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  1. We are looking forward to our new arrival in February, and are starting to put together a list of things to take to delivery. The Oliver FAQs say that they provide a potable water hose, waste hose, lug wrench, water pressure regulator, etc. I think there are a lot more goodies in the "etc" that are provided by Oliver. Is there a complete list somewhere of all the included items? We wouldn't want to buy some gizmo and then find that it is already included with the trailer.
  2. Howdy everyone! We are Steve and Cindy from Houston. We have been researching Olivers for quite a while, and Josh gave us a fantastic factory tour several weeks ago. I'm happy to report that we have put down our deposit on a Legacy Elite II for a February '22 delivery! What a beautiful machine to enjoy in our empty-nester years! The forums have been a great source for information, and we look forward to digging through more of your great tips and stories as we await our new arrival.
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