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  1. Thought I’d provide an update on the bike rack issue (see other threads). Let’sGoAero now states on their webpage that the BikeWing2 is, “Approved for motorized RV use with both 1.25 and 2 inch receiver size hitches; approved for travel trailers with 1.25 inch receiver size hitches only (may not be used in 2 inch hitch and/or with 2 inch adaptors)”.
  2. @SeaDawg and @Patriot: Thanks for the info. Went to the Sharkbite web page and found ProLock push-to-connect fittings with twist-to-lock feature. They are black, but Oliver’s fittings are white. Different company? Oliver owners manual, plumbing section, states “Check with Oliver Travel Trailers for the correct method of replacement and replacement parts”. Guess I’ll contact them. As on our boat, I like to stow a spare & a backup!
  3. Not familiar with these fittings. We used “Whale” fittings on our boat, and the were secured by just pushing them together. To remove, you push in and while holding the insert tab with thumb, pull apart. Are these like the Whale fittings?
  4. Beautiful! Great pix. We’ve not seen black bear in TN, VA, PA and NY state parks, but when we were sipping coffee one morning at our house in Williamsburg, VA, a fine looking black bear wandered right by us and into the woods…and we live in a community! Pulled my phone out a bit too late, but got a blurry picture of him just before he disappeared.
  5. Whoops…forgot to mention that good ventilation is really important, so the cover needs to allow air to flow, otherwise, you might get mildew.
  6. Unfortunately, we need to store our LE2 outside away from our house, and lots of tree debris fell on the top and got stuck between roof & awnings. Was a pain to wash away. If you have trees nearby where she sits, and if she’s there for awhile, a cover might be a good idea. I covered my sailboats and the topsides gelcoat never got damaged, but I took precautions to ensure the cover didn’t rub the gelcoat or flap on it when the wind picked up.
  7. Kadey Krogen’s are lovely trawlers. Lots of brightwork! Our last boat was a Sabre 386. Beautiful craft. But no more sailing for us. My wife especially misses sipping wine while at anchor during a gentle breeze in a Chesapeake river gunk hole, watching the sun set. But we’re now really enjoying State Parks in our Ollie. They’re as beautiful, just in a different way. It’s all new to us, and so far our Oliver’s been a solid, reliable, comfortable craft.
  8. Great! That makes the most sense to me. The rocker stopper seems like a key structural component. So, unbolt Oliver’s wee 1.25” receiver, drill 4 new holes through Oliver’s Al crossbar, place a thin sheet of neoprene to form a gasket between the steel Ultra-tow 2” receiver above and Oliver’s Al crossbar to prevent Fe-Al corrosion, secure the Ultra-tow 2” receiver using SS through bolts, order a 1UP 2” Heavy Duty Double and, budda bing, I’m good to go. I suppose I should use bolts that are a slightly smaller diameter than the hole diameter to limit Al-Fe contact, or put a plastic sleeve in the hole, or wrap the bolts in neoprene tape, and use a rubber washer between the SS washer/bolt and Al crossbar. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. If you’re not sailing to enjoy the wind and sensation of galloping through the chop close-hauled, but instead, listening to an engine, then I’d want to get to my destination at more than 5 knots, so I’d choose a Ranger Tug. Or maybe a Downeast like a Sabre 35, a Legacy 32 or, if I could afford it, an MJM 34 Downeast.
  10. “I am amused at your choice of locations for your screen captures, I am a big fan of the Colville NF, my shots were from Curlew Lake near Republic. Do you live in NE Washington?” Ha…no, I chose Washington State because that’s where you were looking. Someday, we’ll be heading that way though, and really looking forward to it. Our home base is Williamsburg, VA, and so far we’ve only camped at SPs from TN to NY. We’re still in our 1st year of camping. I really enjoy using Gaia, Avenza and All Trails when we hike. Just nice to know where we are and especially to have a record of our hikes.
  11. I’m in the process of buying a bike rack - been all over this forum reading about the issues with the current 1.25” hitch, the complete absence of 1.25” hitch bike racks approved for TTs, and that (as John points out) the only bike racks approved for TTs need a 2” hitch. Really glad to have this forum to consult. I’ve requested more info from Oliver, & a bike rack manufacturer, and am waiting for replies. So, on to my Q: Mark - Do you have a the 1UP “Equip D Double”? How long have you been using it on your Oliver? How heavy are your bikes? If you’ve driven on interstates, how does the bike rack handle the severe dips/bumps when traveling over the bridge seams at 65 mph? Thanks!
