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  1. What TPMS are you all using and feedback please for LEII?
  2. We are planning to travel with our American Field lab that is a shedding machine. I have read other threads about dog hair clogging vents and in once case I think impacting furnace? What do you all do to manage fido's fur in your Ollie?
  3. Really useful information for us future to be Oliver owners. Not just helpful for pickup but also looking at list gives me ideas for areas I need to educate myself more thoroughly about the trailer. Many thanks to all.
  4. John my TV will be VW Touareg TDI that does not have Apple Airplay. I currently use the GAIA app for hiking trails and like it. Looking to plan a trip in south least US after Ollie pickup and March and a future trip around Lake Superior. I am considering one of the Garmin GPS units mentioned in other posts.
  5. Thanks Mike and Carol. I am more interested in route planning.
  6. We have the same experience. Every hull that rolls off the Oliver line puts us one closer to our arrival in spring 2022!
  7. What software tools are you all using to plan your Oliver trips? I have seen Garmin basecamp mentioned but interested to hear other options. Especially interested in integration with base unit in TV. Thanks in advance!
  8. Intersting update lost. We are scheduled for pickup March 2022 and definitely want composting toilet. I guess we will wait and see how production plays out.
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