Lots to think about. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.
  4. I read that a few of you got the outside LP quick connects, still trying to make a decision about this upgrade. Do you find that you use them enough to justify the upgrade? Thank you, Lori
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