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  1. When you flushed out the trailer did you also flush the outside shower? I also had some difficulty flushing my trailer out last spring it seemed to take longer than normal to be rid of the anti freeze, associated smell and bubbles in the water. 

    I wrote it off to the design of the tanks being relatively flat bottomed and difficult to empty 100%. I finally set it up with the front end high and flushed everything thoroughly a few times in that position and I was happy with the result.

    Good Luck.


  2. There is an entirely opposite side to this subject. 

    I have seen three trailers with frame damage due to weight distribution being used on 3/4 and 1-Ton trucks with trailers that were designed to be pulled by lightweight vehicles. 

    These frames cannot counter the stresses that a 1-Ton truck produces by the time the weight distribution system is torqued enough to level it out and it destroyed these trailers and campers ended up stuck here until they had repairs done or purchased another trailer. 

    I agree that a one ton does not need a WD system to tow an Oliver I will leave the litigation stuff to the pros in that department.

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  3. While attempting to remove my ceiling shroud from the Air Conditioner I found two screws that I accessed through the side vents (in addition to the typical two screws that hold the shroud in place) 

    Despite these four screws being removed the Shroud still appears to be attached near its center. 

    If anyone has experience with this particular situation I would appreciate your feedback.

    I have a call into service already, simply throwing this on the forum to see if any of you have a solution for me.



  4. Thank You for this awesome post about winter travel with your Oliver! Your pictures are great and your trip sounds fun. There is too much negativity on this forum relative to winter travel, these trailers are very capable as are you it seems. 

    Safe and Happy Trails


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  5. 1 hour ago, topgun2 said:

    While I very much agree with the overall sentiment of John Davies (JD) post above, I very much disagree with the quoted statement above.  I'm guessing that JD has had a negative experience with drum brakes (perhaps to include those on his Oliver) but I've been towing various camping and boat trailers for over 50 years (oh my!) with only one hydraulic boat trailer brakes ever causing any problems at all.  Specifically, the brakes on my Oliver have performed very well over the past six plus years and can still be made to fully stop the Ollie's tires from turning - yes, I do test them and I do inspect the components of the braking system at least once per year.

    Basically drum brakes were invented in 1899 and have been used on a fair number of trailers and vehicles since then.  According to Haynes.com, "drum brakes provide more braking force than equal diameter disc brakes", "drum brakes last longer due to increased friction contact area versus a disc brake", "drum brakes are cheaper to manufacture", and, "drum brakes have slightly lower frequency of maintenance due to better corrosion resistance".

    Basically the reason we now have disc brakes on most of our vehicles is because, "disc brakes deliver better performance in both wet and dry conditions" as per napaonline.com.  Certainly this is true when brakes are "heavily" used or abused.

    While the brakes on our Olivers are reasonably typical in that they are delivered from a respected manufacturer - Dexter - who also supplies a number of other trailer manufacturers, this does not mean that they are "junk".  However, it does mean that the inherent "problems" of drum brakes still do apply to those used on Olivers and we should be aware of these potential issues.  Drum brakes will experience "fade" when used heavily (i.e. long downhill runs where the brakes are heavily used or when a driver "rides" their brakes) thus causing the driver to have to apply even more force to the brake pedal to get even the same braking force.  In extreme situations this fade can even cause a major loss of braking power - such as when "the pads or drums become "glazed".  Drum brakes are slightly more susceptible to malfunction when used in off-road conditions versus disc brakes because debris can more easily become lodged in the parts of the drum brakes.  And, drum brakes are somewhat more difficult to inspect for wear in that the drum must be pulled in order to inspect the brake linings (however, this should be done at least annually anyway when the bearings are greased).

    Are drum brakes the absolute best braking technology ever invented? - Obviously, the answer to that question is a resounding NO.  But, are they "junk" and more specifically, are the brakes that Oliver uses "junk"?  Again it would seem that the answer is a resounding NO.



    I agree 100% These Brakes work fine.... Sounds to me like someone has some serious issues that they are attempting to project onto others.,.,.,. Just Sayin

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  6. On 10/22/2021 at 1:39 PM, Cool Ghoul said:

    Congratulations!  What a great time of the year to get started!!


    You know, it actually was because the weather allowed me to leave all windows open every night for 14 nights and now that I have everything closed to keep out the cold I do not smell that "new smell fiberglass oder" that it had when I picked it up. So it was a good time to take it out for the first time. 

    Thanks Again


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  7. On 10/20/2021 at 8:06 AM, Mike and Carol said:

    Dan, that’s great to hear.  Enjoy KC, we just left there and are now in Branson.  I think you’ll find you can dry camp longer than you think!  Mike

    I did, and I hope you all enjoyed Branson. You were correct I had no trouble making the Fresh Water, Grey and Black last for the 4 nights I was dry camped and could have doubled that at the rate I was going. 

    Thanks again


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  8. On 10/20/2021 at 3:49 AM, Patriot said:


    Its great to read such an upbeat and positive post from a new Oliver owner. We like photos, so post up when you can.
    Wishing you all the best in your adventures.

    Thank You for the well wishes, I did get some photos up. Today I pulled 540 miles in some respectable sidewinds that had the semis doing 65 on parts of HWY 90 and I am happy to report this thing sticks behind my truck like a 10 year old well trained hunting dog. I am very impressed (again no Anderson Hitch or any other sway control just whats shown above in the pic. 

    Temps are lower here 40's and the heater is more than sufficient as well, One of the benifits of this smaller space is its quick to heat up and it stays that way easily, I am cheating with a three setting "vornado" brand Electric Heater that I saw someone else mention in a post and bought while I was in Kansas City at Target, it works well in here I have it set on low so the Oliver heater functions as well to keep the basement warm too. 

