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  1. Congrats Johnwen! We are a couple of month's ahead of you...but years behind you in terms of experience (our first RV)! We look forward to your insights!
  2. Grace - no better topic comes to mind!! Congrats! We pre-ordered a copy - can't wait!
  3. Oh my! Didn't mean to whack on the wiring diagram hornet nest πŸ’£ LOL John Davies - Excellent suggestion. We will take some goodies for potential bribes. Additionally, we will deploy our super secret stealth camera should we happen upon any of the elusive wiring diagrams. πŸ™‰
  4. Greetings! We will be traveling to Hohenwald in a week or so and wanted to offer our services to anyone who might need something while we are there...specific information, measurement, picture of something, etc. We are looking forward to the factory tour and understanding options prior to our October delivery. Just let us know if you need anything!
  5. Was 12 degrees this morning down in the southeast corner of Texas. And yes, we have a real "lizzard" problem right now! I found a good deal on some "lizzard" shovels here on Amazon if anyone is interested. Time2Go - hoping you have great weather and a great trip next week for your pickup! Jim and Frances
  6. Congrats Fred! We are just a couple of months ahead of you - having opted for the "old" (2020) vs. "new" (2021) option. We too are shifting from spinning sea to land yarns and look forward to sharing with you in the future! (Assuming we ever thaw out LOL!) Jim and Frances
  7. Who da thunk it ?!?! I am sorry to hear you all are having to delay - but, as Bill said, wise call! I doubt the stress of driving in those conditions is not what you need for pick up. Here's hoping the week flashes by quickly for you and next week's weather is great! Jim
  8. What a great idea and blog page as well!! Thanks much for sharing! Totally impressed with your preparation at pick-up as evidenced with all the neat interior goodies inside Galway Girl! We have much work yet to do 😁 in our prep and thanks for all the great ideas!
  9. Thanks again you two for being so gracious allowing us to see your Oliver! Be sure to collect your sales commission 😁We are looking forward to seeing you two on the road. Appreciate your kind words and thanks for all your posts - very very helpful. I think I have already memorized most of the University documents LOL
  10. Thanks so much! We were able to meet up with some other owners who were nice enough to give us a tour. They were just returning from a couple of weeks in Big Bend (we were just a little green with envy πŸ˜‰). Such a great group of folks! As you could guess, we were totally impressed. I fit (a bit of a prerequisite!). We are now on the production schedule - October 26 delivery! Yippee!!! So much to learn, so little time LOL! Jim and Frances
  11. Ray and Susan Huff - Thanks for the measurements! Mike and Carol - Thanks for the info. I spoke with Josh today at OTT and he is looking in the area for us. Woohoo!
  12. Hi! Jim and Frances here from Beaumont, TX. We are new to RVing having never owned a TT. We are still working but getting close to retirement and interested in RVing as a way to share seeing our beautiful country. We are very impressed with both Oliver Trailers and you - the owners. Just looking through the forums lets us know what a great group of people you all are. We are looking to see if we can soon change our topic description to "New Owners" πŸ˜€ We are trying to arrange an owner showing just so we can change a couple of dimensions, awaiting OTT Sales to let us know. I am a l
  13. Glad to here no problems. I guess that's what happens when I google too much! I recall the saying, "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see", maybe an addendum is needed, "and only 0.2% of what comes up in Google searches". Thanks again for all ya'lls hard work. Jim Dash equipment and F150 TPMS Intermittent Errors
  14. Super description - thanks! Will be attempting this next week. Quick question...have you noticed any problems with your Ford TPMS? I have heard reports of the added USB/12V plugs in this area causing problems with Ford's TPMS. I am guessing use of a ferrite choke on the power line would help mitigate this potential issue as well? Thanks again for doing almost all the work for me πŸ˜€
  15. We can't help you with specific knowledge (we have not even been able to see an Ollie in person yet)...BUT...we are very excited for you and are sure all will be fantastic. Enjoy!!!!! We have been reading your posts - and they have helped us. Thank you and, once again, enjoy!
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