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  1. Thanks Frank! I am glad to hear this! Our white seals have shrunk (2019 E2 #550) and after reading about them on the forums and FB, I have an order prepared with Pelland and before I hit enter, I wanted to find out if streaking was an issue or not. Soe responses were confusing as contributors indicated Oliver switched to white due to streaking, others said that was not true. I will assume streaking is not to be an issue. Next summer I will tackle gutters (when it's warmer).
  2. Of those who switched from white to black, have you had any issues with streaking?
  3. I was glad to find this post as we want a foam mattress but having trouble finding one we can cut without it containing loose fiberglass which will fly everywhere! I began searching online and found that Sam's Club sells these for $449 Queen. Can't wait to try this! Thank you!
  4. Did you add a battery cut off switch or did it come on it?
  5. Always growing and improving! I think they are about to complete a new STEM building behind the IT area where I worked. It’s a beautiful campus. Now if you are asking how the Dawgs are looking for the upcoming season, we’ll, that’s out of my area of knowledge. 😁
  6. Thank you! Home base is Athens, GA
  7. Like so many, I have been researching and watching Olivers for many years. I knew it would be my dream retirement trailer if the right one could be found. As someone else said, persistence and effort finally paid off! Hull 550 is now ours after a 6 hour drive and patience!! We are thrilled and already took a short shakedown! While it’s not our first camper we do have much to learn about solar! Looking forward to connecting with other Oliver owners! Jenna and Barry 2019 Elite II Hull 550 ‘King’s Ransom’ 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn
  8. It’s true that campgrounds can experience low amps at the power pole which is just as dangerous as a power surge. But I thought most protectors would flip your power off due to low amps. My Hugh’s Watchdog will cut my power when that happens, reset once power is back to 30amp.
  9. You might be referring to the LevelMate Pro. I has this on my previous trailer and really like it. A small device is mounted in the trailer and when turned on, connects to an app on your phone. The app presents a visual of your trailer indicating which side or end is unlevel and by how much (inches). I could sit in the truck and back or pull forward onto curved lifts and watch the app adjust as the trailer moved. When leveled at 0” it also turns from red to green as visual signal.
  10. My price point puts me in the market for a used Oliver (meaning that’s what I can afford). Now that Oliver’s appear on NADA, the valuation seems to be $10k less confusing Han current selling prices (as of March 2022). Are used Oliver Price’s currently inflated. Or do you feel they are going to hold to the current valuation in 2, 3, 4+ years down the road?
  11. Mike, What external type surge protector do you use? We want one as additional precaution, and use it to fry/sacrifice at the power pole rather than our camper's unit. thanks, Jenna
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