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  9. Hello Wayfinder, 

    I suggest you inquire about a larger rental propane tank for your “full timer” situation. 

    For my full time winter campers the local Propane provider delivers 110 gallon propane tanks and connects them to the RV and tests all connections as well for $45.00 a year tank rental.... it’s cheap and simple as they also deliver the Propane and fill these tanks so you do not have to haul your 30 pounders into town all the time. And the price of the fuel is lower than when you refill.... it is a win win situation trust me the only question is if it’s available there in your area. 



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  10. The equipment arrived rather quickly as described above, It is installed and working and the following are the results to date. 

    Local Provider via Microwave type system;

    Mbps Download - 22.3 

    Mbps Upload - 1.91

    Latency - 39 ms

    Star Link:

    Mbps Download - 152.9

    Mbps Upload - 3.00

    Latency - 40

    Thus far Star Link is the ONLY option for us with these types of internet connection speeds. Now to see how reliable it is with our weather patterns.  

    I personally have yet to experience it as I am sitting in Guthrie Oklahoma in Hull #928 (my pick up date was bumped up two weeks) but I was so happy to hear this report from my office that I decided to update my post here. 





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  11. On 9/23/2021 at 11:59 AM, Zodd said:

    @fairmontrvparkfor those that are remote and needing satellite I am just wondering if anyone is using HugesNet or Viasat as those seems to be the only big players right now. Viasat says you can get up to 100Mbps and HugesNet is only 25Mbps. Just wondering of those needing this type of service what you are using (Based on this thread it seems obvious none of the current satellite players and fulfilling the need). 

    Currently on a microwave system, not at all interested in using either of the companies mentioned above. 

    If Starlink can provide anything close to what Annwnn describes in their post I will be very satisfied. 

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  12. I signed up and paid the deposit months ago, received an email yesterday with a $450.00 Payment due in order for them to send me the system and I could not hit the "take my money" button fast enough. 

    I do not expect anything close to perfection, but where I am located in SW Montana the only thing available is 19-20 MB and that is already spotty so it wont take a lot to improve my situation. 

    I will update as there is something to say, No, I do not know when I will receive the equipment, only that they did take my $450.00 and "its being shipped". This is not an RV system just the standard system. 


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  13. If you have a recommendation of a Full Service Camp Ground that you have physically stayed at near Nashville, TN. I would appreciate your input/suggestions. I will book a week at the end of OCT so I can enjoy Nashville while also putting the RV through its paces near the factory after I pick it up. I am aware of the new campsite at the factory and David Crockett. I am looking specifically to set up closer to Nashville. I see there are several campgrounds available just figured I would see what first hand info this forum has on the subject. 



  14. I see you do not have a service at your residence so this may not help but I use Dish and can add my RV to my existing account for $5.00 a month. This requires a dish compatible portable Satellite of course so there is that initial investment but once its all set up I can view anything on the road I would normally watch from my home as long as I have all the necessary signals available to my Trailer. 

    I am told other services offer similar programs but am not familiar with any of them. 

    btw thanks for the reminder I pick up Hull # 928 soon and I had forgotten all about getting this set up.


  15. 12 hours ago, Dave and Kimberly said:

    Here is my two bits (for what its worth?)-  I started out in this rv world pulling a tiny camper that also hit near the extreme end of my towing capacity.  I went ahead and did it.    Once.   My vehicle was at it's max "design spec" and acted like it.    It's fuel range was at 150 miles.  It was pulling its heart out.   Stopping was there... but fortunately never had to really test it.   I called a spade a spade.... decided all I was going to do was prematurely ruin a great SUV making it do something it wasn't really designed to do.   This is not to mention the safety aspect that ... I have since come to realize was also border line.   Towing vehicle weight, wheel-base, BRAKE power, tongue weight... and several other things, all were "border line".   Anytime you are pushing a design spec to near its max.... you have to decide how long you really want to do that.

    Well said! And I strongly urge anyone asking the question "how much can I tow?" to read Dave's statement above however many times it takes to fully understand what he is saying.

    I see the word "overkill" used a lot in this and other forums. In my opinion when it comes to breaking ability, weight of tow vehicle VS. weight of trailer and the amount of cushion or reserve left in the tow vehicles overall abilities that there is no such thing as "overkill" properly defined this would be "safer", "more reliable", "less stressful" and "much more enjoyable".

    I own a Ram One Ton and have towed 5th wheels, Gooseneck Equipment Trailers and Dump Trailers that are at the maximum of what my truck is capable of in all respects for decades..... In all of those situations myself and everyone around me in traffic were at a greater risk because of the fact my Rig was traveling at its maximum capacity... while capable and rated for it the fact remains its literally on the edge of disaster and I was responsible to keep it on the safe side of that edge every second. I do not consider this type of travel a vacation by any definition of the word. 

    My reason for purchasing an Oliver is so that I can hook it up behind my One Ton and enjoy my drive more than I would with a 40' long 30,000lb 5th Wheel behind me so I caution those of you that are considering towing your Oliver behind any Rig that would be at its Maximum all the while you are in motion/driving for all of those same reasons. The physics are the exact same despite the gross weight being much different in the event of a sudden need to break or high wind or ice or another bad driver an Elk/Moose/Deer/Dog  your still at a much larger risk of experiencing a catastrophic event that you could otherwise avoid with a larger tow vehicle that provides another type of "insurance" you cannot purchase from an insurance agent..... the ability to break, swerve and hopefully avoid a wreck in most cases.

    Good Luck to you all and please know we are not giving this advice because we want you to be just like us it is because we want the roads to be safe for you and for us and our loved ones and the larger your tow rig the safer we all are no doubt about it. 

    Don't fall for the overkill hype!! 


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