  12. On my iPad Pro works like you described. Overland provides a slightly different image (differentiates the “Upper Nancy” from “Nancy Creek”), but an MVUM box only appears when the MVUM (USFS) map is loaded. MVUM (USFS) alone: Overland map alone:
  13. Thanks for the advice folks. I certainly don’t want to be concerned about my bike rack falling apart as I merrily drive to the next campsite. But…convert the hitch to a 2”? I guess I’ll go back through the forum and look for details. Not thrilled about making a conversion myself (my goal in retirement was to reduce the # of projects, and enjoy the great outdoors). I suppose I’d need to find a good metal shop, etc. BTW, we have 2 relatively light, not electric, bikes (a Townie and Trek).
  14. Is anyone using the Yakima StageTwo premium tray 1.25” hitch bike rack that is “RV Tested and Approved to 60 lbs. per bike Off-Road rated to 36 lbs per bike” I know this forum has already addressed the issue that there are no 1.25” bike racks on the market specifically “travel trailer approved”, and Oliver won’t convert the bike rack hitch from 1.25” to 2”, so I don’t want to re-open that can of worms. BUT, the above Yakima might work, and I would dearly love to know whether anyone has tried it on their Oliver yet?
  15. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Not surprised to learn that other sailors found a home with Oliver Yachts…I mean, Oliver TTs 😊. We’ve secured spots at Letchworth & Watkins Glen…can’t wait, we’ve never been and hear nothing but good things about western NY state. We’ll be sure to get on the trails early. Topgun, I’m so with you about trying to get into a slip in high winds and strong currents. I recall a time when we got into a slip at Point Lookout marina (when it was a nice place to visit) seconds before a 60 knot storm front downburst hit us broadside. Don’t think we’ll need to worry about that, except maybe out west…but the Andersen hitch oughta keep us on track.
  16. Picked up our OTT (named TT after my wife’s nickname) in March (hull # 1056) and enjoyed several Tennessee State Parks before heading away from the nest to Williamsburg VA where, sadly, TT sits idly ‘til our travels to PA & NY State Parks this summer. Really love TT’s solid build & clean lines (the Ollie that is), and the folks at Oliver were/are extremely helpful, responsive and professional…think we made the right choice for our mode of retirement traveling. I’m also quite impressed with the useful information provided by contributors to this forum. Lots of talent & experience out there. Looking forward to giving back when I can. We sailed the Chesapeake Bay for many years so traveling light & messing about with shore power, etc, is familiar but, as novice land yachters, hitching and backing will take quite some time to master. So far, no real hitches in the hitching, except I feel that I’m fighting the air suspension on my new (and new to me) Ram 1500 when I raise the tongue with the front jack to attach the Andersen wt distribution whale tail to the hitch. Maybe I should place the truck in “jack” mode” while lifting to attach the whale tail? Any advice from seasoned veteran OTT travelers would be greatly appreciated. Only other challenge is the noticeable hum when on shore power. No hum when disconnected, and the inverter fan isn’t the culprit…the fan noise actually provides some relief because it drowns out the annoying hum. According to folks at the Oliver Service Dept, it’s either the transfer relay or surge protector. They’re waiting for me to inspect more closely to ID the noisy bugger. Hoping it’s not a “normal” hum and an easy fix. Looking forward to exploring this lovely country in TT, and reading more comments on the forum. Paul & Santina
  17. @Mike and Carol Does your TV charge your Li batteries when towing?
  18. Spike, thanks for asking this Q, and thanks, all, for the recommendations. My Ollie’s delivery is in March and I have lots of items on my to-buy list. Can’t decide between Tire Tracker TT-600 & the TST 507. But if, as topgun2 says, all major brands should work ok, guess I’ll go with the less expensive TT-600, unless anyone’s had a problem with that tpms.
  19. Thanks Fritz for the information about the Li batteries and related issues. Our Oliver is scheduled for delivery in March, and we’ve included the Li & solar options in our build sheet. I’m rethinking that now. SeaDawg, I’ve made two requests for an MPPT solar charge controller, but have been told that still is not an option. Doesn’t make sense, unless it’s because, as you implied, Zamp doesn’t make an MPPT. But, if it’s easy to swap out, wonder why Oliver doesn’t just make it an option? Maybe they won’t mix and match brands? I’ve also expressed my concern about not being able to charge the Li batteries from the TV while towing, but I’ve not yet chatted with anyone other than my sales rep about these issues. We’ve never owned an RV, but are long time sailers, and based on our experience with deep cycle AGM batteries and the notable concerns expressed in this thread about the Li system, we’re now thinking that good old AGMs might be the better choice until bugs are worked out of the Li system. I’ll certainly be following this forum closely over the next few months.
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