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  1. Wow. I check my computer after a day away and it is filled with thoughtful and helpful responses. Thank you all, the Oliver forum does not disappoint. You have given our kids some good counsel and plenty of food for thought, including some innovative ideas - camper brands, “disposable” trailers, tent/camper combo, etc. A great example of group think on this forum. Most helpful, thanks very much!
  2. Good question, should have provided. He has a 2021 RAM 1500 with a 5.7 L V8 Hemi, with tow package. Towing capacity is 11k. Not sure on cargo capacity
  3. Hi folks, by way of a belated introduction, we're Jim and Karen from northern Virginia. We are first time campers and since September happy Oliver owners. We have been lurking in the forum shadows for months and really appreciate the knowledge and experience we've gathered from reading here. We've reached out personally to a few of you and want to publicly say thank you for your patient and thorough responses to our questions. So far we've put about 6K miles on our camper. We love it. Question: our son and daughter in law have seen just how much we enjoy the Oliver and are considering a purchase of a new camper. But they have 3 kids - ages 4 to 11 - and don't have the budget for an Oliver. They need to be able to sleep 5. For the group - if not an Ollie, what SOB trailer would you recommend or wish you would have bought? In a perfect world, I suspect they would like a 3 season trailer (they also live nearby in VA) and would campgrounds (we have been raving about state and COE stays) and occasional boon docking on weekends. Thanks in advance, Jim and Karen
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