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  1. John, did you make that divider between the stove and the bed or was that standard? They have rotated the stove 90° so the cover now act as the splatter shield. John
  2. Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. They're a great group of people with a wealth of information. Ask any question. Oliver University and videos are very helpful. John
  3. I wondered if I was doing my searches wrong as I think it's terrible too. John
  4. John, that looks very useful especially out west where we both live. John
  5. Congratulations! We pick up 1290 in four days.
  6. How was it attached? Looks like a great job!
  7. "I'm guessing that you didn't have much (as in none) of a problem with bugs - mosquitos have always been a big problem for me in that area 😬." Easy to spot the mosquitoes at that time of the year with their parkas on. They fly slower too. Great time to camp. 😂
  8. Bill, do you put the pig tail up under that cover too? I see some recommend putting a grease of some type on the plug to keep moisture out of it too. John
  9. "Having 30 amp shore power here at home really helps with systems check and trip prep. 😊" I am planning on putting a 30 amp power source near the outside of the garage so I can plug in. We pick up in a week. Do you keep yours plugged in all the time? I would not have the fridge on, but I can see having power to keep a dehumidifier plugged in. John
  10. Mike, do you have a picture of that? I haven't bought a front jack post cover yet. John
  11. "Oh, we did purchase a new holding tank connection cap that extends out and easier to twist (thanks to forum suggestions)." What does that look like? It sounds useful. John
  12. That's how I plan to use it. The key is light rain. I verified with Oliver if it could be used in light rain and they said yes. John
  13. "Well, nough said for now. The bigger connections will take place in person over the next few years." Welcome to the forum. It's a great group that can answer any questions you might have. I have found the members here to be very helpful. John
  14. "As I said before, few people ever get them calibrated. Or you could buy one of these: https://www.protorquetools.com/torque-calibration-systems/cdi-calibration-systems/" Mine looks like the one in this thread with the nut on the end of the handle and the spin dial. It's supposed to be accurate to +/- 4%. That's good enough for me. When you buy that torque wrench calibration machine for $107k let us all know so we can calibrate our wrenches. If it's not too much problem you could bring it to a rally. TIA John
  15. "All torque wrenches "should" be calibrated, especially after a hard drop onto concrete. Hardly any are." John, my torque wrench is 20 years old and has the screw dial to go from 20-150 foot pounds. How do I make sure it's calibrated accurately? Thanks John
  16. We pick up in just a little over a week. I do have a torque wrench with me. What's the torque setting for the lug nuts? I see different numbers. Thanks. John
  17. Congratulations on your decision to buy. For us it was difficult to commit. My wife was hesitant to buy because they're expensive, but we did order an LE2 that we pick up in less than two weeks. Your time to pick up will go fast. Maybe we'll see you on the road. John
  18. "Good reason right there to get port side awning." We did order the street side awning for a variety of reasons. Picking up in three weeks. Hull number 1290 we're told. John
  19. "When I first got my Ollie I slept with my head at the nightstand (I'm 6', 165 pounds). But after a couple of night of my elbows hitting either the nightstand or the curved wall, I did a 180 and now sleep with feet at the nightstand. Much more room for the elbows." I plan to take the curb side bed as I sleep on my right side and putting my feet at the rear will work great. Having a night stand near my head is appealing, but for the reasons you mentioned, I will just use the stove area for my glasses. John
  20. I bought that lock too. Proven Locks also sells a locking hitch pin for $75 to secure the hitch to the receiver. I have a steel locking pin now, so not sure that I want to spend more. How do you secure the hitch to the tv? Proven Locks says their pin is more tamper proof. John
  21. I bought that collar lock at your suggestion Frank. It's quite beefy, not as intimidating as the Proven lock which I also bought. I recommend both. John
  22. Congratulations! We will be hull #1290 picking up November 7.
  23. I thought that they were AC. I have been reading everything in the manuals.
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