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  1. I know that OTT recommends to use wax, but I wonder if a ceramic coating is more durable. Wax seems kind of 19th century somehow. I saw an ad for a ceramic coating that is just spray on and wipe off. It's hard to know the technical advantages of each coating. 🤔
  2. "Their website has complete dimensions, so if you have your Ollie already (I don't) you can measure if it would fit in the closet." We get ours on November 7. I think you're ahead of us. I am just getting things or researching what I think we will need. Thanks for your comments. John
  3. Bill, what size did you get and which manufacturer? Are you happy with it? John
  4. Can you do what you need to do with that? You can reach the top with that I would assume.
  5. How tall was the one that you took back? I am thinking of a 12-12.5 foot long one. They weigh under 30 pounds and go to 32 inches when down.
  6. I read through the first thread. I didn't see the second one. Thanks for finding that. I do a search on the topic so I don't duplicate questions. I do my search on my Samsung phone. Maybe there's more functionality on a laptop or desktop. Thanks again.
  7. I did a search on collapsible ladders in the forum and it appears that the 12 foot or 12.5 foot telescoping size is what people are using. Are you all happy with them and what brand did you get? I see about five different weight limits (200,225,250,275 and 300 pounds if I recall correctly) and a few manufacturers of these. The thread that I saw was from 2019. I am looking for current recommendations on these ladders. I weigh 200 pounds, 6'1". Thanks
  8. Probably just need air in the tires and lube the chain and they're good as new, or maybe not!
  9. Certainly cheaper than the 2023 model!!
  10. Congratulations! I always say that money is just paper with pictures of dead presidents. I might feel differently when I send in 40k on the first payment. That will be in August.
  11. I went to that and it's impressive. Well worth the money. I don't recall it being super expensive either.
  12. I had never heard of it before. Two of us are heading out for a two month bicycle trip so it might come in handy. What kind of e-bike was it? Mine is a Story with a 350 watt hub motor. 7 gears, 5 levels of assist. Some come with mid drive motors down by the pedals with 1000 watts, but they're a few thousand more than mine. I would be interested in a folding e-bike.
  13. I picture using the second one partially open to allow the street side windows to be open in light rain, no wind conditions that we get here in Oregon especially often.
  14. I am leaning towards the second awning also for the same reasons you listed.
  15. Thanks Bill. Being new to the planet, I have a lot to learn.
  16. What data base or guide do you use? In November I will need to know what's available between Hohenwald and Portland, Oregon. Don't worry Mike, you don't need to list every camping option, although I am impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge of places. I just need to get or know where to find places. There's probably an RV campground guide for the country that I need to get.
  17. In looking back at my search I didn't put it in quotes. I just typed backup camera in the search field. I think the quotes are important. I am new to the planet and have a lot to learn. Thanks for your patience. You're all very helpful.
  18. "Maybe Oliver has also changed the brand of rear view cameras by now compared to the original we had. They are very useful however, and wouldn't want to be without one." Anyone know if Oliver changed brands. We get our trailer in eight months. I would think they would want the best possible camera. There's nothing worse than a poor quality camera. I want the display to be as good as a rear view mirror if that's possible.
  19. Hi all, I searched the previous posts to see if there were any posts about the backup camera. I assumed that there would be some. Maybe I don't know the right way to search even though I put in "backup camera" in the search bar. Are you all pleased with the backup camera? I hope the one that is an OTT option can be used to give a rear view also when towing the trailer. Ideally, the monitor would mount over the truck's mirror or be somewhere easy to view while driving. If it does go over the truck mirror, then when driving there's no adjusting the vision to see the rear view. Thanks.
  20. Theft. I realize that the door has a key on it, but given how expensive these batteries are, couldn't that lock be defeated by someone who wanted to steal the batteries. I would hope that no one has had that happen, but think of all the catalytic converter thefts that have been occuring, and those are small change compared to these batteries.
  21. To tell you the truth I will worry about our lithium batteries even when they're in a locked cabinet in the trailer.
  22. Are you referring to TechnoRV? That was the video I watched.
  23. Mike, I watched the video on how to set it up. Looks easy. Thanks for confirming that.
  24. Also need more to hand out at Halloween if you run out of candy. They sort of look like little chocolates.
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