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  1. That's a great point. I finally realized that the University site had the 2021 manual so I can do all my comparisons that way. Will check on theAC although it's not something we use regularly since we tend to go into the mountains.

  2. We are really leaning to the 2021 and agree that you can't wait for the next best thing...just wondering if the options on 2022 that we initially committed to are much better. We are planning to make this out last camper so would like it right the first time. Thank you for the replies!

  3. Good morning- 

    We ordered a 2022 Oliver with pick up date in December- yesterday we got a call asking if we would take a 2021 with an earlier pick up date. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the differences. Some features are now standard on the 2022 but the base price is higher and when we add all our upgrades in  we would save a nice chunk of money by going with the 2021.

    We are wondering if the fridge, AC unit, Heater and stove,  is the same and if the upgrade awning is the Girrard. Thanks for any input!

  4. Thanks for the replies- yes I am vertically challenged Maniac....so I will definitely keep this in mind. We are on our 10 th season in our Scamp and I am unable to touch the floor so I use a little footstool! I may try to add some memory foam or something like that to make the cushions a little denser.

    love your shower mod. This is what we were thinking so we could use the sink and the shower separately. thank you

  5. Hi Everyone- we toured the factory in March and promptly ordered our Ollie. Pick up is right before Christmas so we are planning a cross country trip. We live in Idaho so plan to return via the southern states to avoid inclement weather as best we can.

    We do have a few questions:

    has anyone replaced the dinette cushions with denser foam? They seem a little squishy.

    Also wondering about changing the shower head? I would like a bigger one.
    I have looked on the forums a little as well but haven't found the answers.